Blog 100 > Another Dental Vacation!

Hahaha, yup! Another 6 months, another dental vacation! For those on LiveJournal who remember my Post 446 > Dental Vacation? back in January, you’ll know what I mean, lol. Damn, today was even more fun! Besides Jana’s easy cleaning of my teeth which started at 10am, most or all of Tiffani’s patients cancelled, so I was able to goof off with them till 12 noon! Talking about everything from losing weight, to Jana’s and my ex’s and best friends, to frames and LensCrafters, to getting more photo-boards and taking photos, to opening my laptop and visiting each other’s MySpace pages, to dating and finding people on, to joking about Tiff’s obsession with the owner of the Palms Hotel & Casino, hahaha!