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* 2 *

It began during a chase... for escapees... two escapees from the Matrix... On the icy Jones Street sidewalk, a businessman saw them on foot, running towards the alley... I transformed the businessman and-- and-- I couldn't squeeze the trigger... a piercing, a burning sensation shot (-- owww! --) down my arm all the way to my fingertips.

Through the burning, I aimed my weapon and fired... or thought I did... there was no sound of gunfire as the truck drove past through the muddy snow... and the escapees disappeared... and the sensation (-- whatever it was --) faded...

In a parked SUV on Water Street, a couple saw them climbing the ladder from the other side of the alley... I transformed the driver, and once again (-- oowwww! --) the searing burn shot through my arm. I must have dropped my weapon in the car, since-- since-- it's no longer in my hand, my bloody, blistering hand... (But it isn't really my hand, is it?) The driver's bloody hand...

Again, the sensation (-- what is this? --) subsided, but I could no longer find them... maybe they escaped, maybe another Agent captured them... I don't know... Wait, I held my good hand over my earpiece... yes, the report confirmed it, they escaped...

Am I (--a sentient program? --) corrupted? Should I report this? But if I do, will I be deleted and reloaded? Of course, I already know the proper answers to these questions: Yes, yes, and yes.

Is this what those human batteries feel? This pain? Is this pain? Is this why they run from us? My earpiece buzzed to life... yes, we are instructed to return...

In a skyscraper on Rainbow Avenue, a soldier was on duty, guarding one of a multitude of hallway corridors. Returning to headquarters, I transformed the soldier and-- and again-- (-- uhhh! --) I began to experience the piercing intensity... But I expected it this time, and threw my hands into my pockets as quickly and as quietly as I could. Fortunately, nobody else was in the hallway.

As before, the sensation faded... as did the programmed blood, the virtual blisters... And I returned to the control center to await another set of instructions.

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