Blog 131 > Mirai’s Tsundere Rival!

Got tsundere? Impressed by *Demi-Alucard*s and *ETERNAL*s brilliant suggestion last month to create a *dark-side tsundere rival* for Mirai, I decided to take yet another (my 3rd) fanart risk. (No guts, no glory, eh?)

Although she’s still a rough 14% (14-day) draft, I finally present Mirai Suenaga’s tsundere rival — Akiko *Lucky* Yoshikawa — Class Rank #2 after Mirai’s Rank #1 at the Sorunian TimeSpy Academy. Her slick blue-haired look is based on my Facebook friend Jennie in May 2008, lol. Not bad for my very-first vector-art anime piece, huh? I hope to finish Akiko and her gun’s shading/lighting in the next few weeks. ^_^; Till next update!

P.S. Heartfelt thoughts and wishes to the victims of the Akihabara tragedy. Thanx for the coverage, Danny.

P.P.S. When you click the pic, don’t forget to check out my little sketch-script at the bottom. ^_^

7 thoughts on “Blog 131 > Mirai’s Tsundere Rival!

  1. oh hmmm I only need very basic stuff on blogspot so…. but I guess I dislike how I can’t seem to go back to older posts easily on blogspot ^^; someday will have to try out wordpress again ^^

  2. LOL, thanx for reminding me~ Sorry that your link is halfway down my blog page. That’s how it ended up. ^_^;
    Before setting up my own WordPress(.org), I tried their, but not as much customization control. I guess it depends on what you you’re looking for.
    As for my vector *Akiko*, she isn’t in Flash, she’s in Photoshop CS3. But I suppose I could refresh myself with Flash (it’s been ages and only briefly). After all, I’m teaching myself vector for the first time too. ^_^;
    P.S. Lack of time? You mean u don’t have 25 hours per day like I do? o_O;
    [Copied at (Post: June 9, 2008), lol.]

  3. xjaymanx yeah I tried the wordpress online, didn’t like it too much, for some reason it refuses to show my flash thingie on the side lol and at the time I tried it, my website server was down =_=; Then panther told me about the application to download, I have to try it when I have 25 hrs a day like you (is it an upgrade I dunno of? lol)

    Copying U copy at my blog lol

  4. Chun~ Ah, lucky for me, I didn’t have to download or install WordPress *myself*, I just selected it in my GoDaddy web hosting. Unfortunately, it’ll be stuck at Version 2.0.5 forever (I think it’s now 2.5 ^_^;) unless I get another domain, argh. Plus, it took a b*tchin’ (pardon me) *long* time to configure the blog PHP to match my website PHP perfectly.
    Sooo~ no plans to change it. Then again, my goal back in 2007 was to design a site/blog which I was so happy with, that I’d never have to re-design it for a *very* long time… And guess what? Despite the occasional *hmmm, what if*, so far so good~~ Can u believe it?
    P.S. A 25-hour upgrade? Yeah, just go to and download~~ kidding! I wish! Otherwise, you can convince yourself that your 5-hour sleep is really 6 hours. Still works for me, haha.
    [Copied at (June 9, 2008) and xJAYMANx_toybox b/c we’re lazy~ uh, I mean, saving time, lol.]

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