post 338 ~ ten days…

post 338 ~ okay, ten days… i’ve been away FAR too long, hehe ;)))

  • hey, thanx to everyone for all the b’day wishes and comments and meals and gifts… including gift certs to outback and red lobster ;)… an outback lunch with kim ;)… a cheesecake factory lunch with vanessa and her sis ;)… handfuls of icons/walls from like this one featuring tricia helfer of “battlestar galactica”, lol ;)… and a cute silver Targus mini-mouse from for my laptop… thanx! ;)))

  • lol, funny that both cylon “number six” and cyborg “maj. motoko kusanagi” are both artificial females with deadly intelligence, power, and beauty ;)… hmmm, i wonder if the transgenic “max” (from dark angel) would fit in here too, hehe!
  • meanwhile, work’s been so-so… same technical editing in the first-floor “dungeon” or from home… plus researching for some communication-skills training videos/dvds for our professional/customer service depts (yeah-yeah, sure sounds like HR work, don’t it? lol)… but since we don’t have an HR “department” at the moment… argh ;)
  • otherwise, been spending time watching dvds (what else?)… finished the BSG 2.0 episode “pegasus”… amazing, so far season 2 has been great; haven’t really noticed a sizable drop in action/drama… and also finished “gankutsuou” disc 3 (amazing!) and “full metal panic: fumoffu” disc 1 (hilarious!)… and when these netflix discs are returned, i’ve continued working out with “babylon 5” season 4… yeah-yeah, okay, no laughing please ;)
  • if not dvds, then i’ve been downloading MP3s, emailing, chatting, and working on another photo/photoshop remix for , well, actually, for her sister… lots of details to clean-up before the actual “remix” can start… we’ll see how much i can do over the weekend…