Blog 075 > Vacation Day 4 of 6

Finally, the main event of my East Coast Vacation: Day 4! Jeff’s Graduation Ceremony! Enjoy these 50 images and my final 3 vacation videos! More photos from Days 5 and 6 coming soon…

Video 012 – Sunday Cocktail. Instead of going at 1pm or 1:30, Dad and I went about 2:30, and it was packed! After all, the ceremony was scheduled to start at 3pm. Here, I fight through the crowd and even bump into Leah!

Photos 015 through 020. Here’s Leah on stage!

Photos 023 through 031. Here’s Jeff on stage!

Video 013 – Sunday Ceremony. Here are clips of the actual start of the ceremony, as well as Jeff’s moment on the stage. Thanx Joel for your assistance with the videocam while I took photos of Jeff!

Photos 040 and 041. Back to our room to relax, before Jeff meets up with us again and leads us to dinner.

Photo 042. This diploma is HUGE!

Photos 043 through 046. Dinner and company, including Jeff’s friends Katy and Dom, at Henrietta’s Table. The restaurant fixed my fruit mojito, very nicely like a pina colada, lol. The chocolate dessert was so rich!

Video 014 – Sunday Subway. After dinner, an interesting change of pace, a more artistic moment of recording.

That’s it for now! Like I said, more photos from Days 5 and 6 coming soon…