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Holy crap! I’m back with another huge-ass mega-post! Cops? Candy? And sushi? This week, I’ll plummet through a five-part rainbow-textured ocean of time-traveling Gothic Lolitas, fist-flying Hong Kong choreography, mouth-watering American fast food, thigh-baring Galactic enforcers, and self-reflective Australian beauties. Don’t ask me how I’ll tie them all together, lol. But I’ll manage somehow. Plus I hope I don’t forget the new “Question of the Week”, haha. Question. Question. Gotta remember that. So here we go! Readjust your seat, stretch your scroll finger, take a deep breath, and let the show begin…

Part 1 of 5. Evangelion Gothic Candy. To start us off, remember my huge four-figure Evangelion Gothlolis photoshoot a couple weeks ago? Here’s a mesmerizing flashback below.

Well, after seeing my photoshoot, Coco-chan wondered if there was ever an original illustration to inspire Rei Ayanami’s hat-topped outfit. I didn’t recall ever seeing one. But luckily, she remembered. Yes, there was one! Her outfit appeared in the 2008 “Evangelion 1.0 – You Are Not Alone” calendar below (clearly advertising the new “Rebuild” film series, lol). November-December 2008. While I’m not particularly fond of her hat in my figure photoshoot, her hat in this illustration actually seems to work, hehe.

Of course, after seeing this drawing, I was compelled to do my own Google search for more, lol. And here are the results. For this first image, I presume this is the cover. A sleek-and-stylish Gothic juxtaposition of the central Evangelion teen pilots ~ blue-haired Rei, dark-haired Shinji, and red-haired Asuka ~ among the sexier supporting-cast members, mostly female, lol.

In this next image, officer Misato and scientist Ritsuko look as dramatically abstract as they can, lol. Unfortunately, their outfits still seem to carry a tinge of the 80s and 90s, don’t they?

Here’s the wild child Asuka in white-and-black elegance…

Here’s the soft-spoken Rei again in black-and-white indulgence…

Finally, here’s the emo-triangle in their cotton-enhanced armor, lol. Couldn’t find a full wallpaper-sized version. Which would’ve been quite nice. Gotta love Asuka’s striped stockings!

By the way, if you didn’t know, before this Gothic-themed 2008 Calendar appeared, a Gothic-styled Asuka appeared in the 2005 Calendar. June 2005. In fact, this might be the first time any “Evangelion” character appeared in Gothic attire. I’m not sure. But if her wildly-popular PVC figure is any indication, this was probably one of the wisest artistic (and commercial) choices ever made, lol.

In this final image, Asuka appears in a full-sized fan-made wallpaper. Not bad at all.

Nice bits of eye candy, eh? Thanx again, Coco-chan. If I missed any, or if you have any more, feel free to include the links in your reply!

Part 2 of 5. Martial Arts Candy. Ah, martial arts! Continuing my trek into Asian film classics like Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon” (1973) last December, I enjoyed Jackie Chan’s self-directed yet revolutionary police drama “Police Story” (1985) earlier this week. Including the bonus scenes and commentary, lol. I mean, beyond the edgy story and Jackie’s riveting dramatic performance, beyond the lack of budget in general or lack of special effects in particular, the death-defying level of these stunts are insane! Plowing through hillside shanty towns, leaping off buildings into pools, diving over-and-over through glass sheets, flying down accidentally-electrified poles! That final twenty-minute sequence demolishing that glass-filled shopping mall was mind-boggling! Here’s a YouTube taste of that mall sequence which hardly does it justice, lol. Yup, insane! Back in 1985!


But forget about the historical significance of this pioneering Hong Kong classic for a moment. If you’re a fan, listen up. You should get a little kick outta this, hehe. In the opening minutes of the film, the Police Chief introduces the main bad guy Chu Tu (or Tu Chu) and his crime gang. First, Chu Tu…

Then Mad Wing…

The rest of his hit men…

But at 2:22 minutes into the film, lo and behold, it’s Danny Choo! I mean, Danny Chu the lead thug! Haha, pretty funny…

And the rest of the army, lol.

