post 322 ~ absolutely breathtaking!

“Le Portrait de Petite Cossette” (2005)

“So Close” (2002)
post 322 ~ DVDs, towers, and penthouses…

  • portrait of little cosette (netflix) ~ WOW… ab-so-lute-ly breathtaking!!!

    for any fan of anime, this is a must!… for those who’ve seen the 30-minute “voices of a distant star“, this mystery/horror anime recalls the same indescribably sublime style of moment-to-moment imagery… for those who’ve seen the schizophrenic mystery/sci-fi series “rahxephon“, this anime recalls the same epic psychological clashes… and for those who’ve heard the piercingly haunting music of yuki kajiura (at times rivaling even surpassing the talents of yoko kanno!) from the series “noir“, this anime takes her music further into the shadowy depths of tragedy and mystery… incredible piece of animated art, hypnotizingly heart-stopping… despite only 4 of 5 stars for its three-episode brevity, the DVD and CD soundtrack are already on my WISH LIST! haha! ;)))

  • ghost in the shell ~ yet another amazing piece of anime… finally finished “gits: sac 2nd GIG” disc TWO!… ah, the cyberpunk socio-political intrigue gets even more intense!… can’t wait for disc THREE in a few weeks!
  • so close (netflix) ~ watched the asian/hong-kong film “so close” over the weekend… STYLISH ACTION that easily surpasses “charlie’s angels” in its sleek sexiness, and its convincingly portrayed martial arts… Qu Shi looks like an asian Angelina Jolie, while Karen Mok looks like an asian (aka digital_sushi)… 4 of 5 stars!… ALSO on my wish list! ;)
  • dvd tower ~ yup, with all the DVDs we’ve been getting, we bought our 5th DVD tower over the weekend… not counting bonus/extra discs, but yes, including series discs in a season, we’ve exceeded 400 DVDs!!!… DAMN!
  • penthouse ~ last but not least, our “penthouse” issue arrived in the mail… it’s been about 10 years since our last issues… hmmm, has “penthouse” gotten more conservative in its photoshoots?… i’ll confirm next month, hahaha ;)

    update ~ a-ha! i figured out why nowadays “penthouse” seems tamer in print… they advertise their webpages with “hotter” versions of the magazine shoots… yeah, makes sense… :)