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Ah, another year, another list of anime. The endless cycle, lol. But for this post, I take a farther look back to the older anime titles of the 80s and 90s. Including an old issue of an anime magazine I’ve kept since that time. A few memories. And still a few mysterious titles. But fascinating nonetheless. Plus my latest figure video, lol. Now let’s begin…

Rewind in Anime. Yup, older anime! If I had to make a random resolution, it would probably be to watch more of the older pre-2000 anime, classic or otherwise. For example, I began watching “Gundam Wing” (1995) since last May, “Rurouri Kenshin” (1996) since November, and even the original “Mobile Suit Gundam” (1979) since December. And it’s illuminating and impressive how well these older titles still stand up nowadays. Speaking of which, here’s the first anime title-or-season I’ve completed in 2009.

Rurouni Kenshin [1]. Heyyy, my 1st anime title-or-season of the year. Finished the first 27 of 95 episodes in the 3-season saga. Wow, even now, still a fulfilling tale of a repentant samurai among hoodlums and bandits, 4 of 5 stars.

On top of that, as recommended by Lene-chan, I just finished watching episode 1/6 of the mature-rated OVA “Devil Hunter Yohko” (1990) last night. Actually watched it 3 times, lol. First in the original Japanese with English subtitles. Second with the special-edition English dub. And third with the historical commentary. Whoa. So in 1992, this title was the first-ever release of ADV Films, was a #1 top seller, and could be considered one of the first seeds of the anime revolution in the Western world. Fascinating!

As a side note, “Devil Hunter Yohko” reminds me of “Sailor Moon” mixed and thrown into the world of another mature-rated OVA “Vampire Hunter D” (1985), lol. As a further-random side note, the Singaporean photographer Zhang Jingna once visited the home of Yoshitaka Amano, illustrator of the “Vampire Hunter D” novels. Yup, I mentioned Jingna last year in a lolita coincidence. Random but still related, lol.

Rewind in Animag. Huh? What the heck is Animag? Well, it’s no longer around anymore. But back in the late-80s and early-90s, it was one of the most-popular Japanimation magazines in the States. I don’t remember how or why I bought it, but as a math-and-science teen back then, I’m glad I did. Animag Issue #9 from late 1989. My oldest issue of any anime magazine. And I still have it all these years later, lol. A total of 52 black-and-white pages. Plus front-back cover and inside front-back cover. And a special 1990 Calendar insert, lol. Wanna take a peek inside?

Actually, not bad.

But I’ve never heard of “Madox-01”, lol. Have you?

Okay, here we go.

I’ve actually seen “Dominion” and heard of Miyazaki, lol.

I’ve heard of “Dirty Pair” but never seen it… yet.

Never heard of “Sol Bianca” but the title sounds cool.

Okay, let’s test your anime knowledge, lol.

A closer look.

Here’s the full list of new releases from the pages above. Recognize anything? Thought so, lol.

  • Hurray for my Ancestor (Vol. 3)
  • Angel Cop (Vol. 2 of 6)
  • Bio-Booster Guyver (Vol. 2 of 6)
  • Midoriyama High School at the Koshien (Vol. 2 of 10)
  • Locke the Superman (Vol. 1 of 3)
  • Starcat Fullhouse (Vol. 3 of 4)
  • Aim for the Ace! Final Stage (Vol. 1 of 6)
  • Samurai Troopers (Vol. 2 of 6)
  • New Captain Tsubasa (Vol. 5 of 13)
  • Baoh the Visitor
  • Peacock King 2
  • Dark Hunter
  • Assemble Insert (Vol. 1 of 2)
  • Project A-ko 4: Final Chapter
  • Megazone 23 III: Emancipation Day
  • Cleopatra, D.C. (Vol. 2)
  • Blue Sonnet (Vol. 3 of 5)
  • Super Beast-God Dancougar (Vol. 1 of 4)
  • B.B.
  • Shuten Doji (Vol. 1)
  • Capricious Orange Road (Vol. 1 of 4)
  • Left O’Clock!
  • Devilman II (Vol. 1 of 3)
  • I am Reiko Shiratori
  • Bubble Gum Crisis (Vol. 7 of 13)
  • Onimaru

Huh? That’s a photo of who?