Then towards the end of the film, minutes before that unbelievable twenty-minute glass-mall sequence begins, Jackie Chan’s beat-up character says, “I was fighting Danny Chu and his gang.” Haha, classic! When I saw this, I laughed, “Who? What?” LOL. Sorry, Danny, just teasing. ^_^

Hehe, but still, you gotta watch this classic. Even if you’ve never seen a Jackie Chan film in your life, this is the one film of his you should watch. Acted by Jackie. Performed by Jackie. Directed by Jackie. Even the theme songs are sung by Jackie. (He’s been an all-around performer since he was a child.) Watch it. Absorb it. And be amazed.

Part 3 of 5. Sunny Saturday Menu. Yup, I finished the “Police Story” disc (the film plus extras) from Wednesday through Friday, lol. Then Saturday, a sunlit day of mouth-watering treats I haven’t tasted in ages. Even months! So after partially taking care of some BitTorrent hangups and hiccups, I decided to get out around 2pm and drive over to the Dairy Queen in nearby Boulder City. Where my roommate Lisa works (one of her part-time jobs) to help out her parents (the owners and my ex-in-laws, lol). Why not? Here’s a photo of my Lisa-made mocha shake, barbecue sandwich, Cheetos and hot dog.

Here’s Ashley serving a random customer. She’s probably worked here at least 5 years now. Since she was 16 or so?

A random family…

Whew, almost finished. Getting full. Yup, gonna be a *small* dinner tonight…

Here’s a shot of the Dairy Queen building I’ve known since Lisa’s family and I all moved here in 1998. Wow, 11 years old already?

A shot of Pizza Hut and the street…

A shot of the renovated McDonald’s across the street…

A shot of the American-Indian jewelry and antique shop next door…

Finally, a shot of the railroad train and tracks behind my Nissan, lol…

After my late lunch, a hop over to Vons for some grocery shopping…

A shopping cart of chocolate soy milk, yogurt, ice cream and chewing gum, hehe…

After rocketing and riding my cart down the parking-lot to my vehicle, time to unload…

After Lisa came home a few hours later, we ordered some Papa John’s pizza! It’s been ages!

A close-up of the tomatoes and olives with extra sauce. Mmmm…

Lisa taunting Guiness, haha. Wait, did she spill garlic butter on that pillow?

Guiness seems largely uninterested…

Still uninterested…

Dammit, why isn’t he hungry?

Evil pizza, lol…

But such a cute Guiness…

In the end, I could only finish two slices. While Lisa managed three slices. That Dairy Queen lunch must’ve really stuffed me, lol. Fortunately, now we have nearly two full pizzas to last us for the rest of the week. Not bad at all. Especially in this economy.

Part 4 of 5. Science Fiction Candy. Okay, enough about food. Leaping from Hong Kong martial-arts eye-candy to Galactic-level female-formed eye-candy, I’ve had this concept for a while. Instead of spending hours upon hours to assemble a brand-new figure photoshoot, why not unlock and revive my old photoshoots for those who haven’t seen them yet? Saves time. But with the same feeling, lol. So to kick it off, here’s my first official photoshoot with a real camera. My “Kiddy Grade” photoshoot from November 2006. Two girls. Eclair in red. Lumiere in blue. Fifteen photos. Timeless art.















Cheers! What do you think? Not bad for my first real photoshoot. But thanx for allowing me to indulge in my time-travel back to the far future, lol. No, this isn’t my “Question of the Week”, but what was *your* first photoshoot with a *real* camera?

Part 5 of 5. The Legend of Digital Sushi. Speaking of cameras and photoshoots, many of you have already seen my poetic and super-short mini-post Blog 186.1 > Kamikaze Frozen a few days ago. An experimental decimal post between my weekly mega-posts, lol. Do you know what inspired me to bring it back? Earlier this week, I noticed that one visitor had found my blog via a search for “digital sushi”. And the page that the visitor landed on was my poem Remix 008 > Fallen based on a self-portrait photo taken by “Digital_Sushi” herself. Whoa, July 2005. Almost four years ago.

Here’s the brief background. Before Mimi-chan became the unofficial idol of the community in 2008, there was Digital_Sushi in 2005. The 21-year-old Australian beauty-next-door. The model-photographer queen. The customer-support analyst at Apple in Australia. And rising above hundreds of members, she became the unofficial super-idol of the “Self Portraits” community at Before the days of WordPress, Facebook or even MySpace. If I had to guess, I’d say the height of her power soared between the months of May and September 2005, when she posted a self-portrait almost every other day, sometimes daily, with a soul-searching phrase or heart-aching rant that always drew dozens and dozens of comments. Untouchable.

