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Heyyy! Hello, my Ticklish Toyboxers! What’s up? What’s been going on? As a few of you might already know, I took a mini-break to rest, recharge, and most importantly, let my elbows recover and ring-and-pinky fingers relax from an irritating twinge of Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. So like I told Kris-chan last week: “I don’t think a planned 70-100 pic post would be in my best interest right now, lol. Besides, gave me stuff to think about. Hence, a new experimental post.”

Speaking of which, I hope you enjoyed my experimental Blog 206 > Anime Adrift. Not only an experiment, but it transformed into quite an intriguing Toyboxer test, haha! Congratulations to those of you who commented poetically and passed! But enough about last week. Just because I took it easy last week, doesn’t mean I won’t launch a massive 7-part 120-image cybernetic “mega-cast” or “giga-cast” this week. Including a deadly barrage of Japanese angels, gunslinging badasses, angelic cyborgs and otaku bloggers for every taste. So I hope you’re healthy, ready and willing enough to withstand the light-speed onslaught. Well, then? Let the battles begin…

Part 1 of 7 > Juri Ueno & Nodame Cantabile

Wow. Comedic. Dramatic. Inspiring. Sublime. What more can I add? What else can I say about the live-action Japanese drama “Nodame Cantabile” (2006), starring the irresistible Juri Ueno, eh? Here’s my speed-review for the anime-version back in my December Blog 178.

Nodame Cantabile [50]. My 50th anime title-or-season of the year. Oh wow! Now this series is an extraordinary tapesty in the romantic-comedic styles of the classic “Kare Kano” and the rock-and-roll “Nana”, but colored and interwoven through searingly sublime piano, violin and orchestral music. Probably one of the most original, breathtaking, and utterly unforgettable series in a long time. Easily 5 of 5 stars!

So how does the 11-episode live-action drama compare? Well, let me answer it this way. While I watched the first episode on 24 May 2009, I finished the remaining ten episodes from 7 June to 12 June! Less than a week! And then I finished the 2-part “European Special” the next day on 13 June, haha. I mean, the over-the-top physical comedy sets up the profound emotional dilemmas perfectly. And this only works when the actors and actresses can portray the orchestral roller-coaster tale just as flawlessly. Like I said: Sublime. I’m even tempted to give my first 6 of 5 stars ever. But I mustn’t break the rules too often, or it defeats the purpose of the rating system, lol. Very well, let’s go with 5 of 5 stars. To celebrate, here are a series of screencaps from Design Chronicle and a couple of promotional shots from Sony Music Japan.

Hehe, shall I present my traditional fake captions?

Why am I showing the ending credits first?

Eh, why not? To give an initial impression of the overall series?

Ah, Europe!

Ah, young Shinichi-kun before the terror and the trauma.

Ah, the college-aged Shinichi-sempai: “Who stole my porn?”

The next-door Nodame-chan: “You mean, *my* porn?”

Shinichi-sempai: “You threw my porn where?”

Shinichi-sempai: “I’ll have to teach you a lesson! A bath should do it!”

Nodame-chan: “Ahh, the piano feels like shampoo…”

Nodame-chan: “Is it true? The piano is nothing without porn!”

Nodame-chan: “Hehe, or is porn nothing without the piano?”

Shinichi-sempai: “Take that! You porn-stealing piano-playing fruit-cake!”

Nodame-chan: “Awww, I love it when he smacks me…”

Nodame-chan: “It means he loves me…”

Nodame-chan: “Oh no, I can’t find the porn I borrowed…”

Nodame-chan: “Maybe a little make-up will help?”

Shinichi-sempai: “Ah, porn is nothing without the violin!”

Nodame-chan: “You’re right! I thought the violin was nothing without porn!”

Nodame-chan: “Nooo, how can I be sick now? I need to find his porn…”

Mine-san: “Shinichi-san’s right. Porn is nothing without the violin!”

Shinichi-sempai: “Nodame-chan, let’s find the porn together.”

Stresemann-sensei: “Hahaha, what do you mean? I haven’t finished your porn yet!”

Stresemann-sensei: “But Nodame-chan, you can have it back in exchange for one kiss…”

Nodame-chan: “Whah-whah-whah?”


Stresemann-sensei: “Nodame-chan, are you sure you don’t want your porn back?”


Stresemann-sensei: “Ahh, porn is nothing without an orchestra!

Nodame-chan: “I have to find it. I have to find it…”

Shinichi-sempai: “What? You couldn’t find my porn? Wait! You know where it is?”

Nodame-chan: “But I want to watch it too!”

Stresemann-sensei: “What!?! They stole back my favorite porn!?!”

Shinichi-sempai: “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have taken the porn from you.”

Stresemann-sensei: “You should *all* be sorry! That was mine-mine-mine!”

Nodame-chan: “Hehe, I can’t wait to see it! Can’t wait to see it!”

LOL, okay-okay, enough of the fake captions. Here’s the cover of what looks like a Japanese TV guide. For the week of 21-27 October 2006. Featuring Juri Ueno and Hiroshi Tamaki from “Nodame Cantabile”. Aww, lemons.

Here’s an inside page from that TV guide. Feel free to enlarge the image, hehe.

Next, here’s a couple of promotional shots from Sony Music Japan, lol. From the week of Christmas 2007.

Here’s another high-resolution shot. Feel free to enlarge the image, hehe.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my flurrying musings of “Nodame Cantabile”. It’s definitely hard *not* to fall in love or feel protective of the carefree Nodame-chan or actress Juri Ueno, lol. In fact, according to her Wikipedia page, 2 live-action “Nodame Cantabile” films are coming soon in 2010! Really? I’m not surprised at all. LOL, we can’t get enough of Juri-chan, can we?


Part 2 of 7 > Juri Ueno & Anime Adrift

Heyyy, speaking of Juri Ueno, I mentioned my experimental Blog 206 > Anime Adrift at the top of my giga-cast, right? Well, during my search for some high-resolution “Juri Ueno” pics to accompany my “Nodame” discussion, I stumbled across an online stash of her old pics from her “JURIfirst” (2004) photo book. Which means Juri-chan was 18-years-old when her photo book was released, two years after her 2002 television debut. Which also isn’t surprising, since many famous Japanese actresses began their entertainment career as a gravure idol. Actress Yukie Nakama, from the comedy “Gokusen” (Live-Action Drama, 2002, 2005, 2008), is another name which comes to mind. But some girls start as early as 12 years old, if not younger!

In any case, here are 2 brief photoshoots from her photo book. Feel free to enlarge the high-resolution scans.








Interestingly, here’s the cover *without* the additional cover flap.

Then here’s the cover *with* the cover flap, mentioning her fame in TV and commercials (CM), haha. Why not mention it, right?

Well, that’s all for now. Just a quick 9-page glimpse of the near-100-page photo book. Hmm, maybe I’ll trickle a few more photoshoots in the near future? Who knows? But now, from live-action romantic comedies and gravure-idol photo books, let’s leap 180-degrees into post-apocalyptic cyborg technologies!


