Blog 194 > Assassins, Serpents & Wishes

Awww, thanx, Miyabi! We haven’t seen you since Hearts and Sevens! Sadly, I know this is another fabricated message, lol. Oh well, a birthday dream is better than none at all, lol. So, my Trembling Toyboxers, what’s in store for this broadcast week? Well, this week, we take another five-lap trek, peeking at ongoing otaku-blog battles, glimpsing at galactic hunters and bountiful assassins, staring through split-tongue serpents and masochistic dragons, digesting a few tasty birthday treats, and blinking at random red-red-red-tinged observations. And maybe, just maybe, Miyabi will say “Hi!” once more. Who knows? With her gorgeous figure in mind, let’s start the show…

Part 1 of 5. Ongoing Otaku-Blog Battles. Ah yes, the battles continue! Since our last exciting otaku-blog update, the theoretical numbers at Website Outlook have revealed yet another new development! The estimated worth of How a Girl Figures is now tied with a new challenger!

Website Outlook
Mar 15 | How a Girl Figures a.k.a. Dancing Queen

Oddly, that challenger is none other than my own site! Namely, xJAYMANx & xJAYMANx_toybox, hehe. How wickedly screwy is that? In fact, if you take a closer look, while our estimated values are identical at $12183.70, my site holds a super-slight lead in Daily Pageviews, 5091 to 4897. Crazy. Ridiculous. I mean, who visits my site? Okay, don’t answer that, lol.

Website Outlook
Mar 15 | xJAYMANx & xJAYMANx_toybox

Of course, surpassing both of our sites, the estimated worth of Angry Loli a.k.a. Mimi maintains a comfortable $1000+ edge. Again, lol.

Website Outlook
Mar 15 | Angry Loli a.k.a. Mimi

A-ha! For the first time, I’ve decided to include a graphical representation of “Blog Worth Over Time” pertaining to the otaku blogs on my “Battle List”, hehe. Based on Website Outlook’s theoretical numbers, this first graph depicts 11 “normal” otaku blogs, plus the “superhuman” blogs by Danny Choo (x10) and Sankaku Complex (x10), lol. To fit these two mega-blogs into the same chart, I simply divided their values by a factor of 10. As you can see, Sankaku Complex still holds a significant edge over Danny Choo. Enlarge for a clearer look.

This second graph depicts the 11 “normal” otaku blogs by themselves. Without the graphically-crushing effect by Danny Choo and Sankaku Complex, hehe. What’s remarkable to note is the similar trajectories between Angry Loli and xJAYMANx. Quite remarkable. As if a mathematical correlation existed between the two paths!

So what’ll happen in a couple weeks? Will xJAYMANx overtake Angry Loli? Nahhh, lol. I don’t think Mimi-chan would like that very much.

Part 2 of 5. Galactic Hunters & Assassins. Next, we jump from otaku battles to galactic bounty hunters! Hey you, do you remember the sexy punkish hunter who appeared for a split-second during Anakin’s podraces way back in “Episode I: The Phantom Menace” (1999)?

Well, her name is Aurra Sing. A bounty hunter born in the slums of Nar Shaddaa to a spice-addicted mother named Aunuanna. Here’s her introduction in the Star Wars Wiki.

Aurra Sing, also known as Nashtah, was once a female Jedi Padawan but, following a series of tragedies and misfortunes, left the Jedi Order to become a vicious bounty hunter specializing in Jedi assassinations. Her career spanned over seven decades, from at least 32 BBY to 40 ABY.

So why am I bringing her up? Well, yesterday, upon watching the 22nd and final episode of “The Clone Wars” Season 1, Aurra appeared for the first time in the CG-animated series! Nice.

Ah, the fearless bounty hunter Cad Bane.

The sharp-shooting assassin Aurra Sing!

And her extra long fingers, lol.

Aurra: “I’m in a bad mood.”

“Very bad.”

“Don’t even get up.”

“Because you’re dead anyway.”

“Bang. You’re dead.”

Bane growls in growing irritation.

Bane grins in satisfying victory.

Until he picks up Ziro the Hutt. Grrr.

Haha, splendid finale! Easily 5 of 5 stars! Then coming later this year, “The Clone Wars” Season 2. Definitely expecting more of Cad Bane and Aurra Sing. Nice. Very nice indeed, lol. Not to mention a live-action “Star Wars” series coming in 2010. Amazing. “Star Wars” is taking over the world. Again, lol.

Part 3 of 5. Dragons, Snakes & Earrings. Next, for the main event, we leap from galactic hunters and killers to Tokyo sadists and masochists! Way back in September 2008, fellow blogger Miko-chan recommended that I read the 2003 novel “Snakes and Earrings” (Hebi ni Piasu) by Hitomi Kanehara. Then again in February 2009, she suggested on my Tiger post that I check out the 2008 film “Snakes and Earrings” instead. So finally, a month later, I did.

Lui/Louis (played by the gorgeous Yuriko Yoshitaka) enters the dance club.

The beauty stares blankly until someone catches her eye.

The wildly-pierced punk, Ama (played by Kengo Kora, who also appeared in the high-school comedy “Gokusen 2”).

The punk notices her.

The beauty notices back.

He joins her.

She lets him.

He wants to show her something.

She wonders what it is.

His split snake-like tongue!

She reflexively sticks out her tongue, lol.

While his tongue grabs a cigarette, lol.

Lui is mesmerized: “Sugoi.”

Ama asks her something else.

Lui nods.

A wild night of passion between Lui and Ama.

A night which ignites their journey into the unknown.

Shiba/Shiva (played by Arata) the master tattoo-and-piercing artist.

The master’s intense gaze.

The introductions, lol.

Lui’s unusual request.

Shiba’s intense curiosity.