As an often-lurking rarely-posting “Self Portraits” member myself, as well as one of hundreds of her LiveJournal “friends”, it wasn’t difficult to notice that “Digital_Sushi” definitely drew the most attention, even amongst the other beauties. But one day, on 06 July 2005, she posted what was probably her most definitive self-portrait. Shown below. Tangled vulnerably on the tiled floor with a cigarette teetering in her left hand. My favorite photo ever of hers. Which impacted upon me so much so that I commented with the simple poem below. Amidst the dozens of comments, her mere reply: “that is loverly, thank youx.



she stares

hopeless knees


against unaffected tiles
against indifferent shadows
against uncaring reflections

her halo of velvet

yet soullessly

in forgotten freedom

her cigarette
her fading fire
her only dreaming beacon

to the distant


So earlier this week, when that one visitor found my “Digital_Sushi” remix, it unexpectedly triggered these emotions and memories from four years ago. And revived the type of remixes I used to write. Hence, my “Kamikaze Frozen”. The inspiration. The angst. The drama, lol. Yup, like I’ve told many of you, I plan to write more. While she hasn’t posted in years, don’t be surprised if I include a photo of “Digital Sushi” too, hehe.

Ah, at last! My “Question of the Week”. Here it is: Which newer but completely broadcasted anime titles would you recommend for me? That’s right. The anime can’t still be airing, it’s gotta be completed. On top of that, keep in mind I’ve already seen a ton of anime, lol. Lene-chan has already suggested “Devil Hunter Yohko” and “Martian Successor Nadesico”. Meanwhile, M132-chan has already suggested “Digimon”, haha. So if you can suggest three titles, that’d be awesome. But if I’ve already seen it, that’s negative-5 points each. In other words, the first commenter to recommend three titles I haven’t seen, gets a cool prize! What kind of prize? Hmm, maybe a free banner based on your site design. Maybe a free “Toybox” feature advertising your site on a future post. Who knows? Feel free to suggest a prize too, hahaha. But before I forget, here’s the rest of my “Kamikaze Frozen” photo set.




Well, that’s about it! That’s the end of the show. Did you enjoy the cops, the candy, and the digital sushi? LOL, I hope the time-traveling Gothic Lolitas, fist-flying Hong Kong choreography, mouth-watering American fast food, thigh-baring Galactic enforcers, and self-reflective Australian beauties kept you occupied and entertained. Till next time. See ya later. I’m outta here.


54 thoughts on “Blog 187 > Cops, Candy & Digital Sushi

  1. @J85: LOL, while both [1] “Zeta Gundam” and [2] “Gundam 00” technically qualify, I’m still only halfway thru the original “Gundam” and original “Gundam Wing” series. So I’m already tied up and saturated in “Gundam” goodness, lol.

    As for [2] “Elfen Lied”, I tried and epic-failed! Maybe I’ll give it another bloody shot. Luckily, the titles “Dennou Coil” and “Ayashi no Ceres” sound pretty intriguing. Thanx, I’ll check those out! No prize though. >_<

  2. I’ll just list 3 series that I either saw or know since I’m dead. “Jeanne”, “Mangetsu o Sagashite” and “Akazukin Cha Cha”.

  3. Police Story! I haven’t seen that in ages!

    Hmm, not sure what to really recommend since I’ve watched more older series than recent series, although I’m glad you’re taking Nadesico into consideration :3

    Slightly related to newer series, when I have the time to, I’m going to open up and watch Overman King Gainer since I snagged it a couple of weeks ago. During my breaks, I’m watching La Corda D’Oro on my iPod since I have it uploaded on there. Two totally different genres, hahaha. I tried watching Paradise Kiss, but I couldn’t get into it as fast as when I read the manga a while back –;;;

    Lene´s last blog post > Back to school

  4. Glad to be of service x3

    Lol! I kept cracking up at Danny Choo-I mean- Chu’s gang. If Danny choo was really a gang leader and his army was members, then he’d have one heck of a powerful army.

