Blog 095 > My Eye on Mirai, Day 16

Damn slow progress! Since my last update two weeks ago — My Eye on Mirai, Day 10 — found only 6 more random days to push forward my Mirai Suenaga battle piece, for a mere total of 16 random days since May 28th. But once again, here’s a 750×500 draft of the full 1800×1200 battle scene so far. Since the frakkin’ hair and gun details took so long (understandably), I’m hoping things will speed up a bit. For the sake of numbers, let’s estimate 15% (about 1/7th) completed.

P.S. Hey Danny! Oops, if you read this, just noticed that my username — xJAYMANx — on your Fan Art page is missing the first x. And after clicking my username, my Amazon “List of ASINs” seems to have disappeared… Wait, it reappeared a day later. ^^;

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