Inspecting her tongue! I wonder why…

Later in the film, a couple of famous actors! Do you recognize the one in front? Or the other one? Yup, Tatsuya Fujiwara! Star of “Death Note” and “Battle Royale” (reviewed in Blog 188), haha! And behind him is Shun Oguri! Star of “Crows Zero” (reviewed in Blog 168) and “Gokusen”, wow! Two big but hidden stars!

Hmm, I wonder if Meimi132-chan has already seen this film, hehe.

Whoa. Shocking. Almost disturbing. While not as violent or bloody as films like “Battle Royale”, it bluntly and forcefully and painfully explores the darkness and emptiness within the world of body modification and sado-masochism. Definitely not for everyone. Especially if it leaves you even more empty in the end than when you started. Like myself. I’m glad I tried the film for its dark and grotesque realities, as well as Yuriko Yoshitaka’s stunning beauty and arousing sexuality. But not to watch over and over. If ever again, lol. Seriously, Miko-chan, I don’t know how you managed to watch it six times already!

Part 4 of 5. March Birthday Week. Whew. Enough of the dire and depressing. Let’s move on to the weird and wacky! As many of my Tricky Toyboxers already know, last Thursday, March 19th was my birthday. So here’s a stack of photos taken at work and at home, with that light-headed state of mind, haha. Ah yes, here’s my awe-inspiring cubby hole! Do you like my plastic light-diffuser (white trashbags) hanging above? It’s probably been there for at least a year!

Why three computers? [1] Well, the left-most desktop is physically wired to the network. While it’s the oldest machine of the bunch, the network printing and music are best, lol. [2] The center laptop is my wireless work laptop, primarily and temporarily for my Tiger Team projects. It has the most-advanced Microsoft Word, but not Adobe Acrobat. [3] While the right-most laptop is my wireless home laptop, primarily for chat and non-work emails. If it had more memory, I’d also use it for Pandora. But it doesn’t. Plus it has the most-advanced version of Adobe Acrobat. Simple, eh?

Haha, yeah, on Wednesday, March 18th, our CEO and his admin assistant joined a game of foosball! And believe it or not, they won! Pretty embarrassing for the other team, lol.

Later that night, Lisa decided to cook a dinner consisting of whole-wheat farfalle pasta in garlic tomato sauce, Texas Toast garlic bread and asparagus, mmm!

Not necessarily for my birthday. But it was nice nonetheless, lol.

Extreme closeup!

Mmm, garlic and asparagus!

My first plate, hehe.

Lisa, I’m not ready!

Eh, not bad. Super-tilted, but not bad.

I don’t know what the heck Lisa did!

Playing dead.

Acting surprised!

Guiness the Menace is not amused.

Don’t you hate cellphone interruptions during dinner?

I guess not.

Guiness (at bottom) takes a peek at Lisa’s dinner, haha.

My second, and less artistic, plate.

Ah, the next day, Thursday, March 19th! NaTasha (from my Blog 191) and I decided to have my birthday lunch at “Outback Steakhouse”. Well, actually, I decided and she couldn’t refuse, lol. Mmm, coconut shrimp!

Ah, my favorite! Strawberry Smoothie! Sweeet! Yeah, I forgot to take photos of the actual steak and fries, dammit.

Then the following night, Friday, March 20th, I finally found time to take photos of my random gifts. Three birthday cards, two M&M eggs (from Lisa), and a Dairy Queen Blizzard (from Lisa’s mom), haha. The real cash wasn’t bad either!

A better shot of the pile.

Finally, here’s Lisa’s amusing collection. “A universal remote control does not, in fact, allow you to control the universe. I did not get you a universal remote control for your birthday because, believe me, you’d just be disappointed. [Then she added:] I did not get you a remote for your new T.V. either because there is no new T.V. Happy Birthday! Lisa & Guiness, too!”

LOL, that’s an inside joke since I planned to buy a new 46-inch wide-screen LCD HDTV this year. Sadly, the recession delayed that plan. Hence, no new TV yet. Just the same old 30-inch tube TV. But fear not! If not this year, then next year!

Part 5 of 5. How Random Ran Red. Last but not least, the inevitably random portion of the mega-post! Red, red, red! Ladies in red! First, if you’ve never seen an episode of “Battlestar Galactica” (2003-2009), here’s my glorious review from Blog 149.

Lastly… “Battlestar Galactica”, Season 4 (mid-season 10 of 20 episodes), treads a darker more-twisted road between post-apocalyptic machines and the last surviving remnants of humanity. Technology, terrorism, religion, politics, sex, suffering and death are all wrapped in a blood-soaked flag pointing towards possible salvation. Is there any hope? The story lines are wicked and wrenching yet oddly fulfilling in its unrelenting and unforgiving exploration of the human soul. Not to mention the hyper-intense special effects and heart-pumping percussion-oriented music. Breath-taking. 5 stars. Can’t wait for the final chapter. ^_^

Then last night, wow! I finished the final episode of the final chapter! Glorious! Wickedly breathtaking. Heart-stoppingly mind-blowing. Twists, turns and surprises, haha. Maybe I’ll take some screencaps for my next week’s mega-post! But for now, here’s the “BSG” version of “The Last Supper”. Sex, religion, politics, all wrapped into one 1600-pixel wallpaper. Steal it! Steal it now!

Secondly, do you see my “Live Traffic Feed” in the second column? Well, recently, I’ve seen quite a few visitors from Google Sweden linking to this “Lisa as Lolita” photo below. Yup, the same Lisa as the Lisa who cooked the garlic dinner above, lol. So I thought I’d mention this odd note. Sweden? Why Sweden? Hehe, in any case, here’s the original Blog 124 from January 2008. From Frumpy to Loli!

Finally, yeah-yeah, I know I know, “Angry Momo” again. This will be the last time, I promise! Yeah, I know she didn’t win the Final Round, hehe. But last night, Saturday, March 21st, during our random chat, Mimi-chan gave me permission to share Momo-chan as my Toybox mascot. If I choose to do so! Because, in her own words, “sharing is caring”. Aww.

