remix 035 ~ insecurities

images by “jennyboozz” :: original post
remixed image by “xjaymanx



during his early morning walk
he paused by the street lamp
to wrestle more intensely
with his whirling worries

as the dawn yawned with its first light
the dim swish of an opening window
swivelled his exhausted eyes
into the curious breeze

through the posts and branches
her quick rivers of windswept hair
reflected a layered gold tinged
with the ruby of her robe

and she was gone

but for a brief moment

he had forgotten all
his troubles in
the world

11 thoughts on “remix 035 ~ insecurities

  1. thanx, just another inspiration!… anonymous? hmmm, maybe you’re trying to hide from the world, heh-heh ;D …

  2. ::remembers:: okay, before i forget… now it’s been ages since i saw the film “henry & june” but two words popped into my brain as i was working…

    … anais nin …

    i don’t know why, since i think i read you were spanish, but anais was french… maybe it was your ruffles or look or something, but the aura somehow fit… hmmm, another photo idea to add your long list? LOL ;)

  3. Actually, Anais Nin *is* half Spanish…her father, Joaquin, was from Spain. I’m not sure if her mother was Spanish or French and they were all just raised in France? I’ll have to re-visit my books on her :)

  4. mmm maybe I am unconsiously following footsteps.. by father from Spain, Mother from France..
    how unique!

  5. What a fun heritage :) Anais was a strange strange cookie though–I used to be *obsessed* with her…so what does that make me? LOL

  6. yeah, she soaked in the supernatural/astral sights for a while, then decided to come back and take another earthly ride! :)

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