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Yup, Mirai’s Rival *Akiko* is finally complete! Well, sorta, 1 of 4 is complete, lol… Compared to my previous *Akiko* post, I’ve added shading/lighting to the eyes, hair, arm, gun and body. Vector is so much more efficient and effective than conventional bitmap, especially at 1680 or 2400 pixels. Keep in mind, she’s only 1 of 4 pieces in an overall *Akiko* layout, hence the 25-percent (25-day) per piece estimate. But I’ll manage, lol. And as always, thanx to Danny for the inspiration and creation of the Mirai Universe. ^_^

BONUS – For an added bonus, here’s my *Akiko* fanfic below… Coincidentally, I too was a high school salutatorian (class rank #2 of 500+) with a crush on the tall pretty blonde athlete (rank #3)… EDIT – Added link above to 1680 x 1050 textless wallpaper.

A NEW AR-RIVAL – Fanfic by xJAYMANx – 16 June 2008

NOTES – To make Akiko’s backstory funny, a side-tailed tsundere rival just *had* to be ranked #2 next to twin-braided Mirai’s #1, haha. Akiko had always been #1 in everything (math, science, art, sports, so on) *until* Suenaga Mirai-san the transfer student appears. ^_^ So to accompany and add life to the Akiko fanart, here’s my little fanfic of the early days when the (one-directional?) rivalry between Mirai and Akiko begins… Enjoy!

PLACE – Sorunian TimeSpy Academy. TIME – Classified.

SCENE 1 – AKIKO (2nd year) is walking to school, two freshman (1st year) girls tagging beside her.

Akiko [frustrated]: Dammit! How did this happen? Who the heck is this Suenaga Mirai-san?
Girl #1: You mean the new transfer student?
Girl #2: Oh yeah-yeah! She just transferred here. Have you seen her yet? [Dreamily.] Oh wow, she’s so beautiful…
Akiko [annoyed]: Grrr… How did this happen? How? How? I was always most popular. I was always #1! Me! But she just transfers halfway into the year and steals it from me! How?
Girl #1: Ummm, because she’s super-smart…
Girl #2: And super-athletic…
Girl #1: And kind-hearted…
Girl #2 [dreamily]: And s o o o b e a u t i f u l…
Akiko [angrily]: Shutup-shutup-shutup! I have all of that too!
Girl #1 [whispers to Girl #2]: Kind-hearted???
Akiko: Hmmm, so what makes that Suenaga-san tick? What’s her purpose? Why is she here? I must know! If I can figure that out, I can beat her!
Girl #2: Yeah-yeah, you can do it, Akiko-sempai!
Girl #1: Definitely, Akiko-sempai! She has no idea who you are!
Akiko [eyes burning intensely]: Yosh! “Know thy enemy.” Let’s figure out who she is… so we can destroy her!!!

SCENE 2 – Later that day. MIRAI (2nd year) can be seen running the track loop, in form-fitting t-shirt and shorts, leading several lengths ahead of the rest of the girls. She is calm yet focussed. Some distance away, there is a row of bushes.

Akiko [her head pops out of a bush]: Yosh! There she is.
Girl #1 [her head pops out of a 2nd bush, whining]: Argh, why are we hiding in these bushes?
Girl #2 [her head pops out of a 3rd bush, smiling]: Hehe, this is a spy school. We’re here to spy! [Takes out her digicam and looks into the viewfinder, dreamily.] A h h h, Suenaga-sempai!
Akiko [swipes digicam]: Great idea! Give me that!
Girl #2 [teary eyed]: Sou na! (No way!)
Akiko [zooms digicam]: Let’s take a closer look at our enemy…

As if in slow motion, MIRAI’s curves and braids bounce gracefully through the air. Figuring out the digicam, AKIKO accidentally zooms TOO close on her various curves and bounces. Time seems to slow further…

Akiko [turns red from embarrassment]: Ummm, ummm….
Girl #1: Akiko-sempai, what’s wrong? [Smiles knowingly.] Hehe, not close enough?
Girl #2 [smiles over Akiko’s shoulder]: A h h h! You can almost feel her sweat sprinkling on you!
Akiko [spins red-faced]: Wha-wha-what are you talking about?
Girl #1 and #2 [giggling]: He he he, you’re blushing!
Akiko [fidgets]: Ba-bakana! (Im-impossible!)
Girl’s Voice: Hmmm, I’d like to know too. Exactly what are you three talking about?

Caught by surprise, AKIKO, GIRL #1 and GIRL #2 glance up. The GIRL’S VOICE (surprisingly similar to Hirano Aya-san’s voice) belongs to none other than MIRAI herself!

Mirai (breathing strongly but smiling): And why exactly is the Class Rep for 2-B spying on Class 2-A?

To be continued? ^_^

P.S. Coincidentally, I was a *mathlete* geek-with-glasses (top trophies too) who graduated as high school salutatorian (class rank #2 of 500+), plus I used to have a crush on Kathy, the tall pretty blonde athlete (rank #3). (Rank #1 was Jon.) Actually, my (one-directional) crush began when Kathy and I first met back in junior high (Jon was at a different junior high). Since she and I were each #1 in our elementary schools, we naturally became pretty intense rivals in junior high, both taking either #1 or #2 in almost everything, haha.

In any classroom, she was the unspoken academic leader of the girls, and I the unspoken leader of the boys. In our homeroom, she sat in front (teacher’s pet), so I’d definitely notice if she’d quickly turn her head to glance back at me, lol. (Not that she had a crush too.) But I remember a time when the math teacher called out a long number while the two of us stood at the blackboard, and I finished chalk-writing the translation into Roman numerals faster than she did, haha. I still recall the boys’ cheers, haha. I also remember a softball game when she wanted to know which aluminum bat I used to get a nice hit. Fascinating. Oddly enough, I also remember a time when we were the only ones in the classroom (she in front, I in back), and she ordered me to turn my head while she changed her pants or skirt (unfortunately, I turned and didn’t see anything ^_^;). (How anime-like is that?) I also remember an informal classroom chess match when I couldn’t look at her or focus at all through my red-faced crushing nervousness. Not my game either. Yup, I lost the match. ^_^; But in the end, writing in my high-school yearbook, she acknowledged: “Remember 6th grade with Mr. S? Ever since, we’ve been neck-and-neck competing with one another and it appears as if the best man won, but not by much! Congratulations…”. Ah, the embarrassing junior-high and high-school days ^_^;

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