post 413 ~ more japanese TV

“fruits basket” (anime; 2001-2)

“you’re under arrest” (live-action; 2002)

“NANA” (anime; 2006)–>

post 413 ~ more japanese TV, hehe ;)

  • fruits basket ~ last night, finally finished the 26-episode series via netflix!… and WOW, i never would’ve guessed that i’d find myself so fond of yet ANOTHER (seemingly stereotypical) high-school-teenaged story (like “shuffle” or “negima”)… but like many of these anime series, what starts out as funny and cute — emotively hooking you and forging bonds with the characters — then dramatically evolves into a darker drama, exploring the more profound depths of the characters and interrelations… here, the concluding 3 episodes were simply powerful… so what i initially and instinctively assigned as 4 stars rightfully earned 5 of 5 stars!…
  • you’re under arrest ~ last night, finished this too!… just 9 live-action episodes based on the comedy-action anime… and yeah, the acting was pretty cheesy… but perhaps that’s what made it lovable as well… sad to say bye to “miyuki” and “natsumi” and “nakajima” after such a short run… 4 stars!
  • NANA ~ finally!!!… after about a month, the newest download finally made available… episode 22’s new opening theme rocked!… and once again, everything — humor and drama and twists and music — were all packed again into yet another half hour… according to wikipedia, there are a total of 26 episodes, and so far #22 will be the 24th episode (including 11.5 and 21.5), so only two more shows for this 5-star season… a continuing second season is definitely likely, i hope!… lol, can’t wait!