Blog 197 > Taro Aso, Tsubasa & Toledo

Greetings, my Tantalizing Toyboxers! Another mega-week, another mega-post, lol. This week, our blade-blazing broadcast slashes at action-packed Japanese Prime Ministers, alluring otaku bloggers, appealing anime dramas, attractive martial-arts fighters, and amusing birthday antics! Okay, maybe just one Prime Minister, haha. Did I mention the piles and piles of eye-grabbing wallpapers? I didn’t? Well, now I did. But wait, I’m not joking about the alluring bloggers and attractive fighters. Or was it attractive bloggers and alluring fighters? LOL, doesn’t matter. Just pull up a chair and let the sword-shattering show begin…

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Blog 196 > Art Deco, Retro & Steampunk

Heyyy, my Timeless Toyboxers, what’s up? Is it time for another weekly mega-broadcast yet? Well, duh, I guess so! For this first week of April, we time-travel through shiny slave-driven “Pop Anime” trends, wide-eyed “Art Deco” lolitas, retro-armored “Star Wars” steampunk, sentimental “Firefly” fanart, and a random chrome-plated cart of orangy antics, lol. Did I mention time-travel? Haha, yeah, I did. Well, without further ado, fine-tune the station, grab your favorite bag of popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the five-ringed circus show…

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Blog 195 > Propaganda & Pop Anime

Greetings, my Trusty Toyboxers! Welcome to another full-scale broadcast and fighter-bomber assault on your dried-up defenses, hehe. But seriously, this week, we take a wrong turn into the animated apocalypse of propagandized “pop anime”, otaku-oriented merchandising, scantily-clad “funimation”, ghostly cyber-digital memories, fiesty Filipina gals and tasty Vietnamese dishes, lol. No-no-no, not tasty gals and fiesty dishes! That was last week, haha. Plus, on top of all this, we’ve got a delicious inter-dimensional serving of high-res “Clannad” and “Clannad After Story” wallpapers! Who can ignore that? Well, enough of the irritating intro. It’s time for our five-part show to begin…

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Blog 194 > Assassins, Serpents & Wishes

Awww, thanx, Miyabi! We haven’t seen you since Hearts and Sevens! Sadly, I know this is another fabricated message, lol. Oh well, a birthday dream is better than none at all, lol. So, my Trembling Toyboxers, what’s in store for this broadcast week? Well, this week, we take another five-lap trek, peeking at ongoing otaku-blog battles, glimpsing at galactic hunters and bountiful assassins, staring through split-tongue serpents and masochistic dragons, digesting a few tasty birthday treats, and blinking at random red-red-red-tinged observations. And maybe, just maybe, Miyabi will say “Hi!” once more. Who knows? With her gorgeous figure in mind, let’s start the show…

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Blog 193 > Momos, Muranos & Masamune

Holy damn! Halfway through March already? My birthday just days away? Wow. Probably the most concentrated, contested and colorful week so far this year! But first, before I forget, don’t forget to vote for my “Angry Momo” fanart entry at Angry Mimi’s Peachy BlogFirst Round and Final Round, lol. Vote! Do it! Do it now! Secondly, my Trendy Toyboxers, welcome to another five-course meal of humming-and-sizzling images and dozens of ruminating-and-illuminating leaps on art, anime and life. What else? This week, we dart around angry young mascots, peek backwards at scantily-clad police-girls and hot-wired cyberpunks, rewind across motorized birthday gifts, and hopscotch through a haphazard maze of random sandwiches, felines, smog tests, supermarkets, dentists, girl scouts, spanked maids, double laptops, and MP3 players! So what are you waiting for? Let’s pump up the volume and begin the show…

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Blog 192 > Slingers, Angles & Angry Lolis

Oh man, my left eye is feeling much better, but I’m still feeling a bit worn down {sigh}. If you’ve been following my daily updates below, you know what I mean. And fast-forwarding with Daylight Saving Time doesn’t help, lol. But no worries. The show must go on! This week, we punch through a new batch of fiery female-slinging anime dramas, a coincidentally-named Mimi-friendly appearance, even more coincidental foosball-flinging ninja angles, some flame-throwing loli-against-loli anti-Mimi anger, as well as a touch of triangular blog-enhancing shenanigans! What? Only 30 images? Damn, this is gonna be a pretty tiny mega-post, haha. But who cares? Just let our five-piece predicament flow through your optic nerves and penetrate your otaku-enhanced brain. Ready? Okay, 3, 2, 1, let’s go…

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Blog 191 > Otaku Antics & Sankaku Kicks

What? Wait, is it time already? How’s your day, my Trusty Toyboxers? That bad? LOL, well, as I start to frantically assemble this text, my 57 images are all set up, but I have no clue how to tie these random strings all together! Not yet, lol. Yeah, it’s been a freakishly busy week. A hectic week of head-scratchingly random albums, low-strung departmental coworker parties, scantily-clad figure-photoshoot possibilities, mouth-droppingly shocking otaku-blog battles, and mind-raging otaku-fan clubs! Hehe, yeah, 57 images, a pretty small mega-post, haha. But we’ll manage, won’t we? So enough of the eye-irritating introduction! Let’s grab some well-buttered popcorn, sit back, and enjoy this week’s spellbinding five-act show…

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Blog 190 > Tigers, Kitties, Catfights & I

