remix 068 ~ the stillness

images by “picturian” :: original post
remixed image & words by “xjaymanx

in her slick vented helmet
and sleek spandex style
another bicyclist and his camera
caught her quick amber squint

with nothing else better
she pedalled in pursuit
through honking asphalt lanes
and bustling concrete walks

he swerved and she swerved
a safe distance behind
he stopped and she stopped
eyes wide with curious light

he held it to his face and
focussed a few moments
before he captured the stillness
of loud colors and wild chaos

another ride another pause
he aimed high at the structure
she followed his gaze and
softly smiled at the new mural

after another few stops
the stranger reached his last
and locked up his wheels
against a cumbersome railing

a bit sad that it ended
on one of her sunnier days
but as she rolled into a turn
she caught his grin and a wave