I’ll say it again. Aww. That’s so sweet of her. I haven’t 100% decided yet. But if I choose to go ahead with Momo-chan as my Toybox mascot, I’ll actually be “un-breaking” one of my “Seven Broken Rules”. Yeah, un-breaking! Here’s the original list from my Blog 189.

Seven Otaku-Blog Rules Broken by xJAYMANx_toybox

[1] No official blog mascot.
[2] Not a participant in the e2046 banner exchange program.
[3] Not a member of a blog club or coalition, such as Team Blue.
[4] No major design change since April 2007.
[5] No up-to-date support of Internet Explorer 6, 7 or higher since July 2007.
[6] No blog-linked Danny Choo Member News posts since September 2008.
[7] No daily-post or holiday-post schedule. Specifically, no more than 1-2 posts per week.

LOL, so should I fix what’s already broken?

Well, that’s all for this week, folks! Sorry, my Tempted Toyboxers, I couldn’t bring back Miyabi (Maria Ozawa) for a final hello or goodbye. But I’m sure she’ll be back with another update in my estimated blog worth, hehe. So how was it? What’d you think of this week’s five-lap mega-post? Did you get enough? Peeking at ongoing otaku-blog battles? Glimpsing at galactic hunters and bountiful assassins? Staring through split-tongue serpents and masochistic dragons? Digesting a few tasty birthday treats? And blinking at random red-red-red-tinged observations? Thanx, Aurra, Louis, Yuriko, Lisa, and Mimi-chan! Thanx for the assassins, serpents and wishes! Peace. Out.

61 thoughts on “Blog 194 > Assassins, Serpents & Wishes

  1. I can stomach the most gruesome horrormovies or watch surgerys (when the chance pops up) but Isomehow cant stand the whole body modification scene.Be it artifical or real it really freaks me out.Pretty weird eh?
    Sounds like its not a movie ill see anytime soon ^^;;

    I never got into the whole Clone Wars series mainly due to its irregular airing over here.Is it actually worth checking out?The few episodes i saw seemed pretty mediocre at best.

    Im in the graph! Woo! The colorchoice is a bit weird but im glad the worth is slowly but constantly rising.Its really interesting to see that you and DQ are so close in blogs worth.Considering that you dont have the titbonus ill anounce you as this months winner :D

    Never heard about a Pasta and Espargus combination.Is it something common over there or was that everything thats left in the fridge :D
    Tomatoes and Aspargus are supposed to be aphrodisiaic. Did you feel anything after that combination? lol
    Those pictures turned out pretty funny! Looks like it was a pretty funny evening^^

    I love how one of those M&Ms Eggs is supposed to resemble you

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Gift Saber Outdoor Shoot

  2. *LALALALALA* I haven’t watched the last 3 episodes of BSG yet. Might get to that this week. I’m not sure why I keep putting it off. Maybe it’s my subconscious desire to not want the show to end.

    Also, I did not know it was your birthday (I was probably not paying attention ^_^).

    So, happy belated birthday!

    Kris´s last blog post > Yu Yu Hakusho Season 1 Box Set

  3. ***Sorry folks for my delay! Busy-busy with my mega-post and Tiger Team work, lol.***

    @FlyingBlow: Yeah, lol, I think I know what u mean. Horror or surgeries aren’t my favorite things either, but I know what u mean. Cuz the modifications look inhuman! My first reaction is “Ewww!” But like anything else, u get used to it, lol… Speaking of aliens, the CG-animated “Clone Wars” is unexpectedly good. After you ride through the first 7 or 11 episodes, the storytelling reaches the same riveting and swashbuckling style as the original “Star Wars” trilogy! I don’t know about u, but I’m looking forward to Second 2. But don’t forget the original CG-animated film (2008) which kicked off the series… Ahh, sorry, I just used the default Microsoft Excel colors, except for the four main lines I changed, hehe. But what “tit bonus” are u talking about? Dancing Queen’s? Or her figures? Haha, kidding-kidding. In any case, thanx!… Hmm, didn’t know about the aphrodisiac combination! But I’m pretty sure Lisa actually bought those ingredients intentionally, cuz she liked them, not cuz of left-overs. Didn’t feel weird at all, lol. Ha, you’re right, a pretty light-hearted dinner! Despite the fact that she’s been feeling depressed lately. So it was a nice surprise. And of course, Guiness always lightens the mood… As for her egg drawing, definitely *not* the most flattering resemblance! >_<; @O-Dan: Thanx! Though I can't tell if you're working on your compliments or your insults, Otaku Dork! Ha, just kidding, lol. ^_^; @Kris-chan: Hehehe! What's with the "LALALA"s? Are u covering your eyes too? Yeah, I understand not wanting it to end. But think of it this way: Better to catch the final episodes *now* before u accidentally get spoiled by someone or something! That was my part of my mindset, lol. But in the end, after all of our previous debates, I doubt you'll be disappointed. You might even whole-heartedly approve, hehe!... Aww, thanx, Kris-chan! Better late than never. Well, except for watching the "BSG" finale, lol. ^_~