Heyyy, I’ve actually seen “Nausicaa”, lol.

Thankfully, never owned a laser disc, haha.

Ahh, who can forget Masamune Shirow’s half-naked “Dominion” cat-girl twins.

A nice full-color calendar insert.

The first 4 months with “Dangaio” and “Five Star Stories”.

The second 4 months with “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Star Blazers”.

The last 4 months with “Z Gundam” and “Dominion”. Like I said, the sexy cat-girl twins, lol.

Of course, “Gundam”.

More “Gundam”.

Even more “Gundam”.

Still more “Gundam”.

Haven’t seen “Venus Wars”.

The “Venus Wars” characters.

Some anime ads. Including “Space Cruiser Yamato”. And a “Daicon IV” mascot bunny girl, lol.

More anime ads.

A closer look at the ads.

And finally, the back cover ads. The “GunBuster” and “Dangaio” VHS tapes cost how much?

Hahaha, so whattaya think? Ehhh, Miyazaki was *that* photo ?!? Anime VHS tapes cost *that* much?!? LOL, yup, all true. For me, I barely recognize a half-dozen titles! Of these, I’ve only seen “Dominion”, “Star Blazers” and “Nausicaa” years ago, lol. And like I mentioned at the top, I only started seeing the older “Gundam” series last year. So there’s still a whole freakin’ sea of anime classics and crap out there. Better start now, lol.

Rewind in Figure Videos. Ah, now for the fun finale.

First question: Remember my Blog 093 > Fateful Circumstances Revisited from July 2007? Well, “One Lovely Day” was the first anime-figure video I ever composed. To refresh your memories, here’s the YouTube link. Sorry, no high-quality version back then, lol.

Second question: Remember my Blog 162 > Fumie From Edelweiss from September 2008? Well, that was probably the most-favorite figure photoshoot I’ve ever done. To refresh your memories, here’s the link once more.

So why am I asking these annoying questions? Well, I finally had a chance to compose a video for that “Fumie From Edelweiss” photoshoot. Here’s the YouTube link. Don’t forget to click the high-quality version.

Not bad, eh? Especially considering the jump in video-production and YouTube quality since my first attempt. Hmm, maybe I’ll do a remake of “One Lovely Day” someday. Who knows? Well, that’s it, folks. Thanks for joining me, myself, and my travel back in anime time. ^_^

53 thoughts on “Blog 184 > Rewind in Anime, Myself & I

  1. Lol you made me remember Gundam Wing! Classic,good,and interesting “like DB”. I used to watch Gundam Wing all the time when i was little ;_;

    Rurouni Kenshin 4/5??!! Maybe Shishio’s fight will change your mind :D btw, this season has more action and is the best part of the entire anime ;)

    Shagh´s last blog post > Death Note

  2. @Shagh: Well, for the first 27-episode season, we get a great backdrop of the world Kenshin lives in. The politics, economics, technology and beliefs of the period, as well as his friends… But I didn’t feel emotionally moved. Not yet. There may have been one or two episodes that came close, but if I’m not sure, they probably weren’t intense enough, lol. Either way, the humor, action and drama are top-notch. Looking forward to Season 2!

    @Miko: Aww, that’s okay. I’ll think of something better for next post, lol. ^_^

  3. To this day, I’ve actually yet to finish Kenshin. I’ve finished the first 2 seasons long ago, but never got around to watching the 3rd season. My favorite arc is definitely the Kyoto Arc, where you’ll get to meet Shishio and the Juppon Gatana.

    And I’m glad you got to pick up DHY! Isn’t it crazy how it was ADV Films’ first anime release?

    Lastly, thanks for sharing photos of your issue of Animag! It makes me want to take out my old issues of Animerica and take a look at them :D

    Lene´s last blog post > Windstruck

  4. Kenshin is on my Netflix list, but it’s pretty far down there….
    I remember watching a few episodes back when it was on Cartoon Network/Adult Swim (I guess it wasn’t on Toonami…though I’m not positive).

    I’ve also heard of Dirty Pair and Bubblegum Crisis (I know someone with a box set of BGC though I never got around to borrowing it). And of course I’ve seen Nausicaa!