    New series eh? hmm….
    1. Baccano
    2. Monster (Not done with this yet myself, but it’s pretty great so far. )
    3. Idolm@ster Xenoglossia. (Has nothing to do with the original idolm@ster, but it ‘s not too bad by itself)

  5. @J85: Haha, sorry dude. Close though. Btw, I’m still working thru the five-dozen unread items in my Google Reader (RSS). I’ll get to your posts soon enough, lol.

    @Seija: Heyyy, looks like u got it! So far. I assume [1] is “Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne” (44 episodes), [2] is “Full Moon O Sagashite” (52 episodes), and [3] is “Akazukin Cha Cha” (74 episodes). Damn, that’s a ton of episodes. While I had 13 or 26 episodes in mind, u didn’t have to pick the *longest* ones, lol. >_< @Lene-chan: LOL, whattaya mean "taking into consideration"? Didn't u see my comment on your "Nadesico" post? I gave my "Evangelion" impression of the first episode so far, lol. Hmmm, "Overman King Gainer" and "La Corda D’Oro", whatever they are, they sound interesting! As for "Paradise Kiss", while only 13 or so episodes, wasn't bad. Beautiful animation. Story wasn't too bad. But not as moving or rockin' as "Nana", of course. ^_^ @Coco-chan: Hehe, glad to be served... Yeah, that Danny Chu-Choo thing is pretty funny! I mean, if I had been drinking a Coke or Pepsi while seeing that, I might've coughed it up, spit it out, and leaked it thru my nose, lol. Okay, maybe not. But DC still has a powerful army of otaku! Minus the "hikikomori" division, lol... Hmm, while I've watched a few episodes of "Monster" (the medical thriller, right?), isn't that 100+ episodes long? Oops, wait, only 74. But still, lol. Meanwhile, "Baccano" and "Idolm@ster Xenoglossia" sound interesting. But there was never an "Idolm@ster" anime before "Xenoglossia", just a game, right?

  6. Monster was a medical thriller for the first few episodes, and then it becomes a search-for-the-psychopath thriller. :P And yup, it was just a game until Xenoglossia. I think most of the game’s fans refuse to acknowledge the existence of the series because the characters didn’t stay true to the original, and the fact that they turned a game about cute idols into a story with angsty mecha pilots lol.

  7. @Coco-chan: Ahhh, didn’t know it twisted into that! Spoiler! Haha, I saw the first few medical episodes, until he chooses the *wrong* decision and ruins everything… So yeah, “search for the psychopath” would make sense. Didn’t see much after that. Yet.

    Wait a sec~ Are u saying that cute idols aren’t automatically angsty mecha pilots? Not the same thing? Really? >_<

  8. ジェイさん: Right! “Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne”, “Full Moon o Sagashite” and “Akazukin Cha Cha”. Well, like I said, I somehow came up with those titles while I was dead.

    You wouldn’t happen to know Mimi-chan’s e-mail, would you? (I hope she can proof read something for me.)

    レーヌちゃん: I so want to see “Police Story” again.

    Coco: I couldn’t get past an episode or two of “Xenoglossia”. Never mind that there’s the plot change. I didn’t like the art and…I didn’t like the seiyuu changes at all.

  9. @Seija: Haha, that’s the second time u mentioned being “dead”. Now I’m confused. You mean, “dead tired” or “dead drunk”?… Actually, you can find her email via Facebook or YouTube. Or even send a Facebook or YouTube message. But if she’s super-busy, she might not get back to you for a while, lol… Yeah, “Police Story” is intense! Even if the reviews for the sequels aren’t as good, I’m still gonna check them out, hehe.

    @O-Dan: Wait, u mean u aren’t a “member” of the gang? Aren’t we all?… Ah, Papa John’s. No arguments here. Absolutely tasty. Just had a slice tonight. And I don’t mean Papa John’s daughter, lol. >o<

  10. ジェイさん: Oh! Dead as in “sleepy dead”. I always use the word “dead” if I’m referring to someone sleepy. =P

    Oh. Forgot that she has a Youtube page. I’m on it now.

  11. King Gainer has robots whereas La Corda D’Oro has…lol fairies, bishounen, and musical instruments :x Good stuff. I wanted to watch Overman King Gainer since Tomino (MS Gundam director) directed it :)

    Hmm, I’ll think of trying to finish up ParaKiss, since it’s not that long. We’ll see.