  4. lol well welcome to my world Jay.
    Tattoos, piercings, body modification.
    Yes I thought about getting a split tounge too, but kept my pierced tounge in the end.
    And if we talk about WEIRD body modifications, I will tell you a story about a guy I met in a rock bar in Shinjuku a few weeks ago. If you think a split tounge is weird, then you will …. I dunno what you will after I tell you this…
    Well this guy seriously told me the tip of his penis is split, but since I didn’t believe him, he had to show me. Without hesitating he opend his jeans, pulled down the shorts and show me the split tip of his penis, in the middle of the bar lol
    I still wonder why he did it, what for….and I don’t even wanna imagine the pain that must have been. WHAT FOR????!?!??! I keep thinking, I guess this will be his secret lol

    and oh well, when you looked at Ama, did you see any similarities to a certain tattoo artist?^^

    oh well, today I had the 5th session, I asked how much more to come and he said around 4 or 5 …. wtf lol
    but it always a pleasure, I enjoy it.
    and he enjoys giving me pain lmao
    so there we are back to the sadist-masichist topic.
    last but not least I finally asked him today, when the tattoo is finished if he would ink me his Kanji (Name) as well and he said yes
    the tattoo will look amazing when its done.
    i am half way through now and i can imagine how it will turn out.
    i really picked the best one for the job!

    and btw, I have watched the movie already 20 times XD”

    Miyabiko´s last blog post > Blog 51: the Koi becomes alive

  5. @Miko-chan: Awww, lol, thanx. I think, hehe. Whoa, u really thought about a split a tongue? Even before u saw the movie?… But damn! How do u split the tip of a penis? And like u said, what for???… Hehe yeah, Ama kinda reminds me of those pics of Shin, lol. Damn, a total of 9-10 sessions! How long does each session take? And 20 times watching the film? This time, it’s my turn to ask: What for??? LOL. Yup, sadist and masochist! It’s totally about the pain, isn’t it? The pleasure of pain. >o<;

  6. haha ya I got my tounge piercing when i was 18, so even before i was thinking about a split tounge, so WAY before I read the book or saw the movie.
    And ya, i dunno why you would split the tip of your penis, tounge makes sense, but not the penis -.-
    oh and each tattoo session is at least 2 hours. the first 3 were around 5 to 7 hours, the 4rth 4 hours and the last one was 3 hours.
    why i watch the movie so often? cuz i like it^^
    reminds me of my own situation right now, well kinda, not completely.

    and yes, it is about the pain, though tattooing isnt really pain for me, just some parts are uncomfortable^^

  7. @Miko-chan: Ahh, 18 years old. So you’ve been exploring this world for quite a while, hehe… Not just a split penis, I don’t even think a split tongue makes sense. So I don’t even wanna imagine what a split penis looks like. Ewww, and the peeing?… Whoa, 5-7 hours? Man, that’s hard to imagine! I mean, do you get numb enough to nap through it?… Ah, I can understand liking it cuz it reminds u of your life. But who wants to be reminded of their life? Other lives are more interesting, lol. You know what I mean? ^_^;

  8. Wow that tongues just…something else if someone shown that to me id probably try to sew it back together XD;
    Dindins sure looks yummy though! Great face making at the table LOL

  9. Oh gawd!
    Reading about Split Penises is pretty much the last thing I ever wanna read about o.0
    Alone the Imagination…ugh…I cant understand how guys can pierce their little buddy but splitting?
    I agree with Jay that a split tongue makes as much sense as a split penis.

    This is just my imagination running wild but if the Dudes equipped well enough and splits it deep enough he may be able to please to Girls with it.It might be a Kama Sutraic act…

    Why am I even thinking about this XD

    Back to Topic:
    Ive never seen the CG Movie…Just some parts of the series when it aired at some bad timeslot.Looks like I have to give it another Chance!
    Over here Tomatoes,Espargus and Clams are called Aphrodisiac Foods.Seems like every country has its own belief in that regard.

    Beer lightens the mood of most guys^^ Except for me,since Im Straight Edge
    Never tried one lil drop of Alcohol

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Another QB Figure – Same Problem

  10. And here I was scrolling down to wish Jay a happy birthday and I see a conversation about split penises. o_o …Uh..where was I? Oh yeah, Happy belated birthday Jay! :D Did you have cake and make a wish?

    I gotta stop reading blogs before dinner because all the food pics make me so hungry. :<

  11. @TT-kun: Hehe, yeah, definitely *not* something u see everyday! Although sewing it back together might be even worse. I won’t even think about sewing a “split penis” back together (mentioned by Miko-chan above), lol. Hey, thanx! But all the face-twisting dinner-making credit goes to Lisa. ^_^

    @FlyingBlow: Haha, I know what u mean. Blame Miko-chan! She’s the one who actually saw one in real life! What? Splitting one into two penises? Ughhh. Please don’t try to make me vomit! I mean, if that were possible and true, wouldn’t a *normal* girl throw up?… Hey, if u wanna give “The Clone Wars” another chance, go for it! I deny all responsibility if it fails again, lol… Ah, yeah, clams as an aphrodisiac, I’ve heard. Oysters, etc. But not tomatoes or asparagus. Or maybe I’ve being living in a cave all this time? Yeah, I don’t touch beer either. But I *have* tried that hard cider, if u remember my party post a few weeks ago. Mmm, hard cider! The best adult beverage I’ve ever tried!

    @Coco-chan: Heyyy, how’s it going? Hahaha, sorry about making u wade thru all of the sado-masochism, hehe. But luckily, split penises won’t get me in trouble with the FBI, will it? Will it? In either case, thanx for the wishes! I appreciate it! Let’s see, I did have a free “on the house” cake-like choco-sundae dessert at that Outback. But I don’t think I made a wish! Dammit. But if I did wish something (like money trees or time machines), it probably wouldn’t come true, hehe… Mmm, all that food tasted sooo good! Mmm, garlicky lip-licking pasta and crunchy coconut shrimp and juicy medium-rare steaks! I’m not making u hungry, am I? ^_~

  12. aha! “Kuronuozu”! XD I still can’t quite believe they’re showing it in Japan as part of the spring season..-boggles- “Not to mention a live-action “Star Wars” series coming in 2010. ” Wait, an actual TV serial? ._. I wonder who’s playing who..

