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+++ Black Blood Brothers (1-12) – Restarted 05/06. Finished 05/14. My speed review: “Action-packed mix of cute and violent!” (3 of 5 stars)

Before I forget, here’s my review of the 12-episode Black Blood Brothers (2006) finished last month before my vacation. Not quite the dark ultra-violent extreme as Hellsing Ultimate, but then again, it isn’t meant to be. While action still abounds and mystery still haunts surrounding the old-blood vampire Jirou, this anime clearly takes a lighter direction, exemplified by his cute little blond-haired brother Kotaru. The human female Mimiko also adds a touch of warmth and humor which plays well with both brothers. If anything, the series is a nice entertaining stroll to wash away the boredom, lol… 3 of 5 stars!

+++++ Red Garden (1-22) – Started 05/26. Finished 06/03. My speed review: “DOUBLE-WOW! Stylish blend of song, mystery, tragedy and reality!” (5 of 5 stars!)

Just finished Red Garden (2006) over the weekend! And damn, looking back at my Blog 071, I was definitely right! Like I wrote: “A Japanese series set in an American city — New York City. A black mystery surrounding a high-school girl’s death. A surprising yet touching use of tragic song. With an intense style conjuring the look and feel of BOTH Ergo Proxy (5 of 5 stars) and NANA (5 of 5 stars).” That’s right, both the permeating darkness and desolation of Ergo Proxy as well as the lighter day-to-day dramas of NANA. And as the 22-episode series unfolds, the secrets are revealed and destinies become inescapable, all with undeniable style… My 5 of 5 stars stand!

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