post 395 ~ knight saber!

post 395 ~ well, monday morning, i got an email from the forum/admin (ganguro) that myself and one other guy (sirhc) were chosen and welcomed as the newest staff writers for the fan-organized Subarashii blog/zine… apparently, the editor (rukia) liked our sample reviews and forum behavior (not bad!)… now all i gotta do is keep up my anime figure reviews (my choice) of at least 1-2 times per week (not my choice)… and besides the blog, there are future plans to print (or photocopy, lol) actual bi-monthly zines… hey, why not?… below was my sample, as well as my first submission to the blog/zine…

Saber from Fate/Stay Night. Click to enlarge.
Knight Saber!

If you think your anime figure collection is complete without this sword-wielding warrior, think again!

Sculpted by Takeshi Miyagawa and manufactured by Clayz, this 1/6-scale PVC figure is a glorious rendition of Saber, one of the primary characters of Fate/Stay Night, the title of the fantasy-action anime series, as well as the original H-game by TYPE-MOON upon which the anime is based.

With her long flowing blue skirt and white petticoat spanning horizontally over 6-inches to the tips, Saber stands proudly at nearly 10-inches tall, and is noticeably heavier than most figures of the same scale. But the weight does nothing to detract from the overall appearance, which is effortlessly detailed with Saber’s signature blonde curl, wide green eyes, blue hair ribbon, and trusty Excalibur sword. Even the touches of her armored footwear and the gold trim on her deep-blue dress doesn’t go unnoticed. Meanwhile, Saber carries herself in a relaxed yet poised and proud pose, as if to calmly say, “What are you waiting for?”

If anything detracts from the package, it is the scabbard (not pictured) which fits over the sword. While just as finely detailed in blue and gold, it may be somewhat superfluous for some who prefer to display the sword itself. Nevertheless, at a price between $50-60, this figure is definitely worth it.

That is, if you can still find it, and it’s not already sold out in your area!