post 394 ~ figures and friends

“saya & hagi” from “blood+”

“saya & hagi”

“saya & hagi”

“saya & hagi”

“saya & hagi”

“saya & hagi”
post 394 ~ newest figures!

  • saya & hagi ~ ah yes!… in graceful 1/8-scale form, the lead characters of my all-time favorite vampire-anime series “blood+“… watched 1-48, just downloaded episode 49 of 52!… even more profound, dramatic, touching, and epic than “hellsing”… and that’s saying a lot! ;)))
  • saber, coming soon ~ two more boxes i haven’t opened yet… 1/6 saber from “fate/stay night” in white swimsuit… and 1/8 saber in black goth-loli dress…
  • in other news ~ finished my pen-and-paper letter to , just gotta mail it on monday… also, finished burning the “smallville” season 1 episodes for , just gotta write the pen-and-paper letter to go with it ;)))… plus reached episode 22 of “scrapped princess”, an epic medieval-and-magic tale of humanity being sealed in a matrix-like cage of illusion, and a favorite anime of , just 2 more episodes to go!

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  1. you caught up in blood+ pretty quick! and niiiiice figurine! i just found the bag containing all of my figures, though i’m wondering if i should display them at home or at work, hmm…decisions, decisions. i actually have to watch like 4 episodes still (46-49), i can’t believe i’m behind. although while i agree that it is very emotional (i don’t think i’ve recovered since riku), a couple episodes felt a little drawn out. speaking of hellsing, maybe i’m not on the up and up, but it seems like either the ova is impossible to get a hold of, or they are taking their time releasing each one. i don’t know how it is airing in japan, but it’s hard to even remember what E01 was like at this point.

  2. thanx! yeah, just got the figure in the mail a few days ago, definitely cool!… still gotta take pics of both sabers… lol, but no way would i display mine at work! i’d be too afraid something might happen to them!… but either way, u gotta post some pics of them!

    hmmm, interesting… i’ve never felt an episode was “drawn out”… probably b/c i’m so “drawn in” to their world, whether they’re taking a break before their next battle, or fighting for their lives ;)))

    “hellsing ultimate”… yeah, probably both reasons… we all know it’s twice as long than typical episodes, but still seems like they’re taking their time… even then, EP01 still seemed choppy in its storytelling…

    btw, i just checked, the EP02 torrent is available for download!… well, that is, the one by Mahou… enjoy!

    p.s. don’t forget to post pics of your figures, haha!… and i hope your situation has finally been resolved!

  3. p.p.s. meanwhile, i’m behind on “ergo proxy”… i’ve been waiting for Shinsen-Subs since #14, but only last night did i decide to check other subs… lo and behold, Pino-no-Usagi had #15-20… now that i’ve downloaded them, just gotta sit down and watch ’em! ;)))

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