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Eclair and Lumiere from Kiddy Grade
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Making the Grade!

To be or not to be elegant? That’s the difference between Eclair and Lumiere from the sci-fi-mystery action series Kiddy Grade. But together as a team, this dynamic duo packs a powerful cybernetically-enhanced punch!

Released in January 2006 as a combination package, both 1/7-scale PVC figures were intricately sculpted by the world-famous Monsieur Bome and just-as-finely manufactured by Kaiyodo. At a height of 8 1/2 inches, the more-voluptuous gun-toting Eclair poses playfully in her skimpy-yet-stylish blood-red dress. Meanwhile, at just over 7 inches, the more-childlike more-refined Lumiere stands gracefully with her wineglass in hand. Both renditions are incredibly detailed from their colorful bows to their unique hair curls to their hand-held accessories.

With matching G.O.T.T. (Galactic Organization of Trade and Tariffs) bases, these two are nearly flawless when stacked against other figures at the same scale. Even the price is nothing to whine about — an extremely affordable $30-35 USD for the pair — at such a high level of quality. So do Eclair and Lumiere make the grade? Without question, they pass with beverage-bubbling lipstick-flying colors!

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