post 357 ~ two newest figures!

“rin” (red), “mai” (orange) & “kaname” (blue)

“rin”, “mai” & “kaname”

“kaname”, “mai” & “rin”
post 357 ~ two newest figures “mai” and “kaname”… 1/6 scale at about 10 inches tall ;)

  • mai tokiho ~ orange-haired lead character from the action/dramedy “My HiME” (HiME = Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment)… one of my current faves! ;)))
  • kaname chidori ~ blue-haired lead female from the action/dramedy “Full Metal Panic!”… now in its third season, another fave! ;)))
  • rin tohsaka ~ she deserves another mention… black-haired supporting female from “Fate/Stay Night” ;)
  • thoughts ~ i wonder if i’m growing attached to figures not only for their form, but b/c unlike dvds or files which can be copied and downloaded freely, figures can’t be electronically duplicated, and so once their production has stopped, that’s it… they can only go up in value… reminds me of the cyber-philosophies of “ghost in the shell: stand alone complex”; where the world has grown so electronically interconnected and information ebbs and flows and evolves so freely, that “external mnemonic devices” like motoko’s wristwatch and the laughing man’s books become more precious as simple material objects that don’t change… serving as anchoring reminders of one’s individuality…