Blog 101 > Shakira Versus Motoko

WOW, Shakira! First, let me say that during my workday breakfasts, I always keep the Spanish TV station turned on, since Spanish morning shows are always funnier, dancier, and never as serious as American morning shows. Much easier to wake up with a smile, lol. Well, today, the music video show of the hour played a newer Shakira video “Las de la Intuicion”. Usually, Shakira doesn’t turn my head, but I think this is the first time I thought “WOW!” seeing her. I don’t know why, but in her short black outfit and that bright blue-violet wig, she looked especially hot! If you remember my Blog 094 > Ghost in the Figure!, I think Motoko’s got some burning competition, hahaha!

Full Motoko Photoshoot (92) >>

3 thoughts on “Blog 101 > Shakira Versus Motoko

  1. wow thats shakira, as in, the shakira who sang hips dont lie, and beautiful liar with beyonce? she loooks soooo sooo hawt in this vid..! cyber-kei~ :D

  2. wow, thats shakira, as in the shakira who sang hips dont lie and beautiful liar with beyonce? she looks soo sooo sooo hawt in the vid~! cyber-kei~ :D

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