    Lene´s last blog post > Back to school

  12. LOL @ the Chuu gang hahahahha

    but ya i love J.C. movies too, he is awesome

    then again, fast food is not good for u.
    but i hate u cuz u bought benny´s T_T

    the pizza was huge, again fast food………anyways lol

    then whats with the sushi girl thing?
    i dont really like the pics, but depends on the eye of the beholder…..

    and last but not least, too much otaku stuff again hahahahaha

    Miyabiko´s last blog post > Blog 39: oh baby~~~~ ♥

  13. @Seija: Hehe, okay, “dead tired” then. But there’s yet another meaning. To be “dead wrong”. So I wondered if u meant that your 3 anime suggestions were “dead wrong”, lol… Cool! Good luck! I hope Mimi proofreads your thing in time!

    @Lene-chan: Gahhh, wait, even more “Gundam”-esque robots? But now “La Corda” sounds more like “Pretear” or something, lol. Which could be good too, don’t get me wrong… But u might as well finish “Paradise Kiss”. If anything, just to see their final graduation project. Or to get it over with, lol… P.S. Hey, I’m up to episode 3 of “Nadesico” and that loud over-the-top Gekiganger-loving pilot-wannabe Gai is hilarious! That Gekiganger is such a Gundam parody! But listen to this~ Doesn’t Gai remind u of Kamina in “Gurren Lagann”? As if Kamina was stolen from Gai’s personality! Haha, awesome stuff, I tell ya. ^o^

    @Miko-chan: Hahaha, glad u liked that Danny Choo thing! Yeah, Jackie is just mind-bogglingly good! Hehe, what’s wrong with Ben & Jerry’s or pizza? I’m not stuffing my face. Maybe an inch deep of ice cream per night. Maybe 1-2 slices of pizza leftovers per day, lol… Didn’t u even read about Digital Sushi above? I explained the background. How it reminded me of my poems. Writing more… But I can’t help u with the “otaku stuff”, lol. That’s what I like and why most of my readers are here!… P.S. Hey, if u send me a larger pic of u wearing your masks, maybe I’ll include it in my next mega-post. Maybe. >_<

  14. @Lene-chan: Yup, u got me. Yeah, “Getter Robo”, I know, lol. I looked it up after I commented. But still, “Getter Robo” or “Gundam”, it’s still all the same giant-mecha genre, lol. With the same over-acted parody. Hehehe, nice! So I’m not the only one to notice the “gar” resemblance!

    P.S. I’m actually watching an English-subbed download of “Nadesico”. But it ain’t bad. Pretty decent. Still hilarious where it’s supposed to be hilarious. Yet I wonder how the Japanese audio version sounds, lol. >_<

  15. @xJaymanx: You were going to do a Kanon photoshoot? But didn’t??? Do it! Do it now!!!
    The Koto Ayu is lovely, and cos it has Taikyaki it’s extra sweet. But the fact that the MF is from the op titles, and it looks soooooooo much like it, I can’t help but love it more. I usually love Koto figures most, but in Kanons case its gotta be MF.

    The Koto Mai is the best Mai on the market by far. This is the Nayuki I want… It wouldn’t fit with the MF figs cos the of the scale difference… The Koto Nayuki is still awesome though. But the Resinya one with Keropi is too cute!

    Anyways, Im off out to get batteries for my Digimon tamagotchi, and a screwdriver hopefully… Since I somehow broke the one I had….

    And very true about the estimated value… tis a good point you has….hmmmm

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Max Factory Fauna 1/8th Figure

  16. hahah yeah the Chuu gang thing was hilariously funny XD
    made me laugh so hard.
    OMG i remember seeing all the police storie movies when I was little ;___;

    I feel so old now lol

    about the pic, I sent you a mail
    nevermind if you post them or not lol

    yeah surely I read the post lol
    but dont really get into it and why it makes you write more, thats all ^^
    no offense

    and the Ben and Jerry´s, simply want some too hahah that´s it

    dont eat fast food like burgers, fries, pizza, it make you fat ^^
    eat rice, fish, healthy stuff silly

    Miyabiko´s last blog post > Blog 39: oh baby~~~~ ♥

  17. @M-chan: Hahaha, I planned to, but didn’t have enough time over the weekend! Haha, okay-okay, I’ll make a stronger effort, lol. Satisfied???

