Blog 134 > Blue-Haired Babes

Thanx *nomadicotaku* for the idea… Got a fave blue-haired babe? (Bad captions not included, lol.)

Here are pretty much all of the blues in my collection. Seems like anime has the monopoly on blue hair, lol… Though I’m not including Kaname (from FMP) since her hair is kinda aqua-turquoise green, or Hazuki (from Moon Phase) since her hair is kinda violet-purplish. I think? ^_^;

4 thoughts on “Blog 134 > Blue-Haired Babes

  1. hmm at the moment my favorite blue-haired girl would prolly be… nayuki! although i do have no less than 3 wall scrolls of rei in my room … was a big eva fan in college ^^;

  2. LOL, maybe if Nayuki was more tsundere ^_^; No arguments with Rei, already have 3 different Rei figures, with another Gothloli Rei coming later this year. ^.^

    P.S. Maybe if Konata came in a decent 1/8-scale figure…

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