remix 069 ~ just as lost

images by “angelgaby” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

just as lost

as he scrambled
across the pebbled shore
and scratched his stubbled chin
her aquamarine eyes
sparkled and shifted
as she witnessed the amusing scene

he hadn’t noticed
until they found their spot
along the softly flowing edge
he’d lost his keys
between here and the top
of the misty majestic ridge

so then he scoured
across the scraggly shore
like a sideways scurrying crab
while her oceanic eyes
darted and drifted
like sunlit windswept clouds

having more fun
than uma or angelina
killing bill or raiding tombs
even more cruel
than miss piggy or gonzo
kicking kermit or chopping frogs

she’s just as lost
in her thoughts and whims
and can’t get him out of her head
her mischievous eyes
gleamed and glimmered
like the keys hidden in her hand