Blog 023 > Cosplaying Genshiken Figures! Part 1 of 3

At last, my latest photoshoot from yesterday and today, Dec 29th-30th! This time, improving upon my original October-12th HP-digicam photoshoot of my 7.5-inch 1/8-scale “Ohno & Saki in Cosplay” figures (from Genshiken), I decided to use a backdrop of arguably the most-famous landmark of anime/manga/otaku fan culture — the inverted-pyramidal Tokyo Big Sight convention center! Over two days, took a whopping total of 100 Canon photos, and managed to whittle it down to the best 70 shots. Damn, gonna need 3 posts!

Otakurl it!

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Blog 015 > Night Saber! Part 1 of 2

Hey! My newest photoshoot taken today on Sunday, Dec 17th! In this case, I decided to go back and feature the first figure i ever ordered, way back in April 2006. That is, the first figure to grab me, strongly enough to own her: my 7-inch 1/8-scale “Saber in Gothic-Lolita Black” figure (the same “Saber” from Fate/Stay Night). So, to improve upon my original September-2006 photoshoot using my crappy HP digicam, today I used my Canon and a dark forest-fiery backdrop, took a total of 75 saved shots for 2 different poses (with and without skirt), and somehow narrowed it down to the best 50 shots…

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Blog 008 > Lara Croft in Wetsuit! Part 1 of 2

WOW! Amazing photoshoot from Tuesday, Dec 5th!!! This time, I present the 8 1/2-inch 1/7-to-1/6-scale “Lara Croft in Wetsuit” figure (from the Tomb Raider II videogame). I took a total of 70 saved shots for 2 different poses, and again, it was tough just to narrow it down to 40. The photoshoots just seem to get better and better. And so, without further ado, here are the photos…

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Blog 005 > Heartfelt Figures

Finally! I finally found the time to correctly batch-automate in Adobe Photoshop so that my photos all have “xJAYMANx_toybox” in the lower-left corner. This time, my most-recent photoshoot from November 18th. Here are 25 photos of 1/8-scale “Multi” (green) and “Akari” (red) from “To Heart“, a gentle slice-of-life high-school series with only the slightest of sci-fi elements (e.g. Multi the android). I also tried something different for the photoshoot background, a simple outdoor-style scene instead of a character-focused wallpaper. I think it turned out nicely!

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