Blog 055 > Crafty Indeed!

Well, as my second follow-up of my eyeglass frames post, I finally went to LensCrafters on Saturday the 21st. And yes, after 6+ frames, 4 assistants, 2 hours (from 11am to 1pm), and $750+ (six-month 0% financing) later, I ultimately decided on a Donna Karan clear-lens frame and Ray-Ban sunglasses frame, neither of which were my initial choices, lol.

Why? Because not only the look, but the FEEL of wearing them (snugly) was crucial. Why not TWO identical Donna Karan’s? Well, they didn’t have a second pair, lol. So I took my next-best choice for my sunglasses. Here are my final nearly-identical frames below (sunglass lenses were simulated via Photoshop). Only 10 business days until pickup!