  5. @Lene-chan: Beware, this could be a long reply… Heyyy, r u trying to spoil “Kenshin” for me already, lol. But yeah, “Yohko” wasn’t bad at all. Unfortunately, Netflix only has the first 3 episodes/discs. True, if anime was flooded with robot shows like “Gundam” back then, I’m not surprised ADV took the *crazy* risk. They definitely made the right choice. But I think it also explains your, umm, *wild* personality, lol.

    P.S. No problem! But damn, I still have one or two dozen Anime Insider and Newtype USA issues I haven’t opened from their plastic wrappers. Some after *two* years, lol. But Animag died, Animerica died, then even Newtype USA (ironically published by ADV, lol). What’s the deal? >_< @GG-Kris: Damn, seems like everyone has "Kenshin" in their past or future, lol. Thank the gods for Netflix, haha. Yeah, while I have "BGC 2040", I've never seen the original "BGC". But I think u visited the wrong post. I actually meant my Blog 182. My year of anime, lol. ^_~

  6. @Jay: OH NO! I’m just saying which arc I like ;___; lol They’re just introductions to more characters :D

    I’ve actually used some of my old Animerica magazines for some term papers in the past. Yay for anime articles!

    Lene´s last blog post > Windstruck

  7. @Lene-chan: Ahh, just teasin’, lol. Yeah, I can definitely sense that “Kenshin” will get better in Seasons 2 and 3! What? Term papers? Based on anime mags? Haha, yup, the articles. So if we created some sort of “Pacific Time Zone Otaku” club, we could share pizza, swap magazines, and stain the pages with our oily fingers? Nice, lol. >_<

  8. Did I? Oops! Oh well….
    I would like to point out my Kenshin figures too…. I don’t even know all the characters’ names. I just wanted a Kenshin. So I kept buying them (they were like half off I think), but I couldn’t find one. :( I did end up with a Sanosuke, and he’s pretty hot, so it’s all good I guess. Seijurou too.

  9. Animag, that brings back memories. My uncle would buy them when I was a child and I would read them after he was done with them. By the way, I have been a fan of your blog for sometime and would you like to exchange blog links with me?

    Otaku Dan´s last blog post > Japanese Idols

  10. @GG-Kris: Hehe, well, I see u found that post anyway, lol. “Kenshin” figures? Uh-oh. Now don’t tell me u have a reverse-katana sitting on your window sill. I’ve seen them on Amazon, lol. P.S. About Sano-san, when I heard his name for the first time, I thought, doesn’t Sanosuke Sagara sound pretty similar to Sousuke Sagara from “Full Metal Panic”? Coincidence?

    @O-Dan: So do u still have those old Animag issues? Haha. Hey thanx, welcome to the Toybox… finally, lol. And yeah, I’ll add your link shortly. You’re not actually DC, are ya? ^_^;

  11. Hey Jayman! Miss me? Sorry not being able to visit your blog for a long time… Been busy and stuff. Hey, now I’m back I’ve already moved to a new location. Check out: Changed the layout and stuff, but I guess you better read the first post for an indepth comment (too long to write here).

    Anyways, back to the article in view: Really classics those stuff. I love the Animag cover, seems very interesting. For an old school piece, I still gradually remember Star Blazer (or is it Star Gazer :p). His and Her Circumstances is a real piece of artwork of an anime. Love that as well.

    I’ll go through the remaining posts tomorrow! Hope you don’t mind, ya? ^^

  12. Oh they’re not fancy figures. They’re the randomly boxed figures that you put together. They’re decent quality though, but a couple of them won’t stand up properly.

