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* 8 *

I was dumbfounded.

I sat up. "What? Why?"

"To bring you here," he answered. "I chose to infect you... and then to save you..."

"Save me?"

"...to take my place when I die."

"Take your place?" I said. "Wait. Am I-- am I cured?"

"Unfortunately no," he lowered his eyes. "The viral program had to be powerful enough for them to purge you. Even I don't know the cure."


"I didn't create the virus," he answered my question.


"Yes," he anticipated my next question. "I infected you because I'm infected with the same virus myself. That's how I will die."


"But you will not." He smiled his old wrinkled smile. "You won't die because Beatrice--"

"Yes?" I waited for the inevitable answer.

"Because Beatrice was never alive."


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