Part 3 of 7 > Chronicles of Cyborgs & Terminators

Drama. Desperation. Terror. Horror. Sublime. What more can I add? What else can I say about the American sci-fi drama “Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles” (2008), eh? Back in my Blog 203 last month, I mentioned that the series had been sadly cancelled before I even had a chance to finish it. But now that I’ve finished it, it’s even more sad. Within one month, I began the first episode of “Season 2” on 23 May 2009, then finished the final revealing episode just a few days ago, on 19 June 2009. Despite the expectedly heavy atmosphere within such a post-apocalyptic time-shifting saga, the acting amongst all of the actors is top-notch. And the stylistic reverence and cinematic adherence to the original film trilogy is uncanny! An impressive 5 of 5 stars! To celebrate, here are a series of high-resolution promotional wallpapers, photos and other images, many of which come from TV Spoilers Center.

Yup, here are a ton of huge images, including a bunch that are larger than 3000px, and a few that are 4000px! Gotta love the shotgun. A nice reference to the films, lol. Do you want to live?










Ah, here are the leading and killing women of the series.







And now, here are a stockpile of terminating wallpapers.









Well, do you really want to live? Despite the cancellation, I must congratulate the cast and crew of “Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles” (2008) for a job well done! After 2 time-gripping mind-bending seasons, it’s sad to see it end. But maybe now, I can finally catch the latest “Terminator 4 – Salvation” (2009) film. Maybe?


Part 4 of 7 > Chronicles of Shirley, Summer & Stephanie

Ah, the deadly actresses of “Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles”! Shirley, Summer and Stephanie! Let’s begin with Shirley, lol. Wow, I first remember Shirley Manson when she was the lead vocalist of Garbage, back when I bought their debut album in 1995! Loved their music and especially her voice! Enough to buy their follow-up album “Version 2.0” in 1998, lol. So when I saw Shirley appear in this sci-fi series, in her first professional acting role, I was intrigued and pleasantly surprised! A 14-year arc, lol. Pretty awesome.

Next, remember Summer? Haha, like I mentioned a few mega-casts ago, I first remember Summer Glau from her previous sci-fi series “Firefly” (2002). And like I mentioned, this will be her *second* sci-fi axe. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted, right? A 7-year arc, lol. Still pretty awesome.

By the way, here’s a hilarious NSFW-pornographic composite image I stumbled across in my “Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles” searches, lol. Be warned! Don’t enlarge the image unless you’re willing to subject yourself to some humorous nudity! But still, despite the poor spelling, the Photoshop quality is remarkable, lol. “Cum with her if you want to live”, lol.

Ah, last but never least, Stephanie! My favorite, lol. So why do I say “favorite”? Well, if you remember a couple of months ago in my Steampunk mega-cast (Blog 196, Part 4), I posted about my favorite “Firefly” fanfic character, the Anglo-Asian genius pilot I created and illustrated in 2004, named Akiko “Lucky” Yoshikawa. While Angry Mimi-chan may remind me of Lucky’s appearance and personality, Stephanie Jacobsen, based on her performance in “Battlestar Galactica – Razor” (2007), would be the perfect actress to play Lucky. Not only with her combined Portuguese, Chinese, Norwegian, and British heritage, but especially her Aussie accent!

So when I saw Stephanie appear in this series, yet another sci-fi series, I was immediately drawn into her particular strand of the “Terminator” saga. Here’s a still from the “Terminator” set.

Next, here’s a still from the “Battlestar Galactica – Razor” set. Impressive.

Finally, here’s a shot in a softer outfit, from neither “Terminator” nor “Battlestar Galactica”, lol.

So that’s it! The quick and dirty “Terminator” chronicles of Shirley, Summer and Stephanie linking “Garbage”, “Firefly”, and “Battlestar Galactica”, as well as linking Scottish, British and Australian accents, lol. Wait, did I mention I have a thing for European and European-based accents? I did? Oh, sorry then.


Part 5 of 7 > Hard-Boiled Cops, Blade Runners & Battling Angels

Oh yeah! Extending the exterminating trajectory of badass gunslingers and gunslinging badasses, let’s take a one-eyed aim at the classic Hong Kong action film “Hard Boiled” (1992), directed by John Woo, and starring Chow Yun-Fat and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai. Haha, yup, last week on 14 June 2009, I finally managed to watch what many critics consider to be “one of the greatest and most influential action films ever made”! And I can’t disagree! Not only that, Chow Yun-Fat and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai are so young, lol. Especially since mentioning Tony Leung in my Red Cliffs mega-cast (Blog 201, Part 3), lol. Consequently, I’d have to award the film a bullet-flying 4 of 5 stars!

In fact, here’s the front cover of the 2007 DVD-version I watched.

Here’s a similar cover including both the front and back.

Finally, here’s a famous still from the classic action film.

Now, after watching “Hard Boiled”, and noticing many of the elements that influenced later films like “Terminator” (1984), “Die Hard” (1988) and “The Matrix” (1999), I couldn’t escape one particular motif. After seeing Tony Leung’s paper cranes, I couldn’t help being reminded of the origami figures folded by Edward James Olmos in “Blade Runner” (1982). So guess what? What did I do? Immediately after finishing “Hard Boiled”, I decided to watch my old DVD copy of the classic American sci-fi film “Blade Runner – Director’s Cut” (1982, 1992), starring Harrison Ford and Edward James Olmos, for the first time in years. Yup, years! Too funny. Funny how seeing Edward James Olmos’ “pimped” humanoid form and the “skin job” reference to cyborg Replicants, both reminded me of the humanoid Cylons in “Battlestar Galactica”. Even funnier how Harrison Ford’s piano managed to remind me of “Nodame Cantabile” too, lol. Funny how everything I watch is somehow related to everything else I watch! From gun battles to paper cranes to killer cyborgs!

Here’s the front cover of the 1992 “Director’s Cut” DVD-version I watched.

Next, here’s the poster of the 2007 “Final Cut” version.

Finally, here’s the front cover of the 2007 “Final Cut” DVD-version I still haven’t watched.

Coincidentally, in yet another related piece of post-apocalyptic possibilities, just a few days ago, I finally managed to finish the ninth and final volume of the original cyberpunk-splatterpunk manga series “Battle Angel Alita” (Gunnm, 1990) created, written and illustrated by Yukito Kishiro! Damn, after years of delay, I finally resumed “Angel of Chaos” (Volume 7) on 27 March 2009. Three months later, I finally finished “Angel’s Ascension” (Volume 9) on 19 June 2009! An undisputed and masterfully executed 5 of 5 stars! One of the rare manga gems I’ve ever finished, lol.

Here’s the cover of “Rusty Angel” (Volume 1), which magnetically caught by eye all those years ago, and never let go.

Ah, here’s a cool fanart wallpaper version of the manga cover.

Here’s another rustier-and-bloodier fanart version of the manga cover.

Finally, here’s an amazing 3D CG-rendered fanart version of the manga cover. Wow.

Aww, and of course, here’s a close-up of Alita herself.

