Blog 155 > Holy Crap, I Got Carded!

Hey, holy crap, listen to this! This afternoon, Saturday (23 Aug 2008), I went grocery shopping like I always do. Got my food, got my drinks, even picked up another bottle of white zinfandel to help me sleep at night (NaTasha’s suggestion, lol). Just so u know, I’ve never been a regular drinker, and when I was younger and heavier, I looked much older, so ID-checking has very rarely come up.

But when that bottle of wine reached the checkout lady (she was cute for someone who looked to be in her 40s, possibly 50s, but definitely not absent-minded or elderly), do you know what she did? She carded me! Hahaha, yup, she actually asked for my ID! And for the reasons above, I think this was the second time I’ve ever been carded in my life! ^_^

At first, I didn’t know what she said. But when I realized what she wanted, I was flabbergasted, thinking “What?” and fumbling with my wallet. After checking my license, she smiled and said “Thanks! You don’t look in your 30s!” I said, “I know, I get that a lot! But even if I don’t look in my 30s, I still don’t look in my 20s?” She shook her head. Then I fumbled again; instead of asking “How old do I look?” I asked “How old should I be?” Obviously referring to the law, she said “You have to be 21.” But either way, I was dumbfounded. Hey Danny, I guess my raw Pop Tarts diet is the “fountain of youth” after all? Holy crap, lol.

So to commemorate this wondrous occasion, an impromptu outdoor photoshoot mere minutes after grocery shopping. Hehe, yup, the exact outfit~ blue jeans, sunglasses, and “Girls in Prison” t-shirt, lol. With a couple of guest appearances by Guiness below, hahaha. ^_^

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  1. 30s? dude u got to be kidding. i thought u are 16? lol.

    anyway i got here from your old blog. it was funny, i clicked on the first post and i have this urge to obey whatever the picture tells me.

    and btw interesting captcha. i got “CHOBITS” lol. i like that anime.

  2. lol @ last pic ^^ Congrats at growing younger! I never would’ve thought you were 30-something either… more like 20’s!

  3. judging from the pics, I say that you are…20! Nah, just kidding mate! Wow, I’ve never been carded before over here in Malaysia, even when driving without a license! *safe safe* Except that there’s one time when I ate at Chillis’ where this waiter actually asked me “Excuse me? What is it that you wanted again?” after I ordered a bottle of Carlsberg and repeated it twice! >o

    Ah well…it’s good to be young again! >.<

  4. @Gordon: Ahhh, the power of Geass! Hahaha, no way, 16? Are u serious? How? Now I know u’r being sarcastic, lol. ^_~

    @Mimi: Haha, thanx, I hope u aren’t being sarcastic too! >_< Honestly, I still feel 20s, all my girl pals (20s to 40s) tell me I look 20s, so I'm starting to wonder~ Running 1.5 miles every night, eating 3-4 Pop Tarts every day, and watching a ridiculous amount of anime~ Can this be the secret? ^_^ Hehe, yeah, that last pic~ my *best* Jackie Chan impression ever! @J85: LOL, well that's the problem~ u shouldn't have gone to Chili's, ugh! Thanx, I'm trying to stay young as long as Danny acts young, lol. Which hopefully will be a very-very-very long time... P.S. Okay guys, "Deconstructing Danny - Part 2" and the return of Jimi, coming soon!

  5. Never had that problem… then again, I don’t drink ;P

    I have been told I look younger, but as I’m still in my 20s, it doesn’t really matter much, lol. I think it’s generally because my brother looks older (he’s 5 years younger =o) and we’re always together when we go out or whatever hehe~

    Anime works wonders for the youth look~! I’ll trust you on the pop-tarts and running diet, but I’ll stick to my mum’s food, mmm~ :q

    All you’re missing now is something along the lines of a trooper outfit ;D (go for the power ranger look! j/k, j/k xD)

  6. @Koshiko: Yeah, I don’t usually drink either. Like I mentioned earlier, 4-5 hours of sleep ain’t too good. Thus the wine trick. Tho still can’t get used to the taste, bleghhh. Pop Tarts and Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns are so much better, mmm. But I still don’t see the trooper-ranger connection, what? >_<

  7. Reference to your deconstructing Danny articles, Puppy and I are worried you’re planning for world domination, but you didn’t hear that from me. (Am I right Puppy? Lol)

  8. @Koshiko: LOL, what? How? How do any of my posts combine to point towards *world domination*? Wow, I’m speechless… but I’d love to hear the logic, lol. >_<

  9. u crazy piece of hotness LOL

    luvin those pics, looks pretty hot though over there^^
    sometimes i really cant stand the heat °-°;;

    is that the backyard of ur garden or sth?

    and btw wtf?! @ the “girls in prison”-shirt lol

  10. @Miko: Awww, thanx… LOL, yeah, Vegas can soar to 100-F (38-C) all summer… and yeah, that’s my backyard, not my trees though >_<... Heyyy, I like that shirt! It's comfy and and has a cool drawing of 50s-style girls wrestling in prison, hehehe! ^.~

  11. what the hell?
    i thought they have sex or sth on the shirt lol

    and btw 38-C? are u serious?
    all summer?

    god I’m so excited about the heat in Tokyo in summer lol

    I swear I’ll die !

  12. @Miko: Hahaha, nooo, no sex, just *fighting* on the shirt! But I can see why u’d think about *sex*, lol…. Yup, that’s the typical heat, but only about 10% humidity~~ *nowhere* near as humid as Japan seems to be. Cuz humidity sux! =_=;

  13. lol!!! I’ve never been carded buying alcohol. Then again, I haven’t tried to that often…. Not a regular drinker either.
    I did get turned away from a pub which id’ed you on entry, but my railcard with date of birth and recent photo wasn’t good enough apparantly… so I went back to a friends and we watched movies till like 2 in the morning lol. Was Halloween if I remember correctly. I was quite miffed frankly.. I was a cowgirl with a friend… she got in… she had a driving license….

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Figma Tsuruya-san Arrival + 8 days till B-Day

  14. @M132: Awww, too bad, sux… Then again, if u owned that pub, would u let someone in who only had a railcard? Don’t answer, lol. Is a railcard better than a library card? Or worse? Don’t answer that either, lol. But there’s nothing wrong with Halloween cowgirls and movies, I say. >_<;

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