    Kris´s last blog post > A slow start

  13. Kenshin! Years back my friends and I were so obsessed with that show! I had some wacked-up obsession with Soujiro. (Did you get to him yet?) I made a really awful picture mashup thing and stuck it in front of my binder. OTL In my defense, I was twelve… >.>

    That magazine is older than me! O_O It looks like it’s in very good condition though…

  14. @J85: Hey, you’re alive! No prob, already updated your links. And yeah, it was “Star Blazers” as shown in the Animag calendar above. One of my early-early faves as a kid. Haha, no argument with “His & Her” although I just watched it in a couple years ago. Ah, don’t worry, take your time. Months if needed. ^_^

    @Kris: Haha, decent quality but won’t stand up properly. Sounds like an old bicycle, lol. Got any pics? Of the figures, not the bicycle. >_< @Coco: Yup, Kenshin! Not *you* too, lol. Soujiro doesn't sound familiar yet. Thanx for ruining it, lol. Nahhh, just kidding. Hmm, being 12 back then is probably a great excuse for almost anything, haha... But you're right, *very* good condition, since I rarely take it out of its shelf or plastic cover, lol. I guess I had a feeling it would be more important someday... someday... for this post?

  15. @Kris: Ehhh? Are u serious? Even in the hi-res pic, I can only see Sano-san cuz of his big-ass sword, lol. Maybe there’s that guy in blue behind him, but are u sure I’ve seen enough episodes to recognize all 4-5 characters? >o< P.S. Hey, u should check out to get your own personalized "global avatar" for your comments. And thus, avoid my default "Toybox" avatars, lol.

  16. I can see Dominion on a couple of the pages XD I can remember a friend giving me that for free not knowing what it was and neither did i…
    Oh the realization we had when we watched it lol good times, they don’t make them like that anymore!

  17. @TT-chan: While I remember the cat-girls and the roller tanks, it’s been *years* since I’ve seen “Dominion”. So I’m only guessing what *realization* that was! But I think I have a good idea, haha. Ah, the mind of Masamune Shirow! ^o^;

  18. Haha who said that timtetraveling isnt possible?
    You have your very own Delorean to travel through time and space but its an old mag in your case!

    Makes yourself pretty nostalgic huh?I recall Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs as one of my very first Animes i watched when i was small.Does anybody here rememer?It was actually a totally butchered,edited and enhanced version of the Japanese Series Sternenkrieger Bismarck for the western market.

    I really love the older Animes for beeing more innocent and less profitoriented than todays.There were no beach/onsen epsiodes and the like just to boost sales.Ahh…Sweet Memories of my youth!

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Aerocat Rei

  19. @Blowfish: Haha, maybe not a DeLorean, but I did have a white Lamborghini. Well, a model kit of it, lol… Actually, Saber Rider & the Star Sheriffs sounds vaguely familiar. But somehow I remember that title as being cheesy. Sorry! Well, lots of series were butchered or cannibalized from multiple anime, namely the classic “Robotech”.

    But more innocent? Less profit oriented? Here’s one word: hentai. There were just as many profit-making hentai as there were “innocent” anime back then, lol. But we were too young to know that! In fact, I still have an old 1994 “Twin Dolls” VHS and 1995 “F3: Part III” VHS. With all the graphic nudity and sex you’ve ever seen. So I’m pretty sure infinitely more still exists from the 80s, lol. ^o^

  20. Anime series back then were just all-action and all storyline. No fan-service, no onsen, no beach shots, nothing! All I remember from watching Z Gundam was the intense storyline and plot-driven conversations…not to mention that angst was the number one thing then (Amuro in First Gundam, Camille in Z Gundam, Shinji in NG etc).

    Why is it that anime now drives on pantsu and stuff?

  21. @Blowfish, @Kris: Hahaha, wait! Kris just reminded me that in the 1979 “Mobile Suit Gundam”, episode 21, there’s one scene where Frau Bow is in the public shower with the three kids. Yup, Frau’s frontal nudity! In 1979, lol. >0<

  22. Okay its late so just a short answer before my brain melts:

    Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs was incredibly cheesy yet one of my first Anime Experiences^^

    Well of course there was Hentai and all this salebossting stuff but compare your usual anime series today and many moons ago.Nearly EVERY series today has those purely fanservicey episodes.Preferably around the 4-7th Episode.Its
    like they follow a how to make your Anime more popular guide.

    Or i was really just too young ^_^

    Outlaw star?
    Hohumm nothing rings on my side.No idea if this one came out over here.I remember Brave Star and the Galaxy Rangers but no Otlaw Star.