    Yeah, the MF Ayu definitely matches the OP, but I love her taiyaki-running as Koto Ayu even more, hehe. I also agree with Koto Mai. And right again, the Cospa Nayu is too big! Gotta keep the scales consistent, right? Unless I play around with distance and perspective. But that’s a technical pain in the arse.

    Oh no, not those “Tamagotchi” thingies. Broken? What kind of pet-owner are u? LOL. As for Flickr, it would only make a difference if u didn’t care about “estimated value” as much as photo-archiving convenience. It’s up to you… Actually, I just thought of that clever bit in recent weeks. But your coincidental post reminded me, lol. You won’t lose any sleep over it, will u? ^_^

    @Miko-chan: LOL, gahhh, I didn’t intend to make u feel old. But yeah, got your pics! Thanx, we’ll see if I include them in the future or not, lol… Yeah, hard to explain the “Sushi” inspiration I suppose. Just random, lol. But Ben and Jerry’s aren’t as random. Just awesome ice cream, hehe. And like I said, I don’t eat fast food *everyday*. Maybe once a month or two. Then again, how do u *explain* your big chocolate dessert thingie?!? Exactly. The fast food was calling to me! ^o^

  18. :O Hot dogs!! ^^’
    I like hot dogs and pizza, but..
    Hot dogs vs pizza?.. difficult choice xD

    and i would recommend: BL…BLE.. XD! haha

    Buso renkin
    Hell girl

    they are good and short ^^’

    Shagh´s last blog post > Busy Week

  19. No problems, man. I too have to catch up with some Danny reading and other blog posts as well.

    About your question regarding first photoshoot with a *real* camera, that would be my Max Factory Mikuru Waitress with the Nikon D40. Didn’t really done any photoshoots just yet, need to get back to Kuala Lumpur and get the studio done.

    That’s why you see the empty “Figure Reviews” tab at my blog! ^^

    jusuchin85´s last blog post > Best Anime Wallpaper – Week 2, 2009

  20. @Shagh: LOL, why choose when u can eat both? That’s what I did, lol. Ahh, don’t say “Bleach”! Already seen the first 3+ seasons! Unfortunately, tried and failed with “Hell Girl”… always so depressing. But “Buso Renkin” and “Mushishi” sound cool enough. Especially if they’re short, haha.

    @J85: Exactly. On one day I clean up all my blog, figure and torrent items. The next day, 50 more items appear!… Hey, I think I remember that “Mikuru” photoshoot! The one where her body edges seemed fuzzy or hazy or too blue, right? Really? What kind of studio? Haha, empty… we all started empty in the beginning, lol.

    @Miko-chan: Yup, the same voices u do! But not the chocolate voices u hear, hahaha. So… Going tattoo-insane yet? Hehe, and I don’t remember if u did, but did u ever post pics of your half-finished tattoo? ^o^

  21. I prefer the older Goth Loli Asuka over the 08 one.
    I wonder how Ikari Gendo or that spy/former Misato Lover (what was his name again? lol) would have looked as Goth…Lolis? ^_^

    Ahh…Jackie Chan and Godzilla movies were an essential part of my childhood sunday aternoon experience.Im kinda sad that Jackies movies nowadays suck…

    Looks like you live in a fastfood triangle that you cant escape,no matter how hard you try

    Out of those Digital Sushi pictures you posted the last one is definately the best one.So many emotions packed into one picture.
    Your workspace is pretty,pretty nifty.I like it!

    3 relatively new Animes? Damn Baccano! has already been named.Be sure to check it out .Its awesome Monster aswell!

    My 3 picks are:

    ummm…its actually quite hard to think of some you probabaly havent heard of

    1.Muteki Kanban Musume for the Lols
    2.Kimi ga Nozomu Eien for the Dorama
    3.Yakitate Japan! for the Shounen in an unique setting

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Aerocat Asuka

  22. @Miko-chan: LOL, how will u show me? Email? ^_^

    @Blowfish: Hehe, yeah, Asuka’s sitting pose is still pretty nice. But having *both* ain’t too bad either, haha. As long as I stay away from any possible “Goth Aerocats”! Hmmm, those guys could possibly look good in the right Gothic or Victorian black suit, right? Maybe a cane too? LOL.

