Blog 006 > Slice Of Their Life

Yukino and Arima from Kare Kano
Kare Kano | Image from Google Search

ah, just finished another slice-of-life high-school dramedy… the profoundly insightful and timeless 1998-1999 series “kare kano” a.k.a. “his and her circumstances“… and widely regarded as one of the most-beloved love stories in anime history… revolving around a teenage girl named Yukino and teenage boy named Arima who both wear “model student” masks to hide their darker inner selves… but as a result of an accidental encounter, they realize in hesitation and shock that they can finally let go of their facades… while the second half of the series kind of lost momentum, the emotional depth and power of the first half more than makes up for it… as well as the fitting use of piano and stringed music… 5 of 5 stars!

Blog 005 > Heartfelt Figures

Finally! I finally found the time to correctly batch-automate in Adobe Photoshop so that my photos all have “xJAYMANx_toybox” in the lower-left corner. This time, my most-recent photoshoot from November 18th. Here are 25 photos of 1/8-scale “Multi” (green) and “Akari” (red) from “To Heart“, a gentle slice-of-life high-school series with only the slightest of sci-fi elements (e.g. Multi the android). I also tried something different for the photoshoot background, a simple outdoor-style scene instead of a character-focused wallpaper. I think it turned out nicely!

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Blog 004 > Wild-West Meets Wild-East

Grenadier | Image from Google Search

just a little anime update… a couple days ago, friday, finished the 12-episode action-comedy “grenadier“… centered on a blond-haired full-figured sharp-shooting wanderer of the wild-western retro-futuristic japanese empire… not bad (3 of 5 stars), but a nice heart-warming conclusion… meanwhile, i’m keeping active with “air gear” (almost done, 20 of 25), “kare kano” (almost done, 23 of 26), and “naruto” (just started, up to 9)… also just started “nanaka 6/17” (2 of 12), a cute yet touching series about a bright but cold girl who loses her 17-year-old memories and reverts to her former bubbly 6-year-old self!… hence the title!… what will those anime/manga creators think of next? lol ^_^