    Split tongue? ._. Uzuu. I never quite understood body modifications, but to each their own. =) I’m quite sure I’m never gonna poke my tongue, though. XD And Fujiwara Tatsuya looks kinda silly in that show, haha. Maybe it’s the hair. Or that shirt. XD

    @Miyabiko: Whoa, that’s the first time I’ve heard about that one! Genital bisection, is it? ….-goes off to read an article about a guy’s experience with it- Hrm. Whoa. Similar to what Blowfish mentioned..-wry- Summary: Quite extreme. No anaesthetic. Some pictures. :S

    Pandora needs memory?! :S I remember using it until they closed their doors to non-US members..sigh. Food looks yummy. :) Great stuff, Lisa!

    jenn´s last blog post > Spring 2009 List/Videos — final update

  13. LOL

    its quite intresting to see how life stories get people to discuss about it

    I dunno how old there ppl are reading this, but if ur underaged pls dont continue reading haha

    I dont wanna be a bad influence,
    but i will surely try to explain to you guys whats good about pierced and split tounges, even whats good about pierced penis, but like i said before, the split penis is something i dont understand at all lol

    first of all, like its been said before, everyone has a different taste, so lets be open minded and acceptable^^

    actually we could start a discussion about piercing and tattoos in general, for many people is it simply art, body art
    for many people it also has a meaning
    some people do it to stand out or shock conservative people
    some out of religion or way of life

    there you have rock stars, punks, girlies running after and making a trend out of it
    and last but not least yakuza for example.

    but for me its most important a way to express myself
    my tattoos have a storie and a unique meaning
    some of my piercings have a special “use”
    simply for the joy in special situation ^-°
    i guess everyone can guess what Im talking about.

    1. pierced tounge: is simply lovely if you give or get oral, it stimmulates in a special way and its nice lol
    if both have a pierced tounge, even the kissing is more fun

    2. split tounge: if you saw the movie, you have seen the sex part at the beginning where Ama licks around her nipples with the split tounge, like from both sides^^
    I mean seriously, thats nice and same goes for oral as well, no matter if ur a guy or a girl

    even pierced genitals have simply the use of stimmulation
    (no I myself am not pierced down there, but i experienced someone who is)
    the metal simply stimmulates you at parts you girls would never even think of haha ^-°

    besides that, you only live your life once, so enjoy it.

    if you wanna get a tattoo for example and it has a meaning to you (not those nonsense roses or butterflies) then get it, dont think about that it will last forever and wont look nice anymore when ur old and wrinkly^^

    Miyabiko´s last blog post > Blog 51: the Koi becomes alive

  14. @Jenn-chan: Hehe, “Kuronuozu”? What’s that? Sorry-sorry! I’m gonna guess u can’t believe they’re showing “Clone Wars” in Japan? Why unbelievable? But yup, according to the “Clone Wars” article in Wikipedia, there’s gonna be a live-action TV series next year! Nice! But I haven’t seen any actors named yet… Hehe, yup, split and poked tongues. Good for u! At least some of us like their tongues intact, lol. Hey, got that “genital bisection” article link? Should I risk reading it?… LOL, it’s both his hair and his shirt! After all, Tatsuya is playing a hoodlum. Then again, since I first saw his acting, I always thought his head was kinda big for his body, lol… Yup, according to my system memory usage, Firefox seems to spike whenever I start my Pandora station. Of course, my old laptop only has 1 Gig of RAM. So it sux. Especially if I also have Photoshop and Word and other crap on at the same time. Hey, really? Never knew Pandora closed their foreign doors. When was this?… Aww, I’ll tell Lisa u like her stuff! And her food too! ^_~

    @Miko-chan: LOL, I’ll get back to your “expressive” comment soon. So much to read! ^_^

  15. @Miko-chan: Hey Miko-chan! After reading your comment, while I may not personally tattoo or pierce myself anytime soon, I think this is one of the *best* things you’ve written! Pursuing meaning through expression (and expression through meaning), as well as exploring new and unique forms of physical pleasure (and pain), definitely. Regardless of time or the future. I mean, if this flows with your view of the world, these are definitely *good* reasons. Great reasons, lol. Of course, I also think there are *wrong* reasons to get a tattoo or piercing. But I never thought u could write so simply, clearly yet poetically, hehe. Thanx for such an honest perspective! ^_~

  16. hey jay ^^

    well thanks for the compliment (i guess it was one) haha

    I am happy you liked it
    I dunno just thought some people might wanna read about it.
    But besides that, I can talk about this topic for hours, there is so much I could tell^^

    Miyabiko´s last blog post > Blog 51: the Koi becomes alive

  17. @Miko-chan: Hehe, you’re welcome! Yeah, as u can see, quite a few readers find it very interesting! And if u can talk about it for hours, nobody’s stopping u, lol. ^_~

  18. I agree, hear hear, Miyabiko! :) I get it, logically, but it’s just not something I’d do. Always interesting to hear about others’ experiences, though, and I never thought about that for the split tongue!! (It’s not often I actually try that position anyway, haha~)

    Kuronuozu should be ‘Clone Wars’ romajified. XD Yeah, cos…just strange. ._. Then again I suppose since they’ve even dubbed House in Japanese, heh! Meh not something I’d read again, but if you want..-wry- Sigh, still managed to find out about bifurcated wombs and suspensions while I was on the site this time. -wry-

    Pandora’s been closed to non-US for a while, now, I think…I vaguely remember checking it a while ago to see it was down. :( Have now, but it likes to recommend metal to me, which I don’t like. -_- So would probably use Shoutcast on Netvibes for it.

    I was puzzled about liking Lisa’s ‘stuff’ (did I really say something like that?!) until I scrolled up and checked. Ahaha! :P

    jenn´s last blog post > Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo 12 – Dangerly Exclusive Control!