The following day, on 20 June 2009, I snapped a few random photos of my “Blade Runner” DVD, “Battle Angel Alita” manga, and the FUTURO elbow and wrist supports which facilitated (and continue to facilitate) my recovery.

A slightly different angel. Oops, I meant, “angle”.

A real-life demonstration!

Whew, that was exhausting! Hard-boiled cops, blade runners and battling angels! All we need are “hard-boiled cyborgs”, and the circle will be complete, lol. Right, Vader?


Part 6 of 7 > Thankful Fridays & Tasty Sundaes

Okay, my Tireless Toyboxers, time to take a break from Japanese angels, gunslinging badasses, and angelic cyborgs, lol. Time to talk about myself! To be specific, on Friday, 19 June 2009, I decided to treat my co-worker friend Michelle with lunch to celebrate her birthday over the weekend. Where did we go for lunch? Since I was treating, I let her decide. And ultimately, she decided on “T.G.I.Friday’s”, of course! I haven’t been there in years!

I have no idea what I’m explaining in this first shot, but that “Park, Ride, Relax” sign is pretty funny.

A thoughtful pose! Check out the plane taking off beyond my windshield!

Haha, Michelle, nice motorcycle catch!

A-ha! Wearing my FUTURO elbow support, lol.

There’s the next airplane! Can you capture that?

Hehehe, there it is! Just landed on the runway!

Hahaha, whatever!

Hey, Michelle, got enough salad?

Got enough soup? Umm, could you stop moving?

LOL, finally, that’s better.

Mmmm, my delicious salmon pasta!

My tasty French onion soup!

And finally, our free birthday sundae! Free! Awww.

Wow, that was too quick! Hmm, I think the lack of killer cyborgs had something to do with it, lol.


Part 7 of 7 > Otaku Outlook & Battling Toyboxers

Did someone say “killer cyborgs”? Nahhh, none here. Just some blog-battling otaku. Same thing? Nahhh, lol. Nonetheless, continuing our traditional otaku-blog coverage from last month’s Tales (Blog 202, Part 1) mega-cast and previous month’s Supercops (Blog 198, Part 1) mega-cast, here’s the latest batch of estimated theoretical values in the otaku blogosphere.

As you can plainly see in the first chart (enlarge if necessary), “Sankaku Complex” continues to seduce the otakusphere and reduce “Danny Choo” to a seemingly pilot-less Gundam, lol.

Meanwhile, in the second chart (enlarge if necessary), “Happy Soda” and “xJAYMANx_toybox” continue their irregular rise. However, based on these specific dozen-plus trajectories, the overall otakusphere seems generally stable.

Hehehe, now, let’s have some fun! Until now, I’ve always focussed on otaku-blog trajectories in the theoretical $5K-to-10K or $10K-to-20K range. This time, let’s focus on the theoretical $0K-to-3K range! In fact, let’s turn this into a little “game” or “race”. Why not? Why not wonder who theoretically “wins” next month? Just for fun, of course.

Let’s begin with Girl G33k (Kris-chan) at $876 USD.

Website Outlook
18 June | Website Outlook – Girl G33k

After her is Furudango (Koshiko-chan) at $1569.50 USD.

Website Outlook
18 June | Website Outlook – Furudango

Third is Aprilius20 (A20-man) at $2372.50 USD.

Website Outlook
18 June | Website Outlook – Aprilius20

After him is Rhythm Emotion (Lene-chan) at $2438.20 USD.

Website Outlook
18 June | Website Outlook – Rhythm Emotion

Fifth is One and Only Jem (Jem-chan) at $2489.30 USD.

Website Outlook
18 June | Website Outlook – One and Only Jem

After her is The Coco Cafe (Coco-chan) at $2868.90 USD.

Website Outlook
18 June | Website Outlook – The Coco Cafe

Finally, seventh is Lovely Duckie (Duckie-chan) at $2905.40 USD. Since her new domain at hasn’t fully taken hold yet, I’ll use her blog for now.

Website Outlook
18 June | Website Outlook – Lovely Duckie

So who’s the theoretical $0K-to-3K winner this month? Duckie-chan is! Congratulations, Duckie-chan! I don’t know what prize you’ve actually won, but I’ll figure it out some time, lol. Remember, my Trembling Toyboxers, once your otaku-blog exceeds an estimated worth of $3K, it no longer qualifies for this so-called “race”. Just to keep it interesting, hehe. Good luck, next month!

Heyyy, how are you doing? Are you okay? Did you survive my massive 7-part 120-image cybernetic “giga-cast” this week? Did you survive my deadly barrage of Japanese angels, gunslinging badasses, angelic cyborgs and otaku bloggers for every taste? Well, I hope so! I mean, if you withstood my light-speed onslaught, then you are truly a Trooping Toyboxer! As always, let’s thank the glorious guest-starring girls who graced my broadcast! Thank you, Nodame-chan, Juri-chan, Sarah, Cameron, Shirley, Summer, Stephanie, Alita-chan, and Michelle (Happy Birthday!), as well as Kris-chan, Koshiko-chan, Lene-chan, Jem-chan, Coco-chan, and lastly, Duckie-chan (Congratulations!)… Whew, this was definitely massive. Quite a massive attack.

Till next broadcast. Peace. Out.


Final Flashback

Nodame-chan: “Maybe a little make-up will help?”


69 thoughts on “Blog 207 > Angels, Badasses & Cyborgs

  1. Good to hear that you’ve healed, although I have no idea what that cubital thing is.

    Nodame was amazing, yes. Have you watched the second season? That one actually had me thinking, ‘wow, Nodame’s doing something for herself. She’s actually working hard’ which inspired me to do something about my own studies, until I remembered that unlike her I don’t enjoy the subject, and forgot all about it, haha.

    lol at the second terminator photo. Strategically placed hair… how convenient:) A fetish for European accents? Interesting.. my sister likes to mimic the Brits, and does it pretty well (I think), but hands off, haha. This just reminded me of how I once thought of learning Italian… then I went to Italy, and didn’t like what I heard. Same goes for Spanish^^;

    Hmm, I didn’t know website outlook could compute my site’s stats, being a free site. But daily pageviews at 611? I normally get around 30 hits a day, so that’s a little confusing. Hmm. Let’s see- $3.25 a day. That should be enough to cover the costs of hosting. I wonder…

    One last bit I just had to shout out- I’m really not in favour of underage modeling, especially those below, say, 16. Last I heard there was a special category for them, whatever it’s called. The lolicon fetish should stay in the 2D world, I think.
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Japanese Film Festival 2009 =-.

  2. @A20-man: Haha, well, if you’ve ever hit your elbow’s “funny bone”, then you know the feeling. But if you constantly overwork your elbow (due to typing or leaning on surfaces or foosball, lol) to the point where your joint tissue (tendons, cartilage, etc.) become inflamed or irritated, then your ulnar nerve (“funny bone”) will begin to tingle or burn from your elbow to your pinky and ring fingers. Yikes! So while the compression of the carpal tunnel occurs at the wrist, the compression of the cubital tunnel (through which the ulnar nerve runs) occurs at the elbow. Unfortunately, I’m *still* or *continuously* healing, lol. In other words, unless I refrain from computer-keying completely from this point on, this will remain a concern. But as long as I rest my arms frequently, I should be fine. Moderation, right? Kinda like being “healed” from surfing the net too often or watching too much anime. Moderation!

