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Ringo from Air Gear
Ringo from Air Gear | Image from Google Search >

Well, as a follow-up of my eyeglass frames post, I went to my eye appointment yesterday (Tuesday) morning. To make a long story short, got there 9:30am and left about 11:30pm without much waiting at all! The visit could be broken down into three parts as follows.

(1) Took my visual field (or optical coherence tomography “OCT”) test. Basically, I stuck my head in front of a white semi-spherical projector contraption, and while I focused my eye on the central point of yellow light, I’d click the clicker for each time I detected another dim point of light anywhere else in that semi-sphere. Then after 5 minutes, the other eye.

(2) Next, after some eye drops, a quick distance test, and another short wait, met with the doctor himself. The previous OCT test was perfectly fine and all my numbers looked stable. In fact, instead of 6 months, I don’t have to see him again until next year!

(3) Lastly, because I mentioned wanting a new prescription for new frames, he set up a lens test with a technician. In one room, stuck my eyes in front of another viewer projecting a “green field and a house” image. In another room, sat in front of the multi-lens arm contraption to determine the best combination of lens strengths, and then that was it. Time for the co-pay and schedule my appointment for Tax Day 2008, haha!

So this weekend, I plan to visit the local LensCrafters and hopefully pick out some cool frames. For sunglasses too? We’ll see!

P.S. Looking at the above photo of Ringo from Air Gear, the figure caught my eye even before I watched the anime. But now she seems much more striking. Is it all this talk of frames? :)