  19. @Miyabiko
    Im with you on the Tattoo Part.It can be a great way of expressing yourself if theres actually a meaning behind the whole thing and you arent doing this solely based on a fashion trend.
    While i would never get a tattoo myself there are some people I really admire for their bodypart.

    As for the whole Bodymodification scene:In my opinion theres a lack of artistic freedom / meaning behind those.Youll never be able to express the same things with a piece of metal/split tongue /whatever as with a tattoo.

    Thats just my two cents.

    As i wrote before i can understand that some people pierce /modificate their body for improved sexual sensuality but i cant understand how a split penis (yeah I still didnt stomach that one ^^) is to help you there.
    The split tongue seems to make somehow sense to me but all the pain youll have to experience for a split penis cant make up for the joy in exchange imho.BTW when we are talking about split penises how deep are they actually split? Just the Head or the whole thing down to the shaft?

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Giving back some Love!

  20. @Miko-chan: Looks like you’ve got some replies!

    @Jenn-chan: Ahhh, I should’ve seen that! So “kuron” = “clone” and “uozu” = “wars”, lol. But that “uozu” part really threw me off. I would’ve expected a “w” in there, lol. Nice. But apparently, not as nice as your bifurcated article. I think I’ll pass (or pass out), ewww. Hmmm,, Shoutcast, Netvibes. I’ve actually heard of before. How do they compare to Pandora? Besides the metal, hehe. Any of them worth switching to or trying out? Cuz the audio ads and “click here to continue” in Pandora is starting to annoy me, grrr, lol. Heyyy, so now that u checked, do u like her “stuff”? Yeah, we all know what you’re thinking. ^o^;

    @FlyingBlow: Ah, interesting view. In fact, u could also say that you’ll never be able to express as many things in a tattoo, as u can in a piece of music or personal blog, haha. Unless u write it on your skin? Hehe… Umm, I guess I’m not gonna search for that split-body-part article after all. Ouch. Please don’t mention head or shaft. Argh. Like I told Jenn-chan, I think I’ll pass (out), lol… P.S. Hey, what do u think of my idea to welcome your accepted banners in my Toybox rotation too?

    @RyoBase: Hey, dude, it’s never too late. Ten days or ten months. Makes no difference. Just don’t try that tactic with a girl, haha. Right, Miko-chan or Jenn-chan? >_<;

  21. @Jenn: I am happy you are interested in hearing different opinions about that kinda topic, many ppl are pretty locked still.

    @Blowfish: I agree with you, you cant really express things with piercing as you can with a tattoo.
    my new tattoo for example….i can write a long entry about it and what it means to me, what it stands for.
    my piercings? ^^ no
    just like i said, I either got them for the use of sexual enjoyment or simply as accesory, like my lip stud od belly or earrings.
    and about the split penis, the cut went in about 1 or 1,5 cm
    I wont google the use of it either

    @Jay, cuz I really dont wanna understand why ppl would do that to such a preacious body part ;_;
    it hurts me too

    Miyabiko´s last blog post > Blog 51: the Koi becomes alive

  22. @Jay
    Sure! Why not?^^
    Gotta say that i opened it up for German Blogs aswell.I guess theres no point to take those inside your database aswell ^^;;

    Just 1-1,5cm?
    Ive thought more of a halfway through split banana ^^
    I think ive talked enough about penises for the rest of the year now

    Blowfish´s last blog post > Giving back some Love!

  23. @Blowfish: Lol. XD That article I read was pretty extreme…it seems (I’m not too sure, but maybe) bifurcated = for the top bit, which some animals actually have too. (Same term used for splitting the tongue partway..) Then, I guess, if you want to go further like that guy did..-wry- Some reasons, maybe? Who knows..

    Heh, learn something new every day…word of day is ‘subincision’. XD

    @Jay-san: Lol! Depends on the girl and whether you intend to get her a present, maybe? ;) I’m using at the moment as a radio (e.g. search ‘pop’ or ‘anime’) instead of recommending thing…because my songs are on another drive, I couldn’t populate my media library (thus giving them not much to recommend on, maybe? ._.) — and the radio itself is pretty good. If you don’t like the song, just skip it. XD No ads. Of course, you can’t control what songs come up, either. I honestly can’t remember how Pandora was like, so I can’t really compare services, sorry. XD

    And no, I didnae pay attention to Lisa’s stuff. Such was the strength of the deliciouslookingness of her food! -halo-

    jenn´s last blog post > Kemono no Souja Erin 12 – Multicoloured Flying Beast

  24. @Miko-chan: Yeah, I know! I mean, 1.0 or 1.5 cm? Why even 0.5 cm? Ouch! Hurts just talking about it, lol.

    @FlyingBlow: Cool, and why not? Whenever you’re ready with those banners, let me know! But German or not, I still have to check them out on a case-by-case basis, hehe. ^_~

    @Jenn-chan: Sub-incision? Ouch!!! Definitely sounds like agony! But now you’re confusing me: Getting a girl a present? What was this related to again? Sorry! Haha, maybe I just need more sleep… But this “recommending thing” and “media library” sounds too busy. Since I usually download via BitTorrent, I don’t need another download site; just a simple radio-type site which has zero ads and allows unlimited song-skipping (Pandora has limited skipping and limited ads so far). So maybe might be a cool alternative. I’ll let u know! P.S. Hehehe, “deliciouslookingness”. Is that better than “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”? >_<;

  25. Ahh, sorry for the late reply again. x_x I haven’t been using the internet for “fun” stuff for the last few days. (Only been checking email, research, etc) I think my internet usage will be a bit erratic for awhile actually.
    Anyway, I don’t think that’ll get you trouble. No graphic details or pics, so you’re safe. xD
    Hey who knows, maybe if you wished for a money tree you’ll find the type of tree they use to make money growing in your lawn. Of course, it’ll be years until it can actually be used to make money…
    Nope, I’m not hungry now. I just had a bowl of Lucky Charms. (I know that I’m posting this in the middle of the afternoon, but cereal is good any time of the day.)