Welcome Katsuni! Welcome back, my trusty Toyboxers! Your maniacal master of the mega-post broadcast has returned with yet another five-part foray into the feline realm, lol. But why Katsuni? Hehe, why not? Actually, whether by demon or by design, it’s quite amusing how French-Asian adult-video actresses seem to slink their way onto my posts! Last week, French-Japanese idol Maria Ozawa. Then this week, French-Vietnamese star Katsuni. Yup, this week, our feline odyssey explores terrifying tiger tactics, shuffling little kitties, and of course, internationally captivating catfights! All accompanied by over 90 images! So beware, if you’re still cave-dwelling with Internet Explorer, ditch the buggy IE, and let the browsing fox fire up your soul, haha. On your mark! Get set! Go! Hope you enjoy the show…

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Blog 189.1 > Gotta Wanna Sin


Can you see? Can you tell?
I gotta soul I wanna sell
Maybe shallow, maybe true
You gotta show me what to do

Close your eyes, hear my mind
Like a song you gotta find
Fall upon me, and you’ll feel
It’s your lie I wanna steal

If you swallow, if you sway
All your walls will melt away
If you gotta, shred my skin
If you wanna, let me sin

Gotta wanna sin
Don’t you wanna sin?
Gotta wanna sin
God’ll let us sin


Blog 189 > Hearts, Ninjas & Toyboxers

Hey, Maria, what’s up? Whoa, really? Oh crap, wait, not another fabricated message, lol. Oh well, while the returning French-Japanese adult-video idol Maria Ozawa never sent me any stunning bright-eyed cheer, a guy can dream, can’t he? But if you’re wondering, my fellow Toyboxers, nope, this isn’t a “Palpatine’s Day” or “Anti-Palpatine’s Day” weekend post. Not really. Not officially, lol. Ehh, who cares? How was yours anyway? Oops, before you answer, get your twisted mind ready for yet another five-layered mega-post! This week, we leap through spiraling blog battles-and-rules, sneak under indestructible foosball ninjas, skip past random girl-shaped drama-and-gothica, peek at heart-breaking high-school girls, and slide down slippery ring-burnt relationships. Nothing dangerous, of course, lol. So are you ready? Now on with the show…

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Blog 188 > Kanons, Pirates & Bloodbaths

Greetings, my friendly neighborhood Toyboxers! Welcome to yet another weekly mega-broadcast from the Toybox! But beware. This time, I should warn you of the more bloody and sexy nature of the topics which swirl in the digital waters below, lol. Are you ready? Ready for this four-part monster post? Messy junior-high blood battles? Sticky flesh-on-flesh pirate hunters? Snowy high-school Kanon girls? And Disney-bioengineered teen idols? Well, if you are, and you ignore my warnings, I salute your bravery. And your lack of morals, haha! Just kidding. I truly welcome you. I’m not sure if I’ll have another “Question of the Week”, but who cares? Just grab some utterly buttery popcorn, take another deep breath, and enjoy the show…

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Blog 187 > Cops, Candy & Digital Sushi

Holy crap! I’m back with another huge-ass mega-post! Cops? Candy? And sushi? This week, I’ll plummet through a five-part rainbow-textured ocean of time-traveling Gothic Lolitas, fist-flying Hong Kong choreography, mouth-watering American fast food, thigh-baring Galactic enforcers, and self-reflective Australian beauties. Don’t ask me how I’ll tie them all together, lol. But I’ll manage somehow. Plus I hope I don’t forget the new “Question of the Week”, haha. Question. Question. Gotta remember that. So here we go! Readjust your seat, stretch your scroll finger, take a deep breath, and let the show begin…

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Blog 186 > Sevens, Heavens & Harems

Wow, Maria, thanx! Sadly, this is a fabricated message, lol. Japanese AV idol Maria Ozawa never sent me any congratulations of any kind. Dammit, lol. However, according to the mathematically approximate yet amusingly curious, my site-and-blog’s estimated worth has leapt from $5861.90 to $7774.50 USD in a mere 3 weeks. Just as page hits and views and loads can be quite illuminating, my site worth (or lack thereof) must largely fall in the hands of my passing visitors and long-time readers. Humble thanks. Arigato gozaimasu. Muchas gracias. And may Maria watch over us. Hehe, anime joke. But on top of adult-video starlets and saintly anime, this blog week burns through itchy skin, drives through mystical fog, and hops through harems of women, lol. So on that nonsensical note, let’s begin the show…

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Blog 185 > Wikis & Evangelion Gothlolis

Dammit! Seems like my posts are taking longer and longer to assemble, lol. But no worries. It’s worth it. Including this week. Not only do we dive into the wretched world of Wikis, Wikipedia and Wookieepedia, we also float along a WordPress upgrade, and wade through a massive photoshoot of Evangelion Gothlolis, both red-haired and blue-haired. Did I mention Danny Choo too? Yup, no doubt, it’s a three-headed mega-post. But you know why? Ahh, to celebrate something else… My final figure. Interested?

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Blog 184 > Rewind in Anime, Myself & I

Ah, another year, another list of anime. The endless cycle, lol. But for this post, I take a farther look back to the older anime titles of the 80s and 90s. Including an old issue of an anime magazine I’ve kept since that time. A few memories. And still a few mysterious titles. But fascinating nonetheless. Plus my latest figure video, lol. Now let’s begin…

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Blog 183 > Colors of Rage, Peace & Flesh

Heyyy, Happy Twenty-Oh-Nine! And for those of you in the Eastern Orthodox world who celebrate Christmas on January 7th, especially Anna in Ukraine or Lena in Russia, I haven’t forgotten you, hehe. “Merry Christmas!” To help celebrate, here’s an eye-grabbing “Snow White” photo (above) by Russian photographer and long-time LiveJournal buddy, Lena Chernaya. Plus some more titillating chaos about random shirts, bloggy values, and the comedy of hate, lol.

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