remix 066 ~ graceful agony

images by “goldfish_” :: original post
remixed image by “xjaymanx
part *1* words by “goldfish_
part *2* words by “xjaymanx

graceful agony


i am miserably lonely.
some people have the ability
to be lonely in a careless,
or maybe even graceful way,
but i rarely manage.

my roads are winding. dark. misleading.
i’ve been waiting for a very long time now,
a very very long time longer than ever,
but every little adding moment
i managed to convince myself
that it was worth it
as there was no other way.


like those

fleeting moments

when the

glittering shards

of a

shattered mirror


towards the

sleeping earth


are the






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  1. Yeah, neither have I but you know, just sort of came out… You know me, lol. See I could have said ‘very good’ but its more than good, and so on……

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