Blog 097 > When It Rains, It Soars

Wow. I don’t usually rave over a musical artist. But in this case, I must make a startling exception for pianist-singer-songwriter Charlotte Martin. It’s barely two weeks since her song “Every Time It Rains” struck me on July 4th via the internet radio Yet since then, I’ve been hooked by her heart-stopping resemblance to Tori Amos and to a lesser extent Kate Bush, whom she idolizes. Charlotte’s cover of Kate’s classic “Cloudbusting” is subdued yet piercingly refreshing. Tori yet not quite Tori. Kate yet not quite Kate. While some may deride her musical resemblance to her predecessors, Charlotte’s melodies and vocals are undeniably moving and clutching on a soul-stirring level that reaches their own. Fantastic! If you’re a fan of Tori or Kate and want to tread new paths that they themselves could’ve explored, then add Charlotte to your wish list. If you haven’t already.