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Aerocat Rei

  23. Oh and @Jay:

    There’s two up on the router. Hiko Seijuro and another whose name I don’t know (crouched down with the purplish hair and orangish pants). Then the two kind of up front, one of whom I think is Saito Hajime and the other is Sagara Sanosuke. I have one more that’s tucked behind Shigure and the teddy bears with a firey sword and he’s wrapped up sort of like a mummy, and I don’t know his name (but I think it’s Shishio Makoto).

    Kris´s last blog post > A slow start


    Well i wasnt talking about nudity when i meant innocent.

    Cant explain it but lets take for example Ranma and Strike Witches.Dont you think that the nudity in Ranma is in a more innocent way (they had to draw female ranma naked in that situation) than in strikewitches (lets put more onsen scenes! More oppai! = $$$).I think its a much more planned use of fanservice as driving Salesforce today.

    God am i making sense after all? Too late!

    Btw I just want to make it clear that I LIKE STRIKE WITCHES

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Aerocat Rei


    It says it’s also called Starward Warrior Knight Outlaw Star. This does note that the show aired during Toonami (an afternoon block), so it makes sense they’d cut out the hot springs episode. It’s a bunch of naked girls hanging out on a mountain top.

    But I wonder how you define “older anime” and “new anime.” Outlaw Star is from 1998. And Dirty Pair, which is from…’85 maybe…has two main characters prancing about space in bikinis.

    Kris´s last blog post > A slow start

  26. @Kris: Ahhh, no wonder. I don’t recognize those other names or characters. Like I mentioned, I probably haven’t watched far enough into the series, lol. Just finished Season 1 so far.

    @Blowfish: So Frau Bow in the scene I mentioned above, doesn’t qualify as fan service? LOL. And who said anything was wrong with “Strike Witches”. In my Blog 182, I listed it as my “Fave Action” series of 2008, lol. But haven’t seen “Ranma” yet. ^_^;

    @J85: Oops, almost missed your comment… Actually, like I told Blowfish and Kris above, Frau Bow did reveal frontal nudity in the original “Gundam” episode 21. But why such fan service nowadays? Hmm, I suppose it’s the sign of the more-liberal more-commercial times? Yup, sex sells.

  27. @Coco: LOL, “fantarded”? Hmmm, related to “Narutarded”? I’d love to hear *all* about it, haha. Who knows? It might spark something for a new post (great excuse). ^o^

  28. Ahhhh Fumie… so lovely…

    @xJaymanx- As for Firefly, I only saw the Serenity movie a week or so ago, which made me wanna see the whole tv series. And Mal was in Desperate Housewives for a while lol. And that non-baldwin bro, Jayne, was in Chuck, Independance day amoung other stuff lol.

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Maria+Holic ep 1 – A Prank Kiss – Review

  29. Woah ive just read through my comments again and Im genuinley sorry for that gibberish i wrote.Hope my points came somehow through^^;;

    Note:Never try to write in a different langauge at 4 am

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Aerocat Rei

  30. @M132: Hey, thanx! I had fun making that “Fumie” video, lol… Ah, I see! I caught “Firefly” when it first broadcasted in 2002. Loved it ever since! Even wrote some fanfics and drew some original characters (including my genius-pilot Lucky Yoshikawa who reminds me of Mimi with a British accent), haha.

    P.S. Jayne is awesome. Especially his DVD Easter-egg. Nudge-nudge, lol. ^_^

    @Blowfish: Nahhh, no worries, I think I figured it out. The difference between blatantly-teasing sexual intent versus played-down humble nudity. I got it. But maybe nowadays, that distinction ends up being the same thing. An attention grabber. >_<

  31. @xJaymanx: Firefly wasn’t shown on British tv when it came out. I heard about it when it showed n SciFi, but I didn’t have Sky TV, or any other service like that. Only had 5 channels…
    Fanfics…ahhh I remember me and a friend writing some Harvest Moon fanfics lol. Quite a while back though. I used to make up stories alot when I was younger though, with tie-in pokemon-esque monsters, which I made from fimo too lol.

    Easter egg???? MUST SEARCH!! Bet its for the Jaynestown episode. Damn that was funny. I hope its on the region 2 dvd’s…..

    P.S, I don’t mind the jumping from blog to blog. And I feel like I’m cheating if I comment on my own blog lol.

