Blog 165 > Space Pirate Blue – NSFW

Hehe, yup, more “girls with guns”!… Less than a couple weeks after my mesmerizing Fumie From Edelweiss photoshoot, I bring my latest figure photoshoot of 1/8-scale “Space Pirate Blue” from Masamune Shirow‘s Intron Depot 4 – Bullets (2004) color-illustration artbook. Pre-ordered back in June 2007 (Blog 086) and received in November 2007, I finally decided to do her photoshoot. Quite a drastic punk-edged change from the wind-blown Fumie. Bright-blue hair, slick-black leather and yup, lots of skin, lol.

Like before, for this Canon DSLR photoshoot, I used my (a) ceiling light, (b) two halogen desk lamps, plus (c) my camera flash, to collect about 150 shots in about 120 minutes. Finally, I painstakingly narrowed the 150 shots down to 111 shots (hard to choose!). To compensate for the too-warm yellowish tinge of the lamps in such a blue environment, I used Photoshop to apply a simple Cooling Photo Filter (82) at 25% density (in addition to my standard resizing and watermarking). A simple yet vivid adjustment, hehe.

That’s about it! Enjoy the shoot! Don’t forget to tell me your faves and I’ll make the 10-20 best into wallpapers, lol.

Warning > I recommend Firefox 2/3 since IE 6/7 tends to break under the photo pressure, argh.

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Blog 086 > The Pirate & the Lolita

Damn, I couldn’t help it! Not only a new Gothloli Asuka pre-order for August-September, but now grabbing two new pre-orders for October-November! First, a 1/8-scale “Space Pirate” (from Intron Depot 4) with bright-blue hair, black leather and yes, lots of skin, lol.

Second, a 1/8-scale “Gothloli Ryofu” (from Ikki Tousen) with bright-green hair, white stockings, plus removable two-piece top, removable bloomers and removable skirt! In other words, yes again, lots of skin, lol. Snatch ’em now before they disappear forever… or until a possible re-release, haha. Meanwhile, looks like several low-budget months of ramen for me…

Blog 045 > Sexy Cyberpunks!

Okay, enough with the high-school childishness, lol. Bring on the full-figured women of cyberpunk sci-fi! For this post, I introduce one of my newest and rarest pieces, the raven-haired 1/6-scale “Motoko Kusanagi Hard Disk” (in resin) based on the original 1991 sci-fi manga Ghost in the Shell by Masamune Shirow. Sculpted by Yoshimasa Nakao and released by ALPHA, Motoko stretches to a towering 13-inches tall.

In addition, I welcome the return of one of my earliest pieces in May 2006, the lavender-haired 1/8-scale “Galhound” (in PVC) from the 2002 poster series Galgrease, also by Masamune Shirow. Released by Yamato, Galhound stands about 7 inches tall. One background note: While Galhound wasn’t the first figure I acquired, she was the first figure that caught my eye before I ever thought of starting a collection. You could even say she planted the idea in my head!

As of this post, both figures are pretty rare on eBay or otherwise. Furthermore, it’s interesting to note Masamune’s fascination with black, silver, and purple color schemes. Not that I mind. LOL!… In this Canon photoshoot, I saved 45 shots, then narrowed it down to 35 shots.

Otakurl it!

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