    Which “Nodame”? Live-action or anime? ***SPOILER ALERT*** Yeah, I watched the live-action “European Special” where she masters the “Mozart” piano-play and cosplay, lol. But haven’t watched the animated “Paris – Season 2” yet. I’m still waiting for the rest of the subbed episodes to be available for download, lol. Haha, didn’t enjoy the subject? Don’t forget, at first, she couldn’t get “Mozart” either! ***SPOILER END***

    Haha, yeah, “Terminators” are quite strategic machines after all! They can even mimic European “Schwarzeneggarian” accents, haha. But you’re right, I didn’t know Website Outlook could calculate “subdomained” blogs until recently! A new feature! Ah, I see, that’s the thing. “Hits” aren’t necessarily the same thing as “page views”. In some cases, “hits” may or may not include the individual image hits as well as the page. Whereas “page views” could be defined as making the page request *versus* actually completing the page load. So it varies.

    Regarding the lolicon fetish, no doubt it’s a complicated issue. If you restrict underage modeling, would that imply a restriction on underage acting? Underage singing? Dancing? Even if the parents or guardians approve? But I don’t see how 3D versus 2D makes a difference, haha. You mean “perversions” should remain in the animated world? ^_^

  3. Chiaki-sama! Aww he’s so cute. And he sings, too.
    Really all the actors they found were fantastic in the live action drama.
    I think it’s so funny that they left Chiaki’s somewhat violent tendencies in there, because he’s basically beating her, lol. And, you know, that’s not really right. But for some reason you don’t really think about it because it’s done in this outrageous and comical manner.

    Does Hiroshi Tamaki have an idol photo book? I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on something like that for some certain fellows….. Actually I wonder if the male actors over there do that sort of thing, or is it exclusive to the females?

    *skips over all the Terminator stuff*

    Wow…that’s something since I have NO ads on my blog how is it possible to have any value worth at all?). I can’t believe I have that high of a page view though. What does that mean? More than 5 people read my blog?

    As for studying…. My little sister hates studying of any kind. In fact, she just dropped out of college (after, I suppose, unsuccessfully raising her GPA to go back to her first school, which she was suspended from because of her low GPA). I’m going to have to give her a stern talking to soon.

    But for now, my audition is tomorrow and I’ve been nervous for 2 days already (since Saturday). I’m not at all ready, really, and I’m totally terrified. So I’m going to go relax with another disc of Gun Buster 2.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Mushi-Shi =-.

  4. @Kris-chan: Hehe, Chiaki-kun! But yeah, if I had to pick the best actors, they’d *need* to have some ability to sing or dance anyway. Well, the “violent tendencies” come directly from the outrageous anime! Hmmm, you know what? I’ve never seen a male photo book before. Do they even exist? I mean, they should exist, right? As for Hiroshi-kun, who knows? Yeah, maybe it’s a female thing after all, lol.

    {Skips Kris-chan’s “Terminator” comment} Did you even notice Stephanie Jacobsen who’s been in both the “Terminator” series AND the the “Battlestar Galactica – Razor” feature? Haha.

    Well, all this “Website Outlook” mumbo-jumbo is estimated and theoretical, regardless of actual ads or hits or views. It’s probably a combination of all these hits and views and length of stay and international reach, tossed into some weird formula. So I doubt that it *means* anything. However, if we experiment on how it calculates values for *every* otaku blog, then it *might* give an overall picture of otakuspheric activity, right?

    Ouch. Sorry about your sister. I can definitely relate to the lack of incentive. But what’s her goal in life? Any personal passions? I don’t think I ever really had any intense passion to accomplish anything specific. But looking back, it might’ve been interesting to pursue a career in computers from the very beginning, hehe. Who knows what would’ve happened then?

    Heyyy, good luck with your audition tomorrow! I haven’t seen it, yet, but maybe sing a song from “Gun Buster 2”, hmmm? ^_~

  5. Funny bone… you mean the one where if you snap at the right place, you get an electric jolt? Hmm. I wonder if this problem can be avoided if one types like Lelouch?

    Nodame season 2 has been up for some time, with subs too. Haven’t gotten to the live-action specials though. The subject? Oh no, I enjoyed the music- I meant my own subjects which I had to study for (law), haha.

    Still don’t really get how websiteoutlook works, so I think I’ll can it, haha.

    As for the lolicon fetish, you’re right on that. I suppose you could look at it from this P.O.V instead: what is the Japanese idol industry aimed at? Two reasons, I think, the first being to attract male attention for whatever they’re marketing; and two, as a springboard to greater heights, be it acting or whatnot, as in Juri’s case.

    The problem with underage idols is that it seems to fulfill both those functions- if it was only the latter, then it would be fine. But having kids photographed in provocative swimwear (etc) for guys to salivate at just doesn’t seem right. I guess they should just use alternative channels for developing young talents, like CMs and the like, just not ‘child idols’. Touchy issue, no doubt.

  6. Yeah I did see the pictures of the BSG girl. I just have no interest in Terminator.

    Well, my sister had wanted to be a coach or personal trainer or something. So she was studying kinesiology I think. She just hates studying. I don’t know many people who DO like studying, but she’s stubborn. I mean, everybody hates core classes, but you suck it up and do the work because you have to. And that’s kind of the point. When you have a degree, people know that you’re able to commit to something, and do the work, etc. I think I will try to convince her to get an associates, at the very least. Because if you have no degree at all…. There are many places that flat out won’t hire you without one (no matter what it’s in), and it will be difficult to make more than $10 an hour or so without one. I don’t think she understands that. I don’t want her to end up like my fiancee’s brother, and I don’t want her to end up like me either.

    She’s got the drive (or at least she did), but she doesn’t have the brains or the will to study (specifically things that she has no interest in, like all the core classes she keeps failing). I’m the total opposite (got the brains, but no ambition). Ug, whatever, I just think she’s making a huge mistake and she just doesn’t realize the consequences. I know my parents have explained it to her, but she will not listen to anything they say about anything because that’s the way she is.

    Anyway, I can’t sing j-pop for my audition! I have to sing “traditional” musical theatre pieces. And since I’m singing Wildhorn, well, I’m not sure that qualifies as it is. But it’s what I know, so oh well.

    By the way, you NEVER tell actors (at least in theatre) “good luck,” because that’s bad luck! You always say “break a leg.”
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Mushi-Shi =-.

  7. @A20-man: Exactly, that’s the ulnar nerve! But wait, how does Lelouch type? All I remember is how he crossed his arms and hands over one another, like a master pianist would!… Ahh, my bad. I checked and realized that I downloaded the entire “Nodame – Season 2 – Paris” last week! Must get to that soon. Amidst my “K-On!”, old “Outlaw Star”, and other goodies, lol… Ah, the subject, that’s what I meant. Nodame-chan initially didn’t enjoy her “Mozart” subject, just as you don’t enjoy your law subjects now. So maybe you’ll actually love it someday?… Hmm, yeah, one could always argue that “provocative” is in the eye of the beholder. I mean, swimwear is “practical” by the pool or the beach, right? So it’s a choice for the male or female “beholder” to salivate or simply think nothing of it. Yup, choice is tough to regulate.

