remix 032 ~ that night

images by “jennyboozz” :: various original posts
remixed image by “xjaymanx

that night
| remix without text
that night | remix with “pilljar” text

that night

of all the warm summer days
and cool autumn nights
i remember that calm july evening
i remember it the most

the anniversary of our chance encounter
in the sci-fi section of the bookstore
dressed in my shirt and tie
for a cheesy business card photo

she approached from the fantasy section
a question in her intense eyes
my shocked breathing cut as short
as her cute delicate hair

“do you work here?” she asked
“i wish i did” i shakily laughed
insecure with my first impression
but helped her find her novel

this anniversary was our third
a deserted july evening
walking down our favorite hill
along the narrow moonlit river

the scent of vanilla in her hair
the smell of combustion in the air
the fireworks crackling as desperately
as the fears in my mind

she handed me the book without a word
the one i bought her those years ago
“the time traveler’s wife” it said
by someone named audrey

i stayed on the hill as she left me behind
left me unseeing unhearing unfeeling and falling
my soul shred into as many pieces
as the wet pages at my feet

i can’t forget her giggles
her figments and fashions and fragments

i can’t forget her photos
her shadows and shapes and smiles

i can’t forget that dark july evening
a thousand miles from myself

“do you work here?” she asked
i wish i could’ve said “no”

6 thoughts on “remix 032 ~ that night

  1. My resilience is a bag, empty: or filled with air with a rip for popping. Sometimes in desperation, I pop it myself. My hands are small around it and my fingernails dig into it like sand, its particles lapsing into the recesses of my body, smog-white until thick, with charcoal-covered paint. I like to pretend its full of my water, and I spill like the ocean that consumes me. You are my world of possibility, your vastness a stranger per centimeter, an earth of humanity within a finger of flesh. If we clash, it is because you encompass life and I am a day dying, fleeting trying to be immortal, a memory within a memory, until that memory fades.
    If a memory lasts, it is because you would believe it’s our truth unraveling, and we would not deny it, and our FUTURE would maybe finally begin.

  2. ::mind blown away::

    i… i’m (both the fictional and real) still wrapping my mind around your (her) unraveling truth… like a waterdrop trying to comprehend the ocean it seems… or a river rock trying to grasp the rushing river… reading and re-reading and re-reading again… let the water drown me (him) so i (he) may understand this elusive future…

  3. ;) i’m glad!… you’re definitely welcome!… this is probably the most-complex most-satisfying remixes (yet melancholy; that’s where the path swept me)… complex in both image and word… i’ve done yet… thanx to you too! ;D

  4. couple more things before i get ready for work… i think you’ll notice the background pattern! ;) … and just by coincidence, i noticed how the left-hand scarf photo nestles quite nicely into your blue couch pose, so i angled them to fit more closely… ::nods:: yeah, i love it too ;D

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