Blog 068 > Vacation Day 1 of 6

Okay, Gentle Readers, here’s my first batch of vacation pics and vids, set in chronological order! During the 5-hour flight from Las Vegas to New York’s John F Kennedy airport, I met a funny blond kid, about 12 years old, named Ethan, not only a self-proclaimed expert on Africa (except the cities, lol) and the solar system (except the moons, lol) but also the future husband of Britney Spears’ little 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn, lol.

We battled against each other on the onboard-computer trivia game: I was QQQQQQ and he was ETTAAA. I won a couple times and he won a couple times, but Ethan’s highest score ultimately beat my highest score. He made fun of me, lol, but when someone else on the plane earned a better highest score than either of us, I made fun of him, hahaha! His mom fainted during the flight, but fortunately, she made it through okay…

Photos 002 and 003 show our plane leaving Gate D40 at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport. You can see Gate D41 in the distance.

Video 001 – Flight to New York.

Video 002 – Meeting the Parents.

Once again, Photo 005 was taken by Mom, Photo 006 was taken by me, at the Long Island Chinese restaurant “Palace of Wong” where we picked up some dinner after leaving the airport.

Video 003 – Home Sweet Home. Finally back home after 10 or 12 years away!!!

Video 004 – My Old Room.

Well, hope you enjoyed Day 1! Stay tuned for Day 2!