    @Kris-chan: Fair enough, lol. Your “Terminator” is my “Cabaret”! Yuck. Ahh, I see. Tough to make kids realize how choices have consequences. Or lack of consequences. Till they’re a little older, a little wiser. When it’s harder to redo things. Maybe if she knew people like your fiancee’s brother, she’d figure it out?… LOL, bahhh, show-business luck. It’s only good luck or bad luck, if you believe in luck to begin with! I mean, aren’t you trying to teach your sister not to rely on “luck” too? Haha, hard work and smart work instead. Oh, and good connections too. ^_~

  8. Haha, Jay-san, you don’t know many theatre people, do you? They’re notoriously superstitious. I’m not particularly superstitious, but there are some certain things I will or won’t do, or will say or won’t say. All I know is, someone mentioned the Scottish Play (Shakespeare’s MB) onstage one day (you’re not supposed to call it by name ever, ESPECIALLY not onstage!), and during the stage build someone got a wrench dropped on their head from the fly rail. A couple other things happened during that show, too.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Mushi-Shi =-.

  9. @Kris-chan: Hahaha, of course not! Luckily, indie-film people are probably more laid-back, right? Something about multiple takes and do-overs maybe? Last week, it took about 4 takes for me to shake the main star’s hand, smile and walk away. Nice… Is that “MacBeth”? LOL, ah well, superstitious, schmuperstitious. Luck is luck. Once you can influence good luck or prevent bad luck, it ceases to be luck, right? I think it becomes more of an excuse to be distracted or perform poorly… As for the wrench, I think some stage guy heard “MacBeth”, got pissed off, and aimed the wrench on someone’s head, lol. Ah, well, if that’s theatre, I guess it comes with the wrench~~ oops, I mean, territory.

  10. Yup, I’m pretty sure he types quite flamboyantly as well, besides the opening pose, hehe.

    Nah, I’ve gone through it for some time, and I still can’t get myself to like it. Hah, I remember asking a classmate who went to this talk for bloggers regarding ‘blogger’s rights’ or something like that- “So, do you blog?” and he said “No, just to listen”. I don’t even know what I’m doing there, surrounded by a bunch of people I can’t understand, haha. But I’m dealing with it.

    @Kris: Theatre pieces only? Hmm, would Kabuki slip past that ruling, I wonder?
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Japanese Film Festival 2009 =-.

  11. @A20-man: Ahh, I gotcha. Yeah, I went thru Architecture school, switched after 3 years. Went thru Civil Engineering, graduated after 2 years. Pushed thru Transportation Engineering, abandoned the master’s thesis after 2 years (to move out-of-state with my gf). Then 2 years after that, finally fell into Technical Documentation. Which has stuck to me like a lost puppy or a clingy girlfriend, lol. So I know the feeling. Too well.

    P.S. Haha, Kris-chan in Kabuki face paint? Now that would be worth a watch. Probably a tin watch, lol. Kidding!

  12. I don’t know that we’re not laid back…. Theatre people are extremely eccentric. Well, actors in general I think are; you kind of have to be. And acting in theatre is so much different than being in a film. Because in a film, you do it once and you’re done (well, you know, except for retakes). In theatre, you’re playing the same role every night, 6 nights a week, and twice on weekends. For weeks, months, even years. Yet even so, your performance could change each night, depending on your personal emotions that day, and also the feelings and feedback you get from any given audience. Maybe a prop that worked perfectly for 60 performances suddenly doesn’t in the middle of a show. Or the radio controlled boat you’re riding in suddenly goes off course because it’s on the same frequency as the local fire department and a fire truck just drove by the building. Or maybe your lead actor has no control and acts completely differently every single performance. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s so unpredictable. Which is probably why theatre people are so superstitious.

    Yes, MB (I won’t even type it out, lol). I don’t think anyone dropped that wrench either…I think it fell off something, haha…the poor guy.

    Traditional theatre pieces, yeah. Which…well it can be interpreted different ways. But it certainly means no movie songs, pop songs, things like that. And probably not songs from shows like Spamalot or Legally Blonde or Shrek. Unless you’re doing a comedic show like that, then it’s probably fine.

    I have a picture of me in cat make-up (that I designed and applied), but not Kabuki.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Mushi-Shi =-.

  13. @Kris-chan: Ahh, true, point taken. And I think I agree with the theatre eccentricity. Hmm, I wonder if folks get into acting because they’re eccentric, or if they’re eccentric because they got into acting? Probably a mix of both, lol. I don’t know about you, but it just *fell* on top of me. Like a wrench! But I can’t even imagine the continuous near-24/7 cycle of performance after performance.

    Meanwhile, in the limited indie-film scenes I’ve seen other actors perform, sometimes the main guy has to redo an emotional scene over and over, because the director notices that the camera angle isn’t great, the shot isn’t framed right, the lighting isn’t bright enough, the actor messes up his line, or the actor thinks of something new to improve the scene. So as an extra, I have to eat my fake salad over and over in the background. Or I walk past the restaurant table over and over, lol. Half a dozen, maybe even a dozen takes! Tons of variables. Simultaneously tedious yet humorous. Hehe, yeah, if anything, “unpredictable” seems to be the common characteristic… But luckily, I don’t feel any need to be more or less superstitious! Aww, poor “MacBeth” guy.

    P.S. Heyyy, you mention a self-photo, yet don’t provide the evidence? Isn’t that a little unfair to us? Haha. ^_~

    P.P.S. Hehe, note to self: I just love killing browsers with my mega-posts!

  14. “Or the radio controlled boat you’re riding in suddenly goes off course because it’s on the same frequency as the local fire department and a fire truck just drove by the building”

    …lol, I’d love to see that happen!
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Japanese Film Festival 2009 =-.

  15. @Jay:
    You’re right, it’s probably both. You have to be a little eccentric to go around pretending to be someone else; but pretending to be someone else can also make you a little eccentric, lol. It’s all a part of you though, when you get down to it. When you create a role, you pull something from within yourself, but at the same time can also be influenced by the character.

    Fine fine, here it is:

    That actually happened on occasion for Phantom of the Opera in London. The boat would just, not necessarily go out of control, but they’d lose control of it via the remote because of the interference and it would just sort of…go on its own.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Mushi-Shi =-.

  16. @A20- man: Whoa! I wouldn’t want to be in the path of that boat if it ever headed for the seats!

    @Kris-chan: Exactly. So far, I’ve only been limited to minimal roles as an extra, so the stretch hasn’t been too eccentric. But I know what you’re getting at… Although the main star in this indie implied that I have a “look” that would be great for an Asian “kingpin” of a harem, in a future project, lol. Haha. a kingpin? A harem? That’d be funny!

