Blog 065 > Tutoring Vanessa = Chowking!

Definitely not your typical Mother’s Day Sunday! At a very-early 8am in the morning, Vanessa and Darrell visited my house, so I could help tutor Vanessa in HTML and Photoshop for her Web Programming class. Meanwhile, with his late nightclub job, Darrell decided to crash on my couch, lol. The original plan was 7am, but they were running late, and even then, a few hours wasn’t enough.

Fighting her allergies and our insurmountable hunger as I guided her on the details of table coding, hex coloring, image editing, inline framing, hyperlinking, and general layout according to her basic but elegant design, Vanessa didn’t finish her website project until 1pm! Five hours! But on the plus side, she tells me it saves her five weeks! Take a look at her website design in the following screenshots…

Still suffering from hunger, the three of us finally packed up and drove our respective two cars for a near-half-hour ride (and despite a near intersection accident!) to Chowking, the other Filipino fast-food place across from Jollibee! The area wasn’t quite as packed as 11 days ago, but it was still packed. Finally, after a near-half-hour wait, I finally had some shrimp pansit and lumpia and mango-flavored halo-halo, lol. Pretty damn good! Thanks to Vanessa for being gracious enough to pay, in return for my help.

In fact, after our meal, when she walked over to Jollibee and another store to grab some food for her family, she surprised me with the same “Burger Steak” meal I had on my last visit. Yup, burger patties, mushrooms, gravy and rice for dinner, lol!

P.S. At the top, Photo 001 not only displays Vanessa’s website design (on the right), but also her September 1st wedding invitation (on the left), sprayed with the awesome scent “Romantic Wish”, haha! Unfortunately, my brother Joel’s wedding just happens to be on the same day, September 1st. I feel bad, but Vanessa understands: My brother must come first before my best friend. Or should he? ^_^