Blog 106 > My Eye on Mirai, Day 30

Hey, Danny, inspiration! Because I’m flying from Vegas to New York soon (I’ll be away for a week for my brother’s wedding on September 1st), I’ve summoned fantastic progress in the last 10 days for this surprise! But I still estimate just 60% completed.

Now hitting 30 random days in the last 90 days (since May 28th), here’s the latest 750×500 teaser of the full-size 1800×1200 scene so far. At last, for the first time, I reveal my interpretation of the elusive Shiro Otoko (Man in White). Hmmm, is it a coincidence he resembles my blonde-curled Kako? Hahaha, my personal plot theories! In any case, things are looking awesome; I think I’m finally past the halfway mark. But as always, still lots of further cleaning, shading and lighting to do when I return!

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