Blog 155 > Holy Crap, I Got Carded!

Hey, holy crap, listen to this! This afternoon, Saturday (23 Aug 2008), I went grocery shopping like I always do. Got my food, got my drinks, even picked up another bottle of white zinfandel to help me sleep at night (NaTasha’s suggestion, lol). Just so u know, I’ve never been a regular drinker, and when I was younger and heavier, I looked much older, so ID-checking has very rarely come up.

But when that bottle of wine reached the checkout lady (she was cute for someone who looked to be in her 40s, possibly 50s, but definitely not absent-minded or elderly), do you know what she did? She carded me! Hahaha, yup, she actually asked for my ID! And for the reasons above, I think this was the second time I’ve ever been carded in my life! ^_^

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