    You might be right. Maybe film companies are being too *safe* with Jackie. Or maybe Jackie has been in so many films (over 100+) that it’s impossible to find a refreshing story for him, lol… Fastfood triangle? Where?… Yeah, that last “Digital_Sushi” pic is still pretty amazing after all these years. But not as amazing as my iMac, lol. Thanx, workspaces don’t need chairs, do they? Mine’s living proof!

    Haha, I assume that’s “Ramen Fighter Miki”, “Rumbling Hearts”, and “Yakitate!! Japan”. Nice choices, I haven’t seen any of these! Although Seija above beat u to it, lol. Either way, I’ve got more than enough *tons* to add to my infinite list. Tons. Megatons.

  23. Another option might be that Jackie is just getting old and cant pull of the stuff he did years go.I cant blame anyone but somehow the magic is gone.
    Well with fast food triangle I was refering to the bermuda triangle.Instead of a magnetic field that messes up your instruments its a whole bunch of fast food restaurants that mess up your figure ^_^

    Yup you got everything right!
    I didnt take the challenge to win a prize but to simply win against you

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Aerocat Asuka

  24. @Blowfish: Hmmm, that reason is too simple. I’m not sure if his being older makes as much a difference as the *style* of moviemaking *nowadays*, especially after “The Matrix”. Martial arts has sky-rocketed to another galactic level, lol. Even big-budget special effects may be hurting the *impact* of *real* stunts. Regardless of his age. If that makes sense.

    But to be honest, I think the latest “Jackie” movies I’ve seen were the “Shanghai Noon” films and “Rush Hour” films. Still pretty funny and fight-worthy. Haven’t seen “RH3” yet though. I still plan to see the rest of the “Police Story” sequels… and beyond, lol.

    Haha, maybe not a magnetic field, but perhaps a “magneto-caloric vortex”! Okay-okay, I guess u won, if u found three titles I haven’t seen, haha. The challenge is to actually find time to watch all these freaking suggestions!

    P.S. Btw, thanx dude for mentioning my “Evangelion Gothloli” link on LovelyDuckie’s blog, lol. But ultimate thanx originates with Coco-chan’s good memory!

  25. That was really long!
    (*that’s what SHE said!* snicker…)

    Your blog loads MUCH easier on my home computer then my work one.

    I didn’t know there was an illustration that Rei was based on until I read your blog. I like that Asuka outfit a lot EXCEPT for those shoulders. I hate enlarged shoulders on any outfit, it doesn’t matter if it’s a gorgeous poofy victorian dress or a suit from the 80’s. It doesn’t fly well with me.

    Who made that Lumiere and Eclair? Is that the BOME set if so…I’m really surprised by the quality. I didn’t think BOME started getting really good until their last year making PVC figures. My first camera was a Noikon CoolPix and I took pictures of my Max Factory Tsuruya!

    lovelyduckie´s last blog post > 8 Down 1 To Go (Duckie’s Grails)

  26. @Luckie-chan: Hahaha, pretty long, I know I know. But hey, that’s been my weekly pattern for a few months now. Seems to work pretty well. Instead of making lots of little itty-bitty posts, lol. Consolidates time. Organizes random thoughts. Centralizes comments. Pretty slick if I say so myself… Glad the blog problem (bloglem?) is all resolved!

    Yeah, I didn’t know if there was a “Gothic Rei” illustration or not. That is, until Coco-chan remembered the calendar. Which triggered my extended search. So she deserves most of the credit… Haha, exactly, I think those 80’s shoulder-pads dropped off the style-radar along with the mullet! If “fugly” is a word, then these are “fucheesy”, lol… And you’re right, BOME! Actually, for the cheap price, the quality is surprisingly superb… Got a link to your Tsuruya-chan photoshoot? ^_^

    @Miko-chan: Ah, sorry. That’s cuz I’m limiting my chats at the office… That okay?

