post 367 ~ anime screening!

post 367 ~ the whitney library in vegas… so yesterday/saturday, july 15th, despite some technical problems, the anime screening was pretty cool!… the library has a pretty big theatre (or concert hall), so we watched a bunch of anime and japanese live-action on the BIG SCREEN!… and there were maybe about 20-30 people (mostly college geek guys and girls) in the entire theatre… hmmm, so we watched:

  • 4 episodes of “elfen lied” (anime with extreme violence and some nudity)
  • (there was a lunch break/intermission, some j-pop playing)
  • 1 episode of “kamen rider” (live-action/non-anime kinda like “power rangers”)
  • 1 episode of “honey & clover” (anime about funny college life)
  • 1 episode of “densha otoko (train man)” (live-action/non-anime about an anime geek who gets together with a beautiful rich girl, after protecting her on a city train)
  • and lastly, “zatoichi” (live-action/non-anime film about an old blind samurai wanderer)

so, a total of about 6 hours!… except for “elfen lied”, i got to see stuff i hadn’t seen before, and it’s been a while since i went to any kind of theatre ;)… looks like i’ll be there next month, august 19th ;)))