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Faster & More Flexible [Wednesday, April 4, 2007] Cool! You know how I was going to PHP-reconstruct my website with the SAME design? Well, maybe NOT the same, lol. Last night, I started tinkering with a new template: 1000px wide, triple column, WITHOUT tables! Yup, no rigid table tags, but faster more-flexible CSS (stylesheet) “div” tags instead. Here’s the new test page. (Looks best in Firefox or IE7.)

(1) Next step: Finish up template. Convert HTML to PHP. (2) Following step: Figure out how I want to organize my old content. Transfer the content. (3) Ideal goal: Apply the new template to either my WordPress “Toybox” blog or Blogger blog. Incorporate blog into website. (Instead of working the website around the blog, if possible.)

Busy Weekend! [Sunday, April 1, 2007] Whew! Lots of stuff done this weekend! Nope, no April Fool’s joke, lol. But late last night, finished PHP/CSS-coding the header for my website. The test page looks almost identical! Then later today, Sunday, finished re-coding the footer. Looks pretty good too! Next is the main page with sidebar. Once I re-code that, then I can transfer the page content to the new template. Whew! Here’s the PHP test page.

Well, beside this project, also cleaned up much of the house. Dusted, wiped, even scrubbed much of the kitchen countertops, cleared off the table, emptied the trash. Sweeped the garage, tried to scrub away as much I could, the old oil stain on the concrete. Vacuumed the TV room and Jen’s old bedroom and bathroom. In fact, moved the four-post bed and dresser. Still need to do more, but a little later this week or weekend. Double whew!

And of course, hit the treadmill and bike for another full episode of “Battlestar Galactica” Season 3. Damn, that “boxing” episode #9 was incredibly powerful! So much effing emotional drama, both cheering and choking. Plus, the “Planetes” anime is getting more engaging and unexpected as it nears the end. Damn, do I have to go to work tomorrow? LOL :)))