post 397 ~ ears, breasts and figures

post 397 ~ ears, breasts and figures!

  • ear test ~ well, yesterday, had my wednesday ear appointment… recently, i seemed to have noticed that my right ear feels maybe 5% less perceptive than my left… so if my left was 100%, then my right felt like 90-95%… small but noticeable… besides, haven’t had my ears checked since my mom the doctor checked mine as a little kid!
    • well, the main doc checked them out… he said it looked like i had some draining tubes inserted as a child, and “tubes” did sound familiar to me… but overall, they looked fine…
    • so next was the sound booth, with the secondary doc named lisa… she was maybe my age, maybe older, plus/minus 5 years, but was also attractive, petite-height, shoulder-length hair, wore a pink outfit, including a low-cut shirt that highlighted her cleavage… now the reason i bother to mention this, is that when she fitted the special metallic headphones over my head, there was no choice… her low-cut cleavage was literally in front of my face… i mean, i tried to look away, but it was still in my peripheral vision… not that i minded…
    • so the wobbly sound test… click a button when i hear something loud or soft… left ear, right ear… repeat the list of words she says… left ear, right ear… and so on…
    • but then, there was a second sound test… and this time, when she fitted the next set of headphones, i was less shy about peeking… i mean, she must know she’s wearing a low-cut shirt, and she must know she’ll be fitting headphones at her job… so, why not? i guess i was braver…
    • so the next sound text used an intentional white-noise hiss or static, through which i would hear the same wobbly sounds… click when i hear the wobblies through the hiss/static (like a silent ninja in the rustling forest, lol)… loud or soft… and in a few minutes, that was it!
    • afterwards, we sat down to discuss the results, i still tried to avoid her cleavage, lol… apparently, my right ear does, in fact, have a slight 5% hearing loss in the lower audible range… most likely since i was a kid, i agreed… but now i know i wasn’t imagining anything… pretty perceptive, huh?
    • interesting though, when i took the main doctor’s business card from the pay desk, not only was he an ear-nose-throat specialist, he was also a facial-cosmetic and breast-enhancement surgeon!… damn!… coincidence?
  • more figures??? ~ double-damn!… today, thursday, just got an email from Twin Moon ( that 6 more figures have shipped out today!… damn, all at once?
    • 1/10 ghost in the shell ~ motoko kusanagi
    • 1/10 ghost in the shell ~ motoko kusanagi (clear)
    • 1/8 genshiken ~ saki kasukabe (standing)
    • 1/8 hellsing ~ seras victoria
    • 1/7 kiddy grade ~ eclair & lumiere (bome set)
    • 1/6 ikki tousen ~ ryofu housen