post 390 ~ under a restful sky!

“you’re under arrest” (1994 japan; 2004 usa)

“me in the backyard again”

post 390 ~ yup, under a restful sky!… get it? under a rest?… ah, forget it… ;)

  • you’re under arrest ~ after watching previews of this anime months ago and then more recently, i finally decided several weeks ago to download and watch it for myself… and after watching the first 34 of 52 episodes (just the 1st season, there’s a 2nd season plus more!), i was surprised how good it is!… even something from the 90s!…

    it’s about two japanese policewomen Miyuki and Natsumi, who have fun catching the bad guys, getting into trouble with each other, and enjoying their friends and vehicles, hehe… i’m already attached to these characters… this is what i’m aiming for in my own fiction!

    so if you like keichi’s love of motorized vehicles and the playful humor from the “oh my goddess!” and “ah my goddess!” manga/anime, this is the same creator/writer Kosuke Fujishima!… highly recommended 5 of 5 stars!… yup, i finally had to say it!!!

    in fact, i like YUA so much, i’ve downloaded season 2, the original manga, the artbook, and the original soundtracks!… and i’m still downloading the live-action series that followed, as well as the anime movie!… just by the quantity and quality of material, i can sense how popular these were, and still are, in japan!

  • random photos ~ also took a few photos to update my site or journals or something… or maybe just to have them… or maybe i felt good today after accidentally finding a solution to opening a corrupted Word DOC, and then completing that high-priority project in a couple hours… who knows? ;)