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Maria+Holic ep 1 – A Prank Kiss – Review

  32. @M132: Ahh, too bad about the BBC channels… Speaking of which~ I finally watched “Doctor Who at the Proms”. Wow, haha, pretty funny but pretty good production too! Glad I downloaded it. ^o^ Yeah, every sensible sci-fi-anime geek’s gotta write some fanfics, right? Haha, Jaynestown related? Yup! LOL, how *ever* did u know? That’s what I love about that show. Always a little tragedy in a comedy tale. Yet always a little comedy in a tragedy tale. Lemme know if-when u find it, lol. ^_^

    P.S. Ah, I see! Never thought of it as *cheating*. I just figured it was a *non-feed* solution to comment notification, lol. Then no worries… Fellow bloghopper.

  33. @xJaymanx: Ahhhh Doctor Who at the proms, that was good. I didn’t see all of it, but what I did see was awesome.
    Mmmm, the end of the Jaynestown ep was a bit of a downer. But its as you said.
    I just got me the Digimon Championship ds game, my friend had the japanese version on his ds-download-chip thing, and it was awesome!!! I got the first volume of the Black God manwha/manga too, I haven’t read it for a while, and the first ep of the anime was good. (I’m not sure if Black God is classed as a manwha or manga, since its right to left reading, unlike most manwha….

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Maria+Holic ep 1 – A Prank Kiss – Review

  34. @M132 & @Kris: Hehe, in a nutshell, “Doctor Who” and “Firefly” rock! Ah, can’t speak much about Digimon since I never really got into that, lol…

    As for manga versus manhwa, Meimi132 is right that nowadays, Korean manhwa is published like English from left-to-right. But according to Wiki, “Black God” is a Japanese manga created by a Korean manhwa team, lol. Go figure! So in this case, it’s a manga. I think. ^o^;

  35. Oh, sorry! I didn’t think it had anything to do with how it was presented in this case, just where it was made. I got confused.

    And I don’t like Doctor Who or Firefly, so I just ignored those parts. :) Battlestar Galactica all the way!

    Kris´s last blog post > A slow start

  36. No, I’m not that concerned about it.

    BSG is really awesome, though I didn’t much care for the 3rd season. To much stupid drama. Except that final episode. I’ve been looking for the song, All Along the Watchtower (or something), because I want a copy of it, but I’m having a hard time finding it.

    But while searching for the song, I came across some people discussing that they don’t really think the final 5 (er 4) are really cylons, but rather descendants of the priests from the 13th Colony or something like that. Maybe they’re both? It would make sense in the Chief’s case…isn’t he the son of a priest? And he’s the one who found that old temple.

    To back up their theory they mentioned things like the fact that they all heard an old song from Earth, and the only way they could know it was if they had some sort of connection with Earth or the 13th Colony or something. That the song was coming from a beacon from Earth, and not the cylons. Not sure if I agree with the theory.

    I’ve been of the opinion for a while that the Cavil cylons have known the 5 from the beginning. Hence why none of them turn up on the execution list on the planet when they should have been at the top of the list.

    Kris´s last blog post > A slow start

  37. @xJaymanx: Ok! I did wonder why it had japanese characters for the noises lol. It just threw me lol, manga by koreans lol.
    As for digimon, it’ll always be regarded as the pokemon ripoff, even thought its roots are different. The anime had more depth, more story than just, ash battles, team rocket steals some pokemon and/or pikachu, ash gets pikachu back, then end lol. Digimon had a better through story, and the movie had a great sound track, Less than Jake!! :woop: And the games, pokemon will always be my favourite, but the digimon games are equally addictive, Digimon World on the PS1 was brilliant, as is Digimon Championship. Different kind of game, but brilliant. Same for Monster Rancher, that ofers something different still, and the anime was even stopped in the UK because the story was ‘too dark'(says the BBC….) I loved it… and the PS1 game was AWESOME!!!! (Big fan of the monster games lol, if you couldn’t tell.)