  26. @Coco-chan: Nahhh, if I have to wait years for a money tree to grow, we’ll all probably be using cyber-money by that time! I mean, not just credit or debit cards, why not a cyber-cash application for the iPhone? LOL! Ahh, “Lucky Charms” is awesome! But it’s probably been a few years since I’ve had it. Funny though, for the past 1-2 years, I’ve been having raw “Pop Tarts” at work almost every day, 3-5 pieces per day, lol. Yup, that’s my typical lunch. Like “Lucky Charms”, I don’t think I’ll ever grow out of eating Brown Sugar Cinnamon “Pop Tarts”!

    P.S. Hehe, no hurries, no worries about the late reply! Besides, I think I read on Mimi’s blog that you’re getting ready to make a college decision within the next few weeks. So I truly understand. Whatever the research or pursuit, best of luck! And keep us posted! ^_~

  27. @Jay-san: On presents…we were talking about belated birthdays, remember? :)

    Eh? Oh, no no. is far from a downloading site — in fact, it directs you to itunes if you want to download. (I don’t particularly like itunes. -wry-) I’m not sure about actual site ads, but unlike imeem, it doesn’t insert a vocal ad in between songs. Unlimited forward-only skipping on radio (sometimes I skip before it finishes buffering, which makes me happy since I saved bandwidth. XD)– from their FAQ —

    “… a service called Free On-Demand which allows you to listen to specific tracks up to 3 times on demand, in full length and for free. Afterwards, these tracks will be played as 30 second previews for you. This doesn’t affect the radio – in radio stations, all tracks will always be played in full length, even if you’ve used up your 3 plays limit for Free On-Demand.”

    I don’t use it to play on demand anyway — mp3raid or imeem are generally easier for that. XD I use the downloadable program, which automatically detects other songs I might be listening to on Winamp, and adds them to my library. The library/love a song/ban a song thing is probably only important if you want the “recommended” radio to have music you actually like — otherwise, you can always just listen to a radio by typing in a random topic, like “Japanese”, “Oldies”, or “Pop”. :) Though some might have limited song selection..

    jenn´s last blog post > Koukaku no Regios 12 – Sharnid’s P10 Uniform? Nice.

  28. @Jenn-chan: Wait, we were talking about birthdays? Ahhh, yeah, I finally found it in my comment to Ryobase! No wonder I couldn’t remember, lol… Wow, actually seems more powerful than I thought. But I don’t think I need it to connect to my WinAmp or iTunes MP3 archives (yet). Otherwise, I’d just listen to my MP3s directly, hehe. (Yeah, I don’t download via iTunes either, I just use the cool iMac iTunes player). Hmm, pretty interesting. I guess I’ll try out after all… If I ever remember to, hehe.

    P.S. Getting back to the belated birthdays, u really think a normal girl will forgive a delay of 10 days? Or forgive a guy who didn’t intend to get her a present at all? Aww, come on, Jenn-chan, lol. >_<;

  29. Ooo. So my challenge will be getting my site on that list without having much Otaku content, eh? Opens link, enters blog, click… beh. I’m not even a valid domain><;;

    Oh well- in due time:p
    By the way, what’s that sweet function where you get commentators latest post shown below their comments? It looks delish0.o

    aprilius20´s last blog post > Cellos Intoxicate Me.

  30. @Aprilius: Ahh, u mean the “Related Blogs” list? What challenge? Just ask! In, fact, there are a few others that aren’t quite otaku-oriented either (like the “Tokyo Diary” by Miyabiko). Besides, who care’s if it isn’t your own-hosted domain, right? Ah, thanx, that’s called “CommentLuv”. So if u ever have the blazing courage to leap from to, just grab and the thingamajig from and install the plugin. But as u say, “in due time”… ^_^;

  31. @Jay: Oh nonono~ I meant the charts of blog stats you included in this post^^; Thought that it would be a challenge when my blog feels so self-centered (it’s almost exclusively about me), and when I’ve been told that it feels rather cold:p

    As for your ‘related blogs’ blogroll, I really make it a rule that I must stalk a blog for a very long time, establish contact with the owner/or just meet him/her before I feel like I even qualify to request a link-exchange.

    …Although I did bend my rules once with E2046… well, Seraph asked first and since it looked like a more commercial (as opposed to personal) site I did the limbo and went along with the banner exchange, haha:3

    So in a nutshell, unless you ask me if I’d like to exchange links I will continue to go on with my usual protocol and stalk you till I feel comfy enough to ask. Irritating to some, I suppose, but oh well, that’s me^^;;

  32. @A20: Ahh, I see. Yeah, in that light, I guess it would be quite a challenge, lol. Now I know what u meant by “Not a valid domain.” When spits out that message, it typically means your blog hasn’t floundered around long enough (at least 6 months), hasn’t scratched their radar yet, or hides in the subdomain shadows of a larger domain (e.g. or Luckily, I’ve got some nifty tricks. But if I to guess, yours hasn’t reached their radar screens yet. Assuming that’s one of your goals, lol.

