post 412 ~ insane shopping!

the Galleria food court

the Galleria parking lot, the Sunset Station casino in the distance

brand-new Nike cap (sports authority) and Hooters mag (borders)! LOL!

new pair of 25# dumbbells! (sports authority)

slick-new pair of Heely’s Slide roller shoes! (amazon)

shiny-new Canon Rebel XT 350D bargain, with 18-55 lens, including 2GB memory! (ebay)
post 412 ~ RARE DAY of insane shopping, hahaha!… i loved it! ;)))

  • triggered by my new LasVegasOtaku/Subarashii anime-article assignment on the anime/manga “consumer culture”, i did a crapload of browsing/shopping, searching for “roller shoes” and taking “anime merchandise” photos!… from walmart to barnes and noble to copeland sports to borders to the sports authority to the galleria mall (electronics boutique and dick’s sporting goods and suncoast)… about 18 photos to pick from for my article…
  • but after EVERYTHING, no “roller shoes” in my men’s size… instead, i did pick up a “Hooters” mag for myself and for former Hooters-girl (LOL)… finally found a great Nike cap (my old Rio cap is 8 years old!) plus a pair of new 25# dumbbells… not to mention a box of japanese “Pocky” (chocolate-covered biscuit sticks)!…
  • then later at home, i finally supplemented my old HP 3.2MP digital camera (3 years old but still works great!) with a silvery-new Canon 8MP Rebel XT 350D bargain on ebay!… plus found a NICE black pair of Heely’s Slide roller shoes on amazon!… AM I INSANE?… WHEW, i think that’s it… to balance out the cost, i might have to skip meals for a few months ;)))