    Heyyy, impressive. Can’t even tell it’s you. What’s the specific performance? Broadway’s “Cats”? ^_^

  17. @Kris-chan: Ahh, I figured it was… Uh-oh, don’t ask me why, but somehow the opening “Neko Mimi” tune from “Tsukuyomi Moon Phase” just popped into my head, lol. A cat pose would’ve been sweet!

  18. @Kris: Didn’t think it could happen on that scale. I had an RC car once, which I left on top of a tall bookshelf- turned on the TV with the remote, and the car just zoomed off into the air^^;

    @Jay: I wouldn’t mind being INSIDE it, lol!
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Japanese Film Festival 2009 =-.

  19. Nodame is awesome! I still have to finish watching the anime. XD I think Ueno Juri looks very different, though..maybe it’s the hair. Or that she looks so much younger. -wry- But the smile’s the same. ^^

    Wow, those are some professional-looking posters! On the Photoshopped -wry- I think Summer Glau is more well-endowed than that, and maybe it’s the angle, but the bottom looks strange. ._.

    British accents, yay. :) Ah, so that’s where the sundae picchar came from. :) Omg, I’m getting hungry looking at all the food. T_T

    @A20 & Jay-san: I doubt anyone would beat Death Note’s Light when it comes to flamboyant typing, if he types anything like he writes..:P
    .-= jenn´s last blog > Terminator Salvation – Strange Names and Holey Games =-.

  20. I really enjoyed the live-action Nodame! I’m wondering whether I should give the anime adaptation a second chance. I watched the live-action first and couldn’t get used to the voices right away :\ Speaking of Nodame, I need to buy the other volumes that came out so far. I’ve been collecting the series ever since Del Rey put it out.

    I also want a mongoose costume because of this series, lol.
    .-= Lene´s last blog > Long live the King of Pop =-.

  21. @A20-man: Hahaha, if I remember the scenes in “Phantom”, to be *inside* that gondola, you’d either have to Christine, or if u don’t like wearing dresses, you’d have to be the Phantom of the Opera himself! Can anyone say “Aprilius of the Stage”? ^o^

    @Jenn-chan: Ahh, no debate here! I still have to watch “Season 2”. Haha, that’s what I noticed too, Juri-chan’s smile is totally the same! And yeah, awesome high-resolution “Terminators”, lol. As for the fake Summer Glau, actually, I think the figure is just about right. Impressively so. Why? What’s wrong with the bottom? Hehe, yup, not just the sundae, but my driving pics are on both the Toybox and Facebook. As for flamboyant typing, Light and Lelouch are undoubtedly twins. In fact, Lelouch could conceivably be Light’s distant descendant, couldn’t he? ^_~

    @Lene-chan: Yeah! Like I told Jenn-chan, “no debate here” with Nodame! Ohhh, I loved the anime *first*, then I loved the live-action *second*! They’re both equally riveting! Hehe, I don’t blame u, but manga is sooo pricey… But perhaps not as pricey as a mongoose costume! Funny thing is, I can totally see u in that suit, hahaha. >_<;

  22. @A20-man: Ahh, the “killing” or “death” of Phantom is never conclusive in any of the play or film versions I’ve seen, lol. Unless you’re referring to the original 1911 novel. ^.\

  23. Hmm, I did a super-abridged version back in HS, when I was 15, I think, as part of the English subjects literature component. I don’t remember whether Raoul killed him off, but I do remember thinking ‘ah, the Phantom got dumped- poor guy, if only they had plastic surgery back then’…
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Japanese Film Festival 2009 =-.

  24. On Phantom of the Opera:

    I’ve always wanted to play Christine. I can certainly hit all the notes, and I’m bound to be a better actress than Sarah Brightman, who can’t act at all.

    Raoul doesn’t kill anyone. Phantom kills a couple of people. At least one dies accidentally though (Raoul’s brother drowns in the lake, if I remember correctly). In fact, it’s not entirely clear that the Phantom himself dies. It’s a little ambiguous at the end of the novel, too. Some jack ass wrote a really awful sequel where all the characters are in New York, and Webber supposedly wants to create a musical from that too. If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll just leave it alone, because it will be a disaster. The fans won’t go anywhere near it.

    Dude, everyone wants to be the Phantom. No girl wants Raoul. It’s totally hilarious, because the Phantom is a crazy, murdering, obsessive stalker. He’s not exactly marriage material. But Raoul is a rich dandy, and girls don’t typically go for that. No, they want the passionate, talented sociopath.

    Anyway, the boat is on a track; so it won’t go off the track. The remote controls the path and speed. So basically what happens is the trucks drive by, and the boat will just move on its own, so it won’t stop when it’s supposed to, or it turns the wrong way or something.

    There are all sorts of things than can go wrong with that show. The more moving parts you have, the more “production” that’s there, the more things can go horribly wrong.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Mushi-Shi =-.

  25. @A20-man: Haha, well, if they had plastic surgery back then, that would kinda kill the “beauty and the beast” point of the story… Yup, if the beast were normal, if the disfigured man were refigured, if the ugly duckling were pretty, if the repulsive otaku were popular, if the social outcast fit right in, well then, life would be pretty uneventful and colorless, wouldn’t it?

    @Kris-chan: Or should I say, Kristine-chan? Hmm, it’s tough to say Sarah Brightman can’t act, because she definitely infuses a theatrical style to all of her singing. I think the last concert of hers I saw with my ex was Sarah’s “Harem”. And every piece she performed carried a “larger than life” theatrical-magical flair. Is expressive singing the same as acting? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But it’s safe to say she’s “performing” for her audience… Same thing with the Phantom. I thought Gerard Butler played a grittier “realer” Phantom in the 2004 film than Michael Crawford’s “idealized” Phantom on Broadway. But is “real” acting necessarily better? Or is theatrical “over”-acting preferable? Depends on who u talk to, lol.

    Yeah, Webber should leave things alone, lol. Haha, but I think you’re mixing life with theatre too much. Everyone wants to be the sociopathic Phantom (or Heath Ledger’s sociopathic Joker) because it’s a chance to live out a character that you can never really play in real life. A chance to escape reality. Not because they really want to become him. Then again, girls can be attracted to the most irrational things, lol.

  26. @Jay-san: Are you sure?! Summer Glau looks like she has bigger boobs! :P Bottom is a bit lopsided. ._. But meh, not a fan of el landing strip :P

    Manga isn’t all that bad…like…6USD, 7USD per? Considering you read yours in longer than 30 mins (which I do), it’s certainly a better bargain than for me! :P

    @A20: He’s deformed more than scarred, I believe, though lines like ‘the fate which condemns me to wallow in blood/ has also denied me the joys of the FLESH!’ might be less happy for the average guy. Come on, he more than makes up for it with his voice and his psycho obsession, though. :P And if the Phantom really looks like Gerard Butler..

    I agree with Jay-san about inconclusive, though. Haven’t read the novel. And in the movie, he did ask Christine to go, so..:P It’s not like she didn’t like him!
    .-= jenn´s last blog > Terminator Salvation – Strange Names and Holey Games =-.

