remix 067 ~ i suppose i could

inspired by “ladymorgaine81” :: original post
google image search by “xjaymanx
remixed image by “xjaymanx
remixed words by “ladymorgaine81” & “xjaymanx

i suppose i could

i’m annoyed

after tearing my room apart
putting it back together
doing all the laundry
and rearranging the other room
i still can’t find my damn pants

but i find it really annoying
because i had them just the other day
i found the shirt but no pants
i can’t even blame it on anyone stealing them

i’m annoyed

but i’ve decided
i’ll delay my nap
head up to the mall
and get some more

because as we all know
the best way to find something
is to buy a brand new one
but so much for the mall stores
actually being open

i suppose i could wear a skirt

6 thoughts on “remix 067 ~ i suppose i could

  1. he he he… seems such a silly topic to put any real time and effort into… but I like the picture. Mostly cuz it’s not that far off from what really happened! ;-)

  2. LOL! really? :)

    … well, i’d already written this (a month ago?)… and any written moment, whether it seems silly or not, should deserve its own little remix… :)))

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