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* 6 *

In another instant, the blinding white light returned. A dizzying sense of spinning. And silence.

(-- What's happening? --)

Slowly, amidst the spiraling whiteness, shadowy hazy figures appeared.

Structures came into focus. Sounds came into clarity-- street sounds. It was cold (-- so cold! --) and I pulled my coat tighter around myself. (-- My coat? --)

I looked behind me. It was (-- was it? --) the Alcove Road supermarket.

I was standing outside the Alcove Road supermarket. And in the reflection of the sliding glass doors, I saw an old woman in a long grey coat staring back at me.

I shivered, and strangely, the reflection of the old woman shivered at the same time. (-- The old woman? --)

Suddenly, the glass doors slid open.

"Beatrice!" called the old man. "You better hurry!"

Limping with his polished wooden cane, he approached me. "Beatrice, did you hear me?"

"Uh, yes," I stammered. "Sorry, Frank. Would you believe this? A minute ago, a black sportscar almost ran me over!"

"Sure I believe it," he laughed. "I mean, who could blame them with your nagging voice?"


"Come on, we better hurry before it's too late!" He headed back towards the supermarket.

"Too late for what?"

He turned to me with a wrinkled smile and a twinkling eye. "For your program to stabilize in your new body."

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