Blog 233 > Five Decades of the Doctor

Greetings, my Time-Traveling Toyboxers! After two years, your Toymaster has teleported from the time vortex to return temporarily to the Toybox. Are you ready? Are you ready for the Doctor? As the entire science-fiction universe already knows, November 23, 2013 is the “Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary” broadcast event “The Day of the Doctor”. Not only have I been a long-time fan of the classic “Doctor Who” TV series (1963–1989) with Doctors #1 through #7, I’ve also finally caught up on all 7 seasons since the current TV series (2005-2013) rebooted with Doctor #9. So let me ask you again: Are you ready?

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Blog 149 > Britannia Versus Galactica

Ah, finally caught up! Yup, over the last 5 days, caught up with the last 18 weeks of “Code Geass R2” (scheduled for about 26 episodes). Still such an ambitious and wide-sweeping storytelling scope! And just like the supernatural chess-match strategies in “Death Note”, still one of the most-intellectually engaging 5-star series in recent years. But if there’s any downside to such a broad tapestry of characters, it’s the relative lack of any resonating emotional depth among specific characters… so far. Thankfully, now that I’m caught up, the threat of spoilers has been drastically reduced, hehe. ^_^

However, while “Code Geass R2” and Lelouch have been magnificent, a half-hour anime can’t compete with the best one-hour live-action sci-fi dramas on television.

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Blog 098 > Pardon Me Sir, Doctor Who?

+++++ Doctor Who 2005 – Season 1 (1-13) – Started 06/2006. Finished 07/21. D-WOW! Updated effects, action, but most of all, emotional drama!

Fantastic! The Ninth Doctor is fantastic, as is his time-traveling companion Rose Tyler! Yes, after 13 months, on Saturday the 21st, I finally finished the last 3 episodes (plus the Christmas special) of the expertly re-imagined Doctor Who 2005. As a kid up through high school in the 80’s, I remember watching all of the classic BBC episodes — those available or recovered at the time — from the black-and-white rebroadcasts of the First through Third Doctors to the color rebroadcasts of the Third through Eight Doctors. Now, with the Ninth Doctor, all of the same quirky, logical, and fantastical elements of the series are repainted in a more striking and reverberating post-9/11 light. The same but restyled TARDIS. The same but redressed adversaries. A-ha, the Daleks! And the same but more vividly portrayed 3D characters. Swinging me from cries of laughter to the edge of tears. Amazing. I can’t wait to begin Doctor Who 2006 with the Tenth Doctor. But damn, since the Time Lords held the ability for only 12 regenerations (giving a total of 13 personalities), the Doctor only has 3 regenerations left! Ah, no worries, he’ll find a way out, lol… 5 of 5 stars!