    Haha, sure, feel free to stalk! But yeah, I got smacked in the butt by the same cookie-cutter email from “e2046” like every other otaku (bottom of my “About” page). Ehh, haven’t replied yet. Yup, like u noticed, “avoiding” e2046 is one of my “Seven Broken Rules”. Besides, even if I still happened to be a figure addict, I don’t really think it helps much, lol. Then again, Blowfish liked and borrowed my random-banner system, so we’re kinda collaborating in collecting our own sets of banners anyway…

    To each, his own, eh? And why not? ^_^

  33. @Jay:Actually, I didn’t notice that you broke the e2046 rule- I just read it in this post^^;;

    So I score 2/3, eh? I’m off the radar and in a subdomain. Crikey, I really need to get a free host to get things moving, huh^^;;

    As for getting on your blogroll, I’ll continue to stalk alright… wha! You linked me without a wordT.T Now I’ll feel bad about not linking you and just have to link back immediately- hmm.. gotta make a new link category… my, my, you sure are wily^^;

    Try not to tell anyone else whom I stalk (eg mimi, gordon) about this or I’ll might end up breaking my rule again:3 Oh, and thanks for the linkage^^;;

    p.s. Interesting to see what you’ll call me next. If I recall, it started out with April, then Aprilius, and now A20.. Don’t really mind, as any derivations of my online pseudonym are fine (as long as you don’t call me Junius18 lol)- haha… I wonder what’s next?

    aprilius20´s last blog post > Cellos Intoxicate Me.

  34. @A20: Ha, sometimes u need to break some rules (e2046 rules, stalking rules, linking rules, blogging rules) to “get things moving”, eh? Otherwise, u may never get the chance again. (Whatever that means, lol.) But I decided to add your link cuz I figured I was going to do so down the road anyway. Basically, efficient laziness. And avoids all the unnecessarily long-winding drama, lol… Nah, just trying quicker alternatives. “A20” seems to get the point across in just a few keys. Again, efficient laziness, lol.

  35. @Jay: I suppose you’re right- but I’m not gonna get things moving without making sure I can keep up. As I keep saying, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get a free host after my finals^^;;

    And I really have to make a new category to place your site- don’t have one at the moment… and once I do that I can’t leave your link there all by itself, can I? Sigh. Looks like I am stuck:p Oh well- after exams, after exams *whistles nonchalantly while sidling off*

    aprilius20´s last blog post > Cellos Intoxicate Me.

  36. @A20: Ah, no hurries, no worries… But why create a new category? Why not just stick the link with the rest of your list? Or try this. If it’ll curb your over-analytical tendencies, here’s a vertical banner u can group with Danny’s: Gothloli Rei. Possible? ^_^

  37. Hmm.. methinks I”ll stick with the text link. I like Ayanami, but she looks a little different in your banner from how I like to picture her. The blue hair would suit my blog’s theme perfectly though, lol

    Erm, maybe I’ll try out the banner too… but if I still don’t feel comfortable with that version of Rei there I’ll just whish it away- no offence meant^^;

    aprilius20´s last blog post > Hot breakfast and cold classrooms just don’t get along very well

  38. @Jay: lol it’s rather freshening, don’t you think? I’ll leave the darker colours for my wardrobe^^;; It used to be a vivid shade of green, though, until someone told me it was rather hard on the eye:3
    …although now a friend has told me that the current blue theme is rather ‘cold’:p

  39. @A20: Hmm, I don’t mind blue either way… But hey, nice to see the Toybox banner sit comfortably under e2046, lol. Actually, lately I’ve getting some script problems on your blog. Might be related to your widget since I used to have problems with it too. Thus, chucked it… Cold? Nah, that’s just an excuse, haha.

  40. Yup, it seems to fit there fine- guess I’ll keep it. As for putting the Toybox banner below E2046, ‘first come first serve’, as they say over here, hehe^^ It does smooth things out though… I still haven’t gotten around to fixing the E2046 banner so that it sits in the middle instead of poking out at the left. Script problems? None here- I’m running on IE8 and Chrome. Although even if it is caused by, I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of it anytime soon… still haven’t found a better app to replace it. imeem doesn’t work on><;; Eh? Wait a minute… Scripts? If doesn’t allow scripts, how come I’m giving you script trouble? Odd, odd internet… the ‘seismic sneeze’ post was giving me a lot of trouble with the font and all too, though.

    aprilius20´s last blog post > Press Conference: On unreliable sources, and what to expect

  41. @A20: Oh man, I just took a look at your blog’s source code. Ouch, it’s ugly. Danny’s banner is under the standard [li] list and [div] tags. E2046’s banner is under the [tr] table row tag. While my Toybox’s banner is under the [p] paragraph tag. Ugly, lol. The quickest solution for now is to get rid of the [tr] [/tr] and [td] [/td] tags and replace them with the same [p] and [/p] from mine. That should center it… As for scripts, widgets allow some apps but not others. And of the ones that are allowed, some of the Flash-based apps cause script delays or hiccups… Hope this helps! (Sorry, just edited the brackets. It screwed up my comment!)

  42. lol I tried it out and it’s working alright, I guess, although it’s still not in the middle, I think it’s not in as odd a position as before (where was that? I forget, actually). Ah wait. It’s still in the same position. For some reason I can’t choose ‘select all’ or even highlight anything in that text widget, but meh. Will get to it sometime- not very good with html here. Maybe once I get one of those free web development tools from Microsoft^^;;

    Brackets? Whatever that is, but it only seemed to affect one post. Good thing your comments didn’t get lost though!

    aprilius20´s last blog post > Press Conference: On unreliable sources, and what to expect

  43. @A20: Hmm, u must’ve fixed it, cuz the banners all look centered now. The code is still ugly, lol, but centered… Free tools are good, but not necessarily from Microsoft!… As for the brackets, I used the square brackets instead (in my comment above), because the “real” arrow-shaped brackets hid parts of my text, haha. Don’t worry, I typically type in Notepad before pasting into the comment box anyway. ^_^

  44. Yes I did- threw in the ‘aligncentre’ text in the right spot- got lucky. Not sure what the HTML codes you gave me do, but it does look nicer that whatever was there originally. As for why I fixed it instantly after saying that I’d leave it for later, Chrome allowed me to copy all the text in the text widget but not IE8, for some reason. Chrome taketh and Chrome giveth, haha- it messed up with the positioning of the poll on my previous post. Still need to alternate between browsers, it seems.

    aprilius20´s last blog post > Press Conference: On unreliable sources, and what to expect

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