  27. Pfff….
    I’ve read the original novel/source material, plus a re-writing of the novel (which was excellent), and the god-awful sequel. I’ve seen the musical 4 times. I own books about the show, the movies, the books. I’ve seen several of the movie adaptations (well…nearly all, I think, basically I’ve seen the Lon Chaney and Claude Rains versions, and also Phantom of the Paraside). I’ve even seen the disastrous movie-musical version they did a bit ago. It was HORRID, but I saw it. I was in agony the entire time though. Gerard Butler should never EVER sing EVER again. The girl (Emmy Rossum) wasn’t impressive either. Actually, Butler should just stay out of movies (and theatre) all together.

    No, she can’t act. And yes, there is a difference. You can express things with your voice, but if your face is blank, and you just look like you’re stoned all the time, it’s certainly detrimental. SHE knows and freely admits she can’t act. So there you go.

    Manga in America runs 9.99 USD generally. It’s been going up. Most of Viz’s titles WERE 8.99. They just went up a dollar (on select titles anyway; I’m not sure if it’s all). Tokyopop was 9.99 for years, but they’ve also gone up a dollar (2 on some books).

    Phantom is…deformed. It’s a birth defect, so you really can’t call him “scarred” I guess, because that would imply that something happened TO him to cause that. But he was born that way.

    In the book:
    Phantom sends Christine away with Raoul (after he is overcome with emotion when she kisses him), but has Christine promise to return to him upon his death and return the ring he has given her (or she promises him she will or something). Three weeks later a notice in the paper says that he’s dead (that Erik is dead, as that’s his name). And when, I think it’s the Persian, returns later (or it might have been Leroux’s fictional identity), there’s a skeleton lying down there with a ring on its finger.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Mushi-Shi =-.

  28. @Jenn-chan: Haha, let’s just say that some guys can tell these things. Especially guys with discerning tastes, lol. Yeah, I agree, fully shaved might’ve been more (techno-) logical!… Ah, true, but I’m not worried about manga so much. I could use the “paper kills trees” argument, but I won’t, hehe. I’m just an animated type of guy, right?

    @Kris-chan: Whoa! Someone’s got some nice pretty fangs! Take it easy. Smile… I’m not gonna debate theater experience or knowledge, cuz I don’t have any. But back then, after watching that “Phantom” film and walking out of the theater, I was entertained! While I felt an initial shock at the less-than-perfect singing, over the course of the film, I grew to enjoy it. It was actually a refreshing change! It actually made sense that the deformed and secluded Phantom couldn’t sing perfectly. I mean, if he could sing perfectly, why would he search for the ideal Christine to sing it for him? He’d just sing it himself, for himself, to himself, haha. Yeah, it was unrefined, but nevertheless, a breath of fresh air. Not the feeling of an over-produced performance that’s been done hundreds and hundreds of times. It felt more real… For example, one of my favorite films of all time is “Moulin Rouge”. Clearly, Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor aren’t the best singers in the world. But when they performed on the screen, it was magic. But a real and touchable magic. And that was the same type of aura I felt from the “Phantom” film. Not to anger or upset hard-core theatre fans into bitterness, but through film, to reach out, welcome and entertain others who aren’t necessarily theatre fans. Does that make sense?… LOL, ah, well. I don’t enjoy Sarah Brightman or Shirley Manson primarily for their acting, but for their singing. Just like I don’t enjoy Bruce Willis or Edward James Olmos for their singing, but for their acting. So there’s no need for me to bash them. I’ll leave that to the critics. And smile, lol.

  29. @Jenn: Ah, deformed, yes. I vaguely remember something about his mother being afraid of him or something like that. I wonder if he was a leper or something…

    @Jay: True, true. If the face defines the person, all would be fine in that case. If not, however, I foresee clinical paranoia for everyone, haha.
    .-= aprilius20´s last blog > Japanese Film Festival 2009 =-.

  30. @Kris: “Gerard Butler should never EVER sing EVER again. The girl (Emmy Rossum) wasn’t impressive either. Actually, Butler should just stay out of movies (and theatre) all together.” –> That’s precisely why I strategically mentioned only his face! He’s quite good-looking. Can’t really remember the singing (or lack thereof) in the movie, though..

    Ah, I was basing it off prices, which’s where I get my manga unless Kinokuniya has a sale. ^^

    @Jay-san: I adored Moulin Rouge! Still sad every time I watch it. (Well, I’ve only watched it twice, haha.) Speaking of that, my parents were killing trees today too. -_- Zzz at wasting paper on the printer! Print once, made a mistake, throw least put it in a pile so the unused side can be scribbled on..
    .-= jenn´s last blog > Terminator Salvation – Strange Names and Holey Games =-.

  31. Ahh my Physical Therapist Senses are tingling!
    Good to hear that your arms seems alright now.

    I totally adore the Blade Runner movie and there was an actually quite good game out on the PC a few years back.It was really enjoyable with different endings and stuff.I wonder if it still runs on modern PCs.

    So nearly all Terminators in SC Chronicles are female? Not that i mind ^_^
    .-= Blowfish´s last blog > Clubbing with Baek Changpo =-.

  32. @A20-man: Ah, fortunately, the “face” isn’t the only thing that defines the person. The book beneath the cover, eh? And actions speak louder than a thousands pictures, right? Haha. Nevertheless, everyone is a probably a bit paranoid or insecure about something. Whatever it may be.

    @RyoBase-man: Sure, no problem! Do you have Juri-chan’s phone number?

    @Dan-man: PORN? Porn is nothing without a piano!

    @Jenn-chan: Haha, true. The wide spectrum from hilarious to delirious to grievous is what makes “Moulin Rouge” so magical! But if Ewan McGregor could pull it off, maybe if Gerard Butler were in “Moulin Rouge”, he could too? Hehe, then again, I haven’t seen that “Phantom” film in years. So it’s difficult to compare right now, lol… Or if not scribbly paper, why not test your “Edward James Olmos” origami skills? ^_~

    @FlyingBlow: Haha, keep your “Blowfishy” senses out of my tingling! But thanx, yeah, they feel lots better. For now… Ah, didn’t even know “Blade Runner” had a video game. But I guess that’s natural. If “Ghost in the Shell” and “Terminator” had a video game, why not “Blade Runner”? LOL, well, not *all* female. Instead, I’d say, there aren’t *enough* female Terminators, lol. Hmm, so would they be called “Terminatrixes” or maybe “Terminatrices”? >_<;

  33. @Jay:
    No, it’s just one of those things I’m kind of obsessed with, and really into. They call us “phans,” lol. Plus I adore Michael Crawford. When he was young he was so awkward and nerdy and adorable (see: Hello Dolly!, A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum, Barnum).

    Anyway, I was not entertained by the Phantom film. The singing was atrocious. Some of the set designs were absurd. They threw out Maria Bjornson’s gorgeous and brilliant costume designs from the Masquerade scene and replaced them with these horridly bland gold and white messes. And Butler’s makeup design was pathetic (too concerned with him still being “pretty” I guess). I spent the entire film rolling my eyes and shouting at the TV in anger.

