post 364 ~ french & canadian

post 364 ~ weird, today seems to be the day for french and canadian items to appear in the anime/manga news, lol ;)

  • French Girls Flee to Japan, Get Stuck in Poland [06 Jul 2006|03:25am]
    Two girls from Paris were caught Sunday in Poland after running away from home to “visit the land of manga.” Source: Manga News

  • IG, Geneon to Make French Music Video [06 Jul 2006|03:49am]
    Production I.G and Geneon Entertainment USA will produce an animated music video for French “music diva” Mylene Farmer.

  • Samurai 7, Basilisk, Trinity Blood on Canada TV [06 Jul 2006|01:55pm]
    Starting today at 5 p.m. Eastern, Canadian digital station Razer will broadcast Samurai 7, Basilisk, and Trinity Blood. They will repeat Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the same times. Thanks, Jesse Betteridge.