post 399 ~ eight ain’t enough?

(1) “asuka as gothic-lolita” and (2) “saber in swimsuit” (from last month)

closeup of (1) “asuka as gothloli”

(1), (2), and (3) “seras victoria as vampire”

closeup of (3) “seras victoria as vampire”

(3), (4) “ryofu in rags”, and (5) “saki in cosplay”

closeup of (4) “ryofu in rags”

more (4) and (5)

(5), (6+7) “lumiere” (blue) with “eclair” (red), and (8) “motoko as part-clear”

more (6+7) and (8)
post 399 ~ eight is enough?… well, today, saturday afternoon, before heading out for groceries, got two packages at my front door… so after coming back, i opened them, and… WHOA, EIGHT NEW ANIME FIGURES!… plus a ninth box that i hadn’t opened since last month (“saber in swimsuit”)…

  • (1) 1/7-scale “asuka as gothic-lolita” ~ from the classic epic psycho-drama “evangelion”… for me, after accepting for ages that she was unavailable or sold out at all my favorites figure sites, i recently widened my search, and finally found her at a finnish website! it was like finding the “holy grail”!
  • (2) 1/6 “saber in swimsuit” (from last month) ~ from the action-fantasy “fate/stay night”
  • (3) 1/8 “seras victoria as vampire” ~ from the horror-favorite “hellsing”
  • (4) 1/6 “ryofu in rags” ~ from the sexy martial-arts “ikki tousen”
  • (5) 1/8 “saki in cosplay” ~ from the college-otaku-geek comedy “genshiken”
  • (6+7) 1/8 “lumiere” (blue) with “eclair” (red) ~ from the sexy dramedy “kiddy grade”
  • (8) 1/10 “motoko as part-clear” ~ from the legendary cyber-punk saga “ghost in the shell”
  • (9) 1/10 “motoko as not-clear” (not shown)

damn, definitely have tons of figure photoshoots ahead of me!… hmmm, maybe i’ll try some backyard outdoor-lit shots for my next LVO-Sabarashii blog/zine review… and maybe get more shelf space!… we’ll see…