  27. hisashiburi da na~ gomen gomen m(_ _)m

    so much content, i’m paralyzed! guess i’ll just comment on two things…err… lesseee… oh yes, eva! i always wondered what the source material was for those goth-lolita figures. i still haven’t watched you are not alone orz. despite my 4 eva wallscrolls (3 of which are rei ^^;) … i fail at eva fandom ;_;

    wish my first photoshoot was as nice as that ^^ don’t really consider my camera *real* but it’s holding it’s own while i try to gain knowledge and experience in photography… at any rate, first and current figure shoots have all been with a canon powershot s2 is… and the first was char rhousemann (shuraki).

  28. @Meronpan: LOL, no worries, and sorry dude! I had a *lot* on my mind last week, haha! Hey, give thanx to Coco-chan for finding that first “Gothloli Rei” drawing. But “You Are Not Alone” was decent. A few new shots. A few re-rendered scenes. Maybe I’m too familiar with the series to jump for joy, lol.

    Thanx! Yeah, I started the same way. Tried a few crappy photoshoots with my ancient HP digicam. So your Canon Powershots should be much-much better. But once I acquired my Canon 350D Rebel XT, the difference is like night-and-day! I’ve learned that SLRs (whatever the brand) are without doubt the best for photoshoots… and for learning photography. Got a link to your “Shuraki” shoot?

  29. i’m looking forward to the day i treat myself with a dslr ^^ …though i think i’ll invest a little more in some lighting before making the plunge… would be a shame to subject a nice camera to terrible lighting conditions ^^;

    here’s the link to my first figure “review”…
    free hand, using the built in flash… thankfully i’ve made some progress since then ^^;;;

    meronpan´s last blog post > Gift Saber

  30. @Meronpan: Ah, I understand. As for myself, I acquired the Canon first. Unexpectedly satisfied with its built-in flash! As demonstrated in the above “Kiddy Grade” shoot! Later on, I experimented with an external flash, then played with random halogen desk lamps or work lights… Hey, not bad for your first photoshoot. A multi-colorful figure helps too, lol. But keep in mind, when u get your DSLR, u may have the unknown uncontrollable urge to re-shoot all of your previous photoshoots! LOL!

    @TT: Haha, exactly, classic piece of filmmaking! But who has time to see it again, when there’s other classics and other anime to watch? Just kidding, I watched the commentary version too, lol. >_<

  31. @xjaymanx
    Don’t worry, it’s not much a spoiler since it’s part of the official description XD You should watch more of it!

    Cute idols are probably all pilots working for a top-secret government agency. And are genetically engineered for it. Where do you think all the cuteness comes from? :O

  32. @Coco-chan: Hehe, thanx, I guess I have no choice. Gotta add it to my list! But your “cute idol, secret agent” theory, that might explain Miley Cyrus, right? Or Britney’s little sister is actually her bio-engineered clone? LOL!

  33. Disney stars are all genetically engineered!

    And speaking of Miley Cyrus, it seems like everyone around me keeps bumping into her at restaurants. And it’s just her, no other celebrities. Maybe she has multiple clones?

  34. @Coco-chan: Hahahaha, I knew it! That is freakin’ hilarious! Especially the “deadness” of Zac Efron, haha. Awesome. How? Where did u find this? If I remember in time, maybe I’ll add to my next mega-post… As for Miley, how? You don’t live in the same town, do you?

  35. @Luckie-chan: Heyyy, not bad! Looking at yours, seems like I’m one of the few left who still uses the flash (in-built or external). But that’s just me, lol. I’m just amazing that you’ve conducted so many more photoshoots (39+) in less than 6 months, than I’ve done (25+) in two years!… In fact, I’m planning a 4-girl “Kanon” photoshoot soon, so watch for it!

    P.S. Curious. Have u thought about adding a signature logo or URL for the bottom corner of your photos? Advertising, right? ^_^

  36. @xjaymanx – My sister showed me a few weeks ago. Couldn’t stop laughing at the Zac Efron part. xD

    I think Miley lives somewhere in/near LA, but southern California is huge so I wouldn’t know exactly where. I heard she goes to Old Town Pasadena often, and it’s a popular place so I could see why people will spot her there.

  37. @Coco-chan: Haha, exactly! That last part is classic! Thank your sis, cuz I might re-post the video soon… Ah, I see. Californication, haha. Well, if u ever bump into Miss Cyrus, find out which mecha she likes to pilot the best. ^o^

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