post 362 ~ weekend of change!

sat, july 1st, BEFORE change

sun, july 2nd, AFTER change

new desk configuration

new figure display

close-up on “aya” (in skirt) and “maya” (in jeans) of “tenjho tenge”

another close-up on “aya” and “maya”
post 362 ~ weekend of change!

  • FINALLY figured a way to remove the cabinets (after weeks, suddenly got the idea to move them to the kitchen!), so i could reconfigure my desk and floor-bed, and expand some room for my anime-figure collection!… and as u can see, pretty nice results! ;)
  • in addition, helped jen reorganize her bedroom (damn, that four-post bed is heavy!), to expand more room too… ultimately, pretty nice change in both cases!
  • meanwhile, during my workouts, i’ve been watching my “star trek fan collective: BORG” dvds… and the voyager episodes from a decade ago are still pretty damn good, especially with the introduction of the incomparable “seven of nine”… resistance is futile! ;)

post 361 ~ anime antics! (aug 09, 2006 ~ moved post)

  • (LVO)

    Starting this July, LVO with help from AnimeVegas, we’re starting a series of screenings at the Whitney Library aimed at late teens and young adults. We’re going to be showing a variety of programming that is aimed at more mature viewers including more mature anime series, live action dramas, movies and more!

    Here’s the catch for the show: Due to the content we are showing, you have to be at least 16 yrs old (w/ID) to come to the screenings. Okay, in an effort to squeak in as much content as possible, the new showtimes are officially 11am-5pm, every 3rd Saturday each month. That means showdates are: July 15, Aug 19, Sept 16, Oct 21, Nov 18, Dec 16.

    The DARN NEAR FINAL schedule for the first show is: Paradise Kiss, Elfen Lied, Densha Otoko (live action), Sexy Commando, Kamen Rider (live action), Honey & Clover, Monster, Momoiro Sisters and we finish up with a movie each month. This month’s movie is the Cutey Honey Live Action Movie.

    We have a break built into the time, so people can get some lunch, or go have a smoke or whatever they need to do, in which we will use the time to schedule the LVO show, which could range from performances to cosplay exhibitions, trivia contests or just some totally random programming. It should be a very good first showing, so I hope you guys encourage friends and family to come out and join us as well! See you guys at the Whitney library in July!

    Kewl! I’m there! Hope I can endure 6 hours, LOL ;)))