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Maria+Holic ep 1 – A Prank Kiss – Review

  38. Good golly. I feel so old. I either have seen these or have an idea of what these are. Oh and I live 20 minutes or so away from Nikaku! I love Nikaku! I visited it earlier this month! =P

  39. I’d say Narutards and fantards are very much alike. :P I’ve never been a narutard though, so I wouldn’t exactly know the exact mindset of one.

    Let’s see…I wrote this huge (I think it was 120+ pieces of lined paper) multi-fandom, out-of-character fanfiction. It had pretty much every character from every series I was into at the time, stuffed into one city. Don’t ask me how that’s possible, ’cause I don’t even know. >.> I also cosplayed on medieval day (our school would have theme days for certain grades depending on what they were learning in history), and had a phase when I wore animal ears. Oh yeah, and I drew mini fan comics in my planner, instead of copying my assignments down. Aaaand I did a lot of things related to Yugioh, since that was my primary obsession at the time. I don’t remember much, but I did make a really lame song to the tune of “Stacy’s Mom” but it involved a crazy girl and Seto Kaiba. I think Yugioh was what corrup-I mean, got me into shounen-ai/boy’s love. I use to lurk a certain popular yugioh forum, and I swear, half of the members were obsessed over male/male pairings. Same goes with, but over there it was more like 90%.

  40. @M132: Haha, Japanese noises are unique unto themselves (umm, Nodame)… But wow, your Digimon knowledge is dizzifying! Big fan? Nahhh, a *giganormous* fan, lol. So let’s say I attempted a Digimon anime, where would I begin? “Digimon Adventure”, right?

    @Seija: Nahh, it just means you’ve had more free time to watch them all, lol. I’m guessing “Nikaku” is some sort of anime store? Not a Japanese town. In my case, living so close to such a store would be a curse!

    @Coco: Yeah-yeah, sounds like something a “Narutard” would say. Just kidding, lol. But damn, that 120-page MMO-styled fan-epic seems to be the definition of *obsession*. Cosplay isn’t so bad, but blaming “Yu-Gi-Oh” for swerving into yaoi? Now that’s a new one, lol. Never saw a full episode, but I do remember those big-haired card battles as being *gay*~ oops, I mean *lame*. >_<

  41. @xJaymanx: Heheheh, I’m a big fan yeah, not as big a fan as I am for Pokemon, I never memorised all the Digimon’s names lol. (You should try Medabots if you haven’t already seen it, cos that rocks too! Customizable fighting robots ftw! Metabee was so cool…. I had like a ‘make your own’ metabee toy thing years back, its head joint broke…:sob: So I stole my brothers Rokusho skeleton lol.(Snap on armor kinda thing)
    As for which digimon you start with, Adventure is correct. If you do bother watching it, only bother with the first 3 series, Adventure, Adventure 02 and Tamers. After that it loses most of its charm. Since the original characters leave in Tamers, but Renamon and that red dinosaur are in it, and the story is pretty good. I have these 3 series that my friend downloaded lol(he was a fan too lol) but I want them on dvd, for fanship sake.
    (PS, I’m gonna do that notify me of follow up comments thing, see if it annoys the crud outta me lol)

    Meimi132´s last blog post > Maria+Holic ep 1 – A Prank Kiss – Review

  42. @Jay: Ha ha ha! That may be it too. That may be it.

    Yeah, Nikaku is a very old arts store. I go there to find very old stuff like old manga and old music albums. There are old tape cassettes too. Is it a curse? Not really because I stop by Japan Town only once a month or so. I visit the Mitsuwa shopping center once a month also.

  43. @M132: Haha, my mistake, I should’ve looked up Pokemon first. But u seemed to mention Digimon more! Ah, but I’ve actually seen bits of Pokemon and that yellow creature thing. Not my cup of tea, lol. Well, not *yet*… But I just visited Wiki. What?!? Pokemon has 580+ episodes and still ongoing thru 5 seasons?!?! Then again, Digimon has about 250 episodes thru 5 seasons too, lol. Are u kidding me? LOL, and sacrifice time to watch all the other anime out there? P.S. Haha, “follow-up notification” is the greatest thing since… umm, since CommentLuv? >_< @Seija: Damn, do u only look for the older merchandise? LOL, what about newer stuff? Then again, I rarely buy anime merch anymore, lol. Especially figures. ^_^

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