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From one of my favorite romantic-comedy series Please Twins!, comes the unforgettable 1/8-scale “Karen” and “Miina”, released in January 2006. Both the green-haired Karen and red-haired Miina were sculpted by Zero-Clamzi Craft and manufactured by Yamato with an affordable PVC price-tag of $25-30 USD.

For this Canon photoshoot, I saved 60 shots, then narrowed it down to 40 shots. Finally, some of you may notice that the background is an actual shot of Lake Kizaki, the beautiful setting for the anime series. Nice, huh?

Otakurl it!

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post 366 ~ taking things less seriously

writing a “less serious” letter!
post 366 ~ taking things less seriously… wednesday, july 12th…

  • new projects! ~ well, got a new work project to review/update/edit 3 tech manuals ASAP (but sometime before august)… hmmm, ASAP? no real deadline?… yup! so basically, doing as much as i can in 40 hours per week… no reason to kill myself if no deadline is set, right? ;)
  • work stress! ~ meanwhile, one of my good friends “nessa” is pretty stressed… after going thru a recent divorce with a son, and being the ONLY admin assistant for a growing company (the last job i resigned from), PLUS dealing with school, programming class no less… so it’s difficult to offer any of my own thoughts… except perhaps to “take work less seriously”; work isn’t everything, especially since she’s decided to focus on school… and if management is over-tasking you, or under-estimating the tasks they’re giving, there’s no reason to kill yourself 10 or 20 hours beyond a solid 40 hours per week, especially for the same pay…
  • people stress! ~ similarly, another good friend “morgaine” has finally decided to stop taking bullshit from everyone… a bold if not bitter path, but one i think she must follow and see where it leads… and yet again, my own perspective is not to “take people so seriously”… sure, “little people with little minds” can be frustrating as hell, but why worry about them?… oh yeah, lol, reminds me; for example, years ago, if some driver cut me off, i used to get annoyed… but nowadays, if it’s a “skillful” cut i might’ve done myself, i’ll actually say “WOW! COOL MOVE!”… hahaha, better to smile/laugh over spilled milk, eh?
  • sign please! ~ hmmm, i wonder if this “less serious” approach has actually helped me deal with my own issues and situations… including the most peaceful “break up” in history (LOL) between jen and me!… note, the official notarized signing of the divorce papers has been pushed to friday morning due to a sisterly obligation, driving her sister to the airport (to get married in europe)…
  • please twins! ~ after watching the 4th episode of the teen-comedy anime “please twins” (sequel to “please teacher”), i finally recognized the voice of crispin freeman (a.k.a. “alucard” of hellsing!)… but this time, i just barely recognized him through the proudly-gay pretty-boy high-school character he played, hahaha!… definitely different from his super-vampire “alucard”! no wonder it took a while!!!
  • anime countdown! ~ just 3 more days till saturday’s 6-hour anime screening at whitney library, las vegas!… should bring a lunch, huh… meanwhile, here are my latest anime-watching updates for a dozen simultaneous anime series!… ah, the obsession! ;))