    If the Phantom could sing perfectly why did he look for Christine? The Phantom was a composer, musician, architect, magician, singer. Better at all of those things than most people. He couldn’t DO them because of his deformity. Never mind the emotional abuse he suffered as a child and in his youth that caused him to turn away from people and shut himself up in a basement. Also he was very ambitious; there was no way he’d settle for just “singing for himself.” He wanted his music performed, and he wanted to make Christine a star.

    Moulin Rouge though, THAT I loved. And that’s the film that made me fall in love with Ewan McGregor.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Gunbuster =-.

  34. @Kris-chan: Hmm, “obsessed”? Or do you mean “stubborn”, haha. Ahh, yeah, Michael Crawford. While I don’t deny his spectacular talent, too much of a good thing can end up being boring, lol. But I think you’re one of those fans who, once they get attached to one version or one performer, they can’t accept any other interpretation whatsoever! Especially by other fans, hahaha.

    Hmmm, so basically, the deformed and desperate Phantom was searching for a songbird-puppet to cage up with himself. A very charming, very beautiful puppet. But a puppet nonetheless. Brings to mind “My Fair Lady”, “Pygmalion”, even “Moulin Rouge”, etc. (Danny Choo and his Dollfies, too?) But sometimes, the so-called puppet fights back, doesn’t she?… Ah, I know what u mean! I practically fell in love with Nicole Kidman back then! But I wonder. If Ewan McGregor took the role of Phantom opposite Nicole Kidman’s Christine, would “Phantom of the Opera” turn out any different? Hmmm.

  35. While I tend to be annoyed by remakes, if they’re GOOD remakes, I don’t mind. Most of the time they’re not, though. For example, Guess Who? (with Ashton Kutcher and I think Bernie Mac) was an atrocious remake of Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? (Sidney Poitier, Katherine Hepburn, and Spencer Tracy in his final film role). They should have called it something else if they were going to take it that far, because it’s insulting to carry a title like that. And there are some things you just do NOT touch ever again, like Alfie, because no one can trump Michael Caine’s performance.
    Also, the remake of The Haunting was really stupid…..

    In contrast, I’ve enjoyed all 3 major film versions of Little Women, and I liked the Father of the Bride remakes (with Steve Martin playing the role Spencer Tracy played). And I also liked You’ve Got Mail (a modern adaptation of The Shop Around the Corner).

    Did you know that Flubber, Mr. Deeds, The Preacher’s Wife, Meet Joe Black, Ocean’s Eleven, and the Out of Towners were all remakes as well?

    If Nicole and Ewan had been in the Phantom film, I still wouldn’t have liked it. Neither of them have the vocal range or power for that; they would have had to rewrite the entire score. As it is, they DID rewrite parts of the score because Butler couldn’t hit all the notes.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Gunbuster =-.

  36. @Kris-chan: True, nothing wrong with “good” remakes, especially if they aren’t money-driven bandwagon ripoffs, lol. I knew that the original “Ocean’s Eleven” was a Rat-Pack classic. I only remember bits of the original, but George Clooney can never compare to Dean Martin. As for the other titles, I’m not an American film fan in particular. Maybe a few sci-fi and fantasy trilogies here and there, lol. But I think you know I’m more Hong Kong, Japanese, Korean, even German, and other foreign flicks.

    Ah, I see your “Phantom” perspective now. It’s not the performers, it’s Webber’s original piece or play or intent that’s important. Like Mozart’s Requiem, it’s the intended parts and notes, and those performers who can come closest to that ideal. In that light, with that perspective, film is quite different. It’s art in itself, where the specific actors are embedded and intertwined permanently with the art. It’s not an actor-rotating piece to be performed and reinterpreted over and over. Maybe that’s the difference.

  37. Not necessarily. But I do believe that if you can’t handle the part, you shouldn’t have been cast to begin with. The art shouldn’t be compromised because of someone’s lack of ability. Hire someone else who CAN do it. There are plenty of them out there, which is probably what bothers me the most. Why are they casting people who can’t sing into SINGING ROLES, when there are sooo many people who CAN. It’s insulting. You know, Minnie Driver (Carlotta) didn’t even do her own singing in the Phantom film; she was dubbed over (I HATE this, btw).
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Gunbuster =-.

  38. @Kris-chan: I understand what you mean. But film and theatre has always had its share of artistic compromise. I mean, we’ve all heard of the stories where a script can float around for years before actually being taken. You already mentioned all the things that can go wrong *during* a production. What about *before* the production? I mean, I can’t imagine the funding or negotiations or rewrites, and not just actors who you *wish* to have, but those who are *actually* available, plus not only actors who can *do* the role, but those who *look* the role, or who simply look *good* in general, lol. I mean, beauty often overrides ability simply because they’re less-risky investments. So I can’t blame the investors either. I guess that’s part of the game. If people always waited for the *ideal* circumstances, film and theatre art would never be produced or performed, lol. Which is why masterpieces are so rare!

  39. I think you should go on down the street, and go see the ongoing production of Phantom of the Opera that is in your area. It’s so amazing. GO SEE IT.

    I don’t know that it’s look above ability in theatre. That’s more of an issue for film, where you’ll actually be seen in detail. Unless you’re sitting in the, oh I don’t know, first 15 rows or so of orchestra level, you’re not really going to be able to see what the people on stage look like in enough detail to make that sort of judgment.
    .-= Kris´s last blog > Gunbuster =-.

  40. @Kris-chan: Haha, I think the Vegas production’s been recommended to me before. But thing is, it’s hard to enjoy something like that alone. Same thing with movies at the theatre. I’ll need a bigger reason, lol… Ahh, good point about film close-ups. In fact, that probably reinforces the “good looks” argument in finding film actors with attractivity over ability, eh?

  41. Here’s a really fast comment just because I’d like to comment, but am far too tired to compose something worthy to be a comment for your blogs at the moment.

    I’m pretty amazed that you got my blog stats to work and the fact that I wasn’t that low of a number relative to the infrequency of my blog updates and non-whori…er self-advertisement.

    Believe it or not, but I haven’t watched Bladerunner and I hear it’s really good. Boo on me.
    .-= Jem´s last blog > 1 year and 478 figures later… =-.

  42. @Jem-chan: Awww, no worries. Here’s an analogy: The last time I took a Caribbean cruise, I managed to see a school of dolphin leaping up and again in the distant morning horizon. It happened only once during the cruise, but I’ll never forget it. I’d like to think my occasional comments occur just as memorably. So should you. ^_~

    Unfortunately, I don’t think I had anything to do with Website Outlook’s “enhancement”. I just think they finally worked out the bug, lol. Ahh, “Blade Runner”. It was definitely outstanding for its time. Whether that’s true nowadays depends on the artistic eye of the beholder. Like with most things, eh?

  43. @Angela: I’m sure it is! Unfortunately, it’s not at the top of my list right now, lol. I think Kris-chan would spell it